How to Use a Puffco Hot Knife

Why Use a Puffco Hot Knife?

The Puffco Hot Knife makes loading concentrates a simple, clean, and easy. An electronically heated loading tool, the whole process now takes about five seconds and clean-up time is also reduced. It is a simple piece of gear that will make your life much easier. It has a simple one-button design, ceramic blade, and is perfect for transferring oils for use. 

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It doesn’t take long to realize that for even the most fastidious user, concentrates are sticky and messy. A Hot Knife makes things cleaner and improves user experience. Get more out of the your vaporizers for concentrates with a Hot Knife. 

How to Use the Puffco Hot Knife

  1. Scoop up the desired amount of concentrate on the Hot Knife
  2. Hold the Hot Knife over the bowl, and press the button
    1. This heats the ceramic knife blade.
  3. The heated knife liquifies the concentrate which will then drop off the knife blade and into the bow.

The Puffco Hot Knife is an electronically heated loading tool. It makes loading concentrates a simple, clean, and effective process. The process now takes about five seconds and is easy to clean afterward.

Puffco Hot Knife Features

  • Ceramic Tip (fast heating/cooling)
  • 30 Mins to Charge (2 hours the first time)
  • Lasts At Least 50 Uses Per Charge
  • USB-C Port / USB-C Charging Cable Included


Step by Step Instructions for Puffco Hot Knife

  • Before using it for the first time, fully charge the battery. Use the USB-C charging cable to charge the Hot Knife for approximately 2 hours (until the LED light turns green).
  • Once the Hot Knife is fully charged, remove the cap from the hot knife and the carb cap from the concentrate device
  • Turn on the Hot Knife by pressing the button five times quickly. The LED light will turn on, indicating that the device is ready.
  • Place the cool tip of the Hot Knife into the concentrate and scoop enough up to place in the bowl (usually pea-sized or smaller). 
  • Hold the tip of the knife over the bowl of the vaporizer. 
  • Press the button to heat the tip of the Hot Knife. The concentrate will slide right off the blade into the vaporizer's bowl.
  • When finished, turn off the Hot Knife by pressing the button five times quickly.


Puffco Hot Knife Maintenance

As mentioned, concentrates are messy. You will want to keep your Hot Knife pristine in order to get the purest scoops of concentrates. It is essential to keep all your Puffco products clean if you want optimal and safe performance and flavor.

Cleaning Puffco Hot Knife

  • Press the button to warm the tip, and wipe the warmed surfaces with a Q-Tip.
  • Once the knife is completely cooled off, use iso alcohol as a cleaning solution to make it clean and shiny again.
  • As a matter of routine, it is never easier to clean a Hot Knife than shortly after using, as the excess concentrate is already heated and pliable.

Warning: Make sure the Hot Knife has cooled off enough to handle, but before the concentrate cools so much that it is hard to clean. Once your concentrate cools completely and hardens, it will be very difficult to clean without refiring another heating cycle.  

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