Dragbar B3500 Review

In the arms race that is disposable vapes, the Dragbar B3500 by Zovoo is a change of pace. Competing with technologically advanced but smaller devices like the Funky Republic Fi3000 and Lost Vape OB5500, it offers pristine flavor and high-technology features at a lower price point.

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Zovoo Dragbar B3500 Overview

The Dragbar B3500 disposable vape cuts a bold figure. It is still technically a Zovoo Dragbar but this information is barely visible on the packaging.

What you will have no problem spying is the large color Smart LED screen, colorful and unique artwork showcased under a durable plastic shell, and bold colors. It may end up making our Best Disposable Vapes 2023 list, but it is not winning any awards for subtlety.


Case for the Dragbar B3500

First it is time to address the elephant in the room. While disposable vape capacity and puff counts increase relentlessly, the Dragbar actually fires off a modest 3500 puffs with a capacity under 10ml. While puff numbers vary, it certainly is a smaller device. But it comes in at a lower price point, discounted to where it is not a bad deal compared to a 5000 puff rival. 

Unlike the various vape pen and disposables of the past, it fires on all cylinders with all the bells and whistles. It has flavor, vapor, and battery life to rival the heavier hitters. It is certainly worth trying out, and in fact the slightly lower puff count is ideal for trying out new flavors and not being saddled with 3 weeks worth of a vape you may not like. 

Zovoo Dragbar B3500 Appearance

Zovoo Dragbar B3500

Adult vapers looking for a disposable device with intense flavor but a bit less kitsch might prefer the more subdued appearance of the Flonq Max to the somewhat garish Dragbar B3500.

While not as intense as the Lost Vape OB5500 in appearance, and with a clearly retro-1980s "Boom Box" clarifying that the target audience is Gen X and Millennials (who are now also middle aged). The Zovoo Dragbar B3500 might make middle aged and older vaping initiates feel a bit self-conscious, which is a shame as it is great device, and ideal for someone looking to make the switch who does not want to invest in an 8000 puff disposable. 

In contrast, Flonq Max has a modernist and sleek design that stands in sharp contrast to Dragbar B3500's printed images and almost steampunk art aesthetic. The Flonq Max also more than doubles the puff count, and thanks to tidy packaging is easy to tote about.

Flonq MAX Disposable Vape

This said, the Dragbar B3500 disposable vape is durable and has great build tolerances. The transparent plastic shell is also used famously by Orion Bar and gives companies an opportunity to move beyond the basic pastel-colored liveries that dominate the market. Whether vaping should avoid in questionable design flourishes and avoid eye-catching art is another matter entirely.

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The Flonq Max Collection has a number of unique flavors, some being one-to-one matches for those offered by Dragbar. 

Flonq Max Flavors


Disposable Vape Performance

In terms of performance, it is a classic salt nicotine disposable. The Dragbar B3500 has a 1.0ohm coil and battery life that should nominally get a vaper through the day before needing a recharge.

The nicotine salt vape juice contained within has a strength of 50mg. The Dragbar B3500 is not large enough to be considered one of the longest lasting disposable vapes but joins the long line of rechargeable disposables on the market.

Like most disposable vapes, any edge the Drag Bar B3500 has over its competition is in the margins as there is not a ton of variety when it comes to the vape flavor options offered in the best disposable vapes. Fruit flavors abound throughout the line-up as these are the style of nicotine salt juice that most adult vapers prefer.


Zovoo Dragbar B3500 Features

  • Smart LED Screen
  • E-Liquid Level Indicator
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • 1.0ohm Coil Design

It is hard to miss the prominent Smart LED screen or bold appearance of the Dragbar B3500. The Smart LED screen provides the classic-colored battery life indicator and tracks the amount of nicotine salt e-liquid left in the device.

The coil has a resistance of 1.0ohms, typical of disposable vapes and perfect for a draw-activated mouth-to-lung (MTL) disposable vape. The days of the disposable vape pen might be numbered, but the 8ml capacity is right along the lines of the larger of those designs. Compact and sturdy, the Dragbar B3500 easily fits in the palm of the hand and in your pocket. The USB-C cable is not included. The battery of 500mAh is equivalent in size to many larger disposables.


Standard Airflow

There is no adjustable airflow but a pinhole air intake and charging port can be covered when vaping to tighten up the draw and increase flavor density. Keep in mind, it is designed for those both to serve as intakes vents and performs optimally when not manipulated.

While milliamperes can vary between disposable vapes, disposable vapes all churn out a very similar voltage number. To stand out, for good or ill, airflow must be optimized, and the coil design must be durable enough to withstand thousands of puffs of flavor laden nic salts.


Zovoo Dragbar B3500 Coil Design

Out of the box, the Dragbar B3500 has impressive performance. The coil resistance of 1.0ohms is on the lower end for disposables, allowing this small device to generate a competitive puff. Ohms is a resistance number, the lower it is the faster the coil heats up and vaporizes the e-Liquid. The Zovoo mesh coil in the Dragbar B3500 appears to be of an excellent design based on the quality of its performance.

Keep in mind though, lower resistance coils and longer puffs will chew up the battery life faster than a coil with a higher ohm number. Although the range is so minimal between most disposable vapes that few manufacturers even bother listing this information. In any case, ohm numbers must seem quite arcane and even gate-keepy to a generation of vapers who have not used refillable devices in years, if ever.


Dragbar B3500 Specifications

  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Puffs: 3500+
  • Battery: 500mAh (USB-C Rechargeable)
  • Coil: Mesh 1.0ohm
  • Capacity: 8ml
  • Smart LED Display: e-Liquid Level & Battery Life


Zovoo Dragbar B3500 Flavors

Shop Dragbar Vapes

The market has clearly spoken when it comes to the nic salts contained in disposable vapes. The choice of delicious flavors offered by every major player are basically the same, and it all comes down to execution and the performance of the disposable vape hardware. Fruity flavors cooled with menthol dominate the shelves.

Nicotine salts are used in the Zovoo Dragbar B3500 to provide a smooth and satisfying puff, with the freebase nicotine used in the first disposables long since run off the market. The more satisfying throat hit of high-potency freebase juices offset by their harshness at higher nicotine levels.

Vape Juice Flavors

The actual flavorings found in a disposable vape device are clearly not derived from actual fruit. No one is melting watermelon confection, or squeezing raspberries into a tank with vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine. Disposables contain long established food-grade flavorings, with formulas long since mastered by formulators and flavor scientists.

The positive side of this is that there is surfeit of each flavor on the market. The downside is that a blindfolded taste test would probably prove an indecisive exercise. Our roster of Best Vape flavor collections is exhibit A. There are at least ten long-lasting blue razz disposables on the market.

Best Blue Razz Disposable Vapes Shop Now

It is within these narrow confines of flavor that the Dragbar B3500 must excel and demonstrate that a smaller disposable can serve as a practical alternative to vapes that may generate twice the number of puffs.


Dragbar B3500 Collection

Dragbar is ready to compete with the most popular disposable vape brands. The previous entry by this disposable vape brand was the line of Zovoo Dragbar 5000 disposable vape pens. The same flavors can be found in the mighty IceWave 8500. These three vape devices staking out unique turf while offering competitive flavors.

The Dragbar B3500 is available in a great collection of fruit and confection inspired flavors. There is always a bit of overlap as the fruit flavors used in vape juices are closely related to the artificial fruit flavorings in confections.

Almost all the best disposable vapes have a generous helping of ice. Disposable vapes work because their flavors are so assertive that they can compete on store shelves for the business of combustible users.


Blue Razz Ice Dragbar B3500

Blue Razz Ice Dragbar by Zovoo

A staple in disposable devices, blue razz nic salt vape juice is a nostalgic treat. It translates especially well to the boldly flavored Dragbar B3500. The Blue Razz Ice Dragbar B3500 has all the sweet and tasty notes one excepts from this classic berry and confection vape juice flavor. It surely earns a spot on our Best Blue Razz Vapes collection


Blackberry Ice Dragbar B3500

Blackberry Ice Dragbar B3500 by Zovoo

The Blackberry Ice Dragbar B3500 adds tart berry elements to an otherwise sweet vape flavor. A hearty admixture of ice also helps cut through the sugarier elements of this astounding flavor. If berry medley flavors are your jam, but you need a break from the relentless sweetness of blue razz, the Blackberry Ice Dragbar is a great choice.


Cherry Cola Dragbar B3500

Cherry Cola Zovoo Dragbar B3500

Many a dark cola inspired disposable has fallen flat. The Cherry Cola Dragbar B3500 manages to deliver a very reasonable facsimile of the fizz and flavor that one expects from a vape of this name. The notes of cherry are outstanding, and a crucial element. There is also a kick of coolness you won't find in a can of carbonated soda pop.


Clear Dragbar B3500

Clear Zovoo Dragbar B3500

A pure and cool vape, the Clear Dragbar B3500 cuts back on the aromatic and fruit inspired artificial flavors which dominate the disposable market. The intrinsic taste is certainly refreshing and makes for a great all-day vape.


Fresh Mint Dragbar B3500

Zovoo Dragbar B3500 Fresh Mint

With icy spearmint as inspiration, this is a fresh flavor and not an overly sweetened mint. The Fresh Mint Dragbar B3500 also is loaded with cooling notes but not saturated with much else other than pure mint flavor.


Honeydew Watermelon Dragbar B3500

Honeydew Melon Dragbar B3500 by Zovoo

Honeydew is a remarkably good vape flavor considering the actual fruit is almost always outshined by cantaloupe and pineapple in fruit salads. With an emphasis on succulent melon notes, the Honeydew Watermelon B3500 is not a cloying flavor at all. The ice level is well-modulated, allowing these authentic fruit notes to shine.


Lush Ice Dragbar B3500

Lush Ice Zovoo B3500 Drag Bar

Get ready for a new addition to our collection of the Best Lush Ice disposable vapes. The Lush Ice Dragbar B3500 is sweeter than its honeydew and watermelon inspired stablemate. The level of coolness is lower than many rivals, demonstrating how the minimal differences between disposable vape flavors can have a big impact on your vaping experience.


Mango Ice Dragbar B3500

Mango Ice ZOvoo Drag Bar B3500

This is a great version of the tropical mango and ice flavor which has proven so popular with adult vapers. With sour and sweet notes, it splits the difference between mango hard confection, and the flavors of the actual fruit. The Mango Ice Dragbar B3500 is one of the best mango vapes.


Peach Ice Dragbar B3500

Peach Ice Zovoo Dragbar B3500

A kick of cool ice helps cut through the sweet and syrupy notes of peach. There are ripe and sour notes which also offset the natural sweetness of peach inspired vapes. The Peach Ice Dragbar B3500 is a cool, and tasty flavor.


Ribena Dragbar B3500

Ribena Zovoo Drag Bar B3500

The Black Currant Ribena Dragbar B3500 offers a unique flavor profile that balances sweet and tart notes. This vape was inspired by the essence of a popular blackcurrant beverage, delivering a rich and fruity sensation with every puff. The sweetness of ripe blackcurrants is beautifully offset by a hint of tartness, creating a complex flavor that is both refreshing and satisfying. With this vape, you get a faithful representation of an iconic taste, without the need to dilute it or chill it in your fridge.


Sakura Grape Dragbar B3500

Sakura Grape Zovoo Dragbar B3500

Despite the name, a classic purple Concord Grape flavor remains at centerstage in the Sakura Grape Dragbar B3500. There are still floral notes, no doubt inspired by Sakura blossoms, which add sour and unique elements to this icy all-day vape flavor.


Sour Apple Dragbar B3500

Sour Apple Zovoo Dragbar B3500

The combination of Granny Smith Apple notes and a hardened green apple confection flavor almost always works in a disposable vape. The Sour Apple Dragbar B3500 is no exception. The cool blast does not overwhelm this confluence of tart apple, making this one of the best sour apple ice vapes.


Strawberry Ice Cream Dragbar B3500

Strawberry Cream Zovoo Dragbar B3500

Strawberry Ice Cream has emerged as one of the top flavors in vaping. Giving the amazing Strawberry Ice Cream Flonq Max a run for its money, the Strawberry Ice Cream Dragbar B3500 is surprisingly authentic. The sundry flavors found in a strawberry ice cream pint are present, as is a cool finish. The combination of creaminess, coolness, and bright berry notes is simply divine.


Strawberry Kiwi Dragbar B3500

Strawberry Kiwi Zovoo Dragbar B3500

A classic beverage vape, the tropical kiwi and strawberry flavors make a dynamic duo. There is ample sweetness here, but it is offset by a medium ice level. There are a lot of strawberry kiwi competitors, and the Strawberry Kiwi Dragbar B3500 is near the sharp end of this competitive field.


Vanilla Casta Tobacco Dragbar B3500

Vanilla Casta Zovoo Dragbar B3500

Vanilla is listed first in the name and is primary driver of this flavor. The mild tobacco flavors almost remind one of a cigar, possibly a Casta? As smooth and flavorful as its namesake, the Vanilla Casta Tobacco Dragbar B3500 is an outstanding alternative for fans of tobacco flavor. It is a great vanilla cream tobacco disposable loaded with complexity and balance. Compared to a Big Tobacco manufactured pre-filled pod kit, even the smallish design of the B3500 holds eleven-times more salt nic than a Juul pod.



Final Thoughts on the Dragbar B3500 Disposable

Whether adult vapers are seeking lower capacity and rechargeable disposables remains to be seen. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 1.0ohm coil, the Dragbar can certainly go toe-to-toe in terms of vapor production and flavor. As a vaping device, it is extremely practical and likely to find a foothold in the vape market.

Whether it represents a forward step for vaping is another matter. Perhaps there is nothing vaping can do to earn the respect or acceptance of nicotine prohibitionists. But loudly colored disposable e-cigs with intense 1990s-era fonts are likely to bring negative attention to the disposable vape market.

Good disposable vapes provide a great alternative to adults looking for convenience and their bold flavors are formulated with gusto. A more sedate design dynamic with the same great flavors might serve the industry well, although sticking out in such a crowded field certainly explains the prominence of disposable vapes with clear plastic shells and bespoke artistic designs.


How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes

The first disposable vapes were quite wasteful, generating minimal puffs and extremely unreliable. The use of smaller batteries that can be recharged and larger e-liquid capacities has meaningfully reduced the waste generated by one-time use devices.

This is a step in the right direction, although still far more wasteful than a reusable and refillable vape pod kit that has a battery that can last for years before fading in performance. The popularity of disposables demonstrates that all most adult vapers ever wanted was an easy-to-use device with great flavor and satisfying performance. Disposable vapes, being draw-activated and requiring no filling, have filled that role admirably.

Importance of Public Perception

But at the end of the day, if vapers want to avoid another black eye, we must step-up and treat disposable vapes like the electronic device that they are. Lithium-ion batteries should be disposed of properly, which means returned or recycled through appropriate channels. If this is not possible, please refrain from littering at all costs. Throwing disposable vapes to the ground like trash draws negative attention to this burgeoning market of adult oriented combustible alternatives.

Do not spike your disposable on the ground, leave it unattended where it can fall in the hands of minors, and keep it out of the reach of children and pets. The purpose of this epilogue is not to hector or shame. Vaping faces very powerful adversaries in America, both in the form of Big Tobacco which wants no competition, and vaping prohibitionists like the Orwellian-named Truth Initiative.

Vape Responsibly

It is of utmost importance for vapers to act responsibly when it comes to disposing of their used devices. Littering not only harms the environment but also casts a negative light on the vaping community. Dispose of your devices properly to show a commitment to environmental stewardship and to present a positive image of vapers.

Proper disposal also ensures that used devices do not end up in the hands of minors, further emphasizing the importance of responsible behavior. By putting our best foot forward and acting responsibly, we can help to foster a more positive perception of vaping in the wider community.

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