Guide to the Best Vaporizers of 2023

Mi-Pod now carries an excellent vaporizer collection and many high-quality vape pens for oil vaping. If you have any questions about vaporizers, how they work, and the best devices for different types of concentrates, you have come to right place.

Our complete guide to the best vaporizers will explain the styles of device on the market and help you choose the right settings for various concentrates to ensure the best vaping experience.

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Mi-Pod's collection of vape pens for thick oil vaping has been hand-picked by expert cannabis oil and concentrate vapers. We have selected the best products that the industry has to offer. There is a wide range of products to cover every preference and price point.


What is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers heat active cannabis molecules (usually THC and CBD). They work by vaporizing plant matter at lower temperatures without combustion. This avoids the tars and carcinogens associated with smoking organic material.

Vaporizers heat various extracts and concentrates without burning them using precisely regulated controls. Akin to the nicotine vaper avoiding combusted leaf smoke, cannabis users have increasingly turned to vaporized products.

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. There are the familiar vape pens and 510 thread mini-batteries used for pre-filled 510 thread carts. There are programmable tabletop vaporizers used for vaping thicker oils and concentrates. Cannabis vaping products as a rule of thumb use a thicker oil base, rather than the familiar PG/VG formulas found in nicotine vaping and require specific equipment.

A high-quality, easy-to-use, long-lasting battery might be ideal for a quick puff of a pre-filled 510 cartridges of distillate. If from the comfort of your own home you are vaping thicker oils such as concentrates or live resin, a more sophisticated and powerful device is the way to go. The Puffco Peak Pro vaporizer has precision temperature controls, providing optimal efficiency and performance.



What are Concentrates?

Concentrates are a type of cannabis that is used in vaporizers. There are different kinds of concentrates, each with its ideal heat setting. Devices with adjustable temperature settings can help you find the best heat for the concentrate you're using. Concentrates can consist of either federally legal USA hemp derived products or in areas where cannabis is legal at the state level, concentrated oil-based products.

Weedmaps has a list of the best cannabis concentrates and the ideal settings or device for vaping each type. Here is an overview of their information.


Distillate Oil

Distillate oil is an extract in which one cannabinoid isolated and distilled from the whole. Examples include distillates that can range from 99 percent CBD to 99 percent THC. Distillates are especially well-suited for the informed adult consumer who knows exactly which cannabis compound they seek. Distillation methods vary but usually involve C02, propane or ethanol. The final product is largely stripped of odor, terpenes, and even taste.


THC Concentrate

Concentrate oils contain the same Phyto-cannabinoids (including CBD and THC) and terpenes as the original plant. A distillate is more potent, but concentrates will have a more natural flavor. The psychoactive properties are more closely akin to the original natural product.


Live Resin

Live resin is a premium concentrate which is refined from freshly harvested and flash frozen cannabis. The cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted at subcritical temperatures to preserve maximum flavor and aroma. Live Resin products are generally more expensive but high-quality.


Vaporizer Temperature Settings

The most common range of temperatures for vaporizing cannabis is from 285 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Different temperatures produce different effects and terpenes, so experimentation is important. Low-temperature settings will result in more flavorful vapors, whereas higher temperatures will create bigger clouds and a stronger effect. Finding the right balance of flavors and potency is key! Vaporizers offer great control over your experience. Below is a chart for choosing the right heat setting for various concentrates.


This information applies to any cannabis vape with temperature adjustment. This includes 510 thread batteries like the CCELL Palm Pro Battery, the Swon Vaporizer, or any of our Puffco Vaporizer Collection. You can match an appropriate heat setting according to your concentrate type. 

If you are vaping thick live resins, a high temperature setting is required. For most commercially available 510 thread carts, a temperature setting of around 3.3 volts (medium setting) should be sufficient. CCELL 510 thread products use this as their set output to work with their companion: commercially available 510 thread carts. 

If you have a favorite brand, it will not take much trial and error to find the most effective vape device. For those who indulge and experiment with a range of products, variable heat settings are a very useful feature.

Having at least one vaporizer with adjustable heat is essential for the perfect vapor experience. As a rule of thumb, most common 510 thread carts work well with a medium heat setting. Not surprisingly, thinner oils need lower heat and thicker ones need more heat.

It's important to note the role that personal preference can play, as well as THC concentrates can be the same on paper but vary between brands when it comes to selecting an ideal temperature.

Regarding vaping styles, some vapers prefer to "flash" vape the entire contents of the bowl in one puff using a high temperature setting whilst others prefer the lowest possible setting to prolong the experience and maximize flavors with a lower temperature setting.

It's important to note that some Puffco devices may have additional features or settings that can be accessed through the mobile app. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions or website for more information on the specific device and its features.


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Best Vaporizers of 2023 Reviewed

Budget, personal preference and availability will dictate which vaporizer works best for you. But whether is a simple 510 thread battery or a more sophisticated device, this is a developed technology with excellence performance, reliability, and ease of use.


CCELL Battery

The basic CCELL battery is a time-tested design. Compatible with the classic CCELL Cart, this is one of the easiest vaporizers to use.

Rizo CCELL Vape Battery

The Rizo CCELL Vape Battery provides excellent flavor and vapor production, utilizing Variable Voltage to vaporize your thick oils carefully. The Rizo is a small, discreet vape pen with auto-draw activation and haptic feedback (vibration), allowing users to feel when a connection is made and gauge the size of their puffs. It uses a magnetic connector for easy cartridge switching.

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Variable Voltage: 2.8V (Low) - 3.3V (High)
  • Standard 510 thread
  • Uses Magnetic Connector
  • On/Off switch on the bottom
  • Draw Activation


Rizo 510 Thread CCELL Battery Review

The Rizo is a small rectangular device with rounded corners and looks not unlike a key fob. The 510 thread cart attachment gives away the purpose of this compact battery. The CCELL Rizo has a magnetic connector and a 510 thread cart will easily drop into the Rizo and make a good seal. It is also straightforward to switch out carts or quickly change to other CCELL devices using the same magnetic seal system. 

The Rizo gives haptic feedback when the 510 thread cart is connected, using a buzz to indicate it has been affixed. The haptic feedback carries over to the actual vaping experience. It is welcome interaction, as it lets you know the system is operating.

The benefit is especially obvious when vaping distillate oil carts. As these have had all the terpenes removed there is no smell or taste that will register, and it is nice to know that the device is functioning.

When hitting off a standard 510 thread battery, it can be difficult to know when the puff has started and coughing often follows. It removes the hit or miss action of many 510 thread carts and batteries. The haptic buzz lets you gauge exactly when your draw began.


Palm CCELL Battery

The Palm CCELL Battery is designed for vaping pre-filled 510 thread cartridges. It is a square vape pen with a metallic finish and auto-draw activation. For this class of device, the 500mAh battery life is impressive.  Each draw provides a smooth and flavorful delivery of your favorite thick oils. Each unit has a Magnetic Connector allowing you to drop in any cartridge quickly. Available in 5 colors.

  • Auto-draw activation – Inhale and vape.
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging: Micro-USB
  • Standard 510 thread
  • Uses Magnetic Connector


Palm 510 Thread CCELL Battery Review

The Palm 510 Thread CCELL Battery looks has a futuristic look. It is square, metallic, and about the size of a belt buckle. (About the same thickness too). With about 1/3 of the cartridge connector open, it has a modern and deconstructed look.

The Palm 510 Thread CCELL comes in several metallic colors. The design itself is easy to use and it has enough power to vape anything you can throw at it. It is auto-drawing (activated on inhaling), with no buttons to program or to press while hitting.

The user does not need to operate blindly, and a light comes on while you are vaping to tell you when the puff begins. Unfortunately, like many draw-activated vapes it is not all that easy to see the light when it comes on.

Luckily, the 500mAh battery is almost twice the size of pen-type vape batteries, so you have enough power to keep vaping for a long time between charges.


Palm Pro CCELL Battery

The Palm Pro CCELL Battery vape pen is an upgraded version of the Palm fand designed for vaping pre-filled 510 thread oil cartridges. Improvements to the new design include adjustable airflow, three power settings, a preheat function, USB-C quick-charging, and magnetic connectors.

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Standard 510 thread
  • Activated On-Inhale
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • LED Indicator for Power Output and Battery Strength
  • Uses Magnetic Connector


Palm Pro 510 Thread CCELL Review

Click the button to switch power settings. Switch the airflow settings. This is not your generic 510 thread battery. The Palm Pro CELL provides an exceptionally flavorful and robust puff. It is easy to use and uses a snug magnetic connector. The button can be used to switch power settings.

Compared to the basic Palm, the new Palm Pro provides a much more customized experience. You run it right out of the box, but you also can choose the ideal temperature and airflow.


Puffco Vaporizers

If you seek a trusted name in vaporizers with a selection of high designs, check out the Puffco Vaporizer Collection.  With unique designs and great features there is a perfect fit for any use case.  Their models include the Proxy, Peak, Peak Pro, and Plus models. They are suitable for most concentrates and offer custom temperature settings, wireless charging, and app connectivity.

Puffco is a brand made famous by its high-quality and innovative products. The Peak is the original flagship model with a unique glass design. At the same time, the Plus is a smaller, more portable option. The Proxy and Peak Pro are the newer and more advanced models, offering features such as custom temperature settings, wireless charging, and app connectivity.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line vaporizer, Puffco should be on their short list. Users should consider their preferences and needs when choosing between vaporizers, so here is a little more information on each.


Puffco Proxy

The Puffco Proxy is a sleek, pocket-sized vaporizer designed for easy use. Powered by a rechargeable 350 mAh battery and all its functions are unlocked with a single button. It has three temperature settings, a ceramic bowl, and a USB charging port.

The Proxy is Puffco's newest vaporizer and designed for concentrates and dry herbs. The Proxy includes haptic feedback, wireless charging, and a removable ceramic chamber for easy cleaning. Haptic settings are extremely useful on this style of device.

For concentrates, the Puffco Proxy has unmatched versatility and fits easily in the palm of your hand.  


Puffco Proxy Specifications

The Proxy offers four temperature settings that are indicated by LED lights:

  • Blue (Low 505°F) - Most flavor, lowest vapor production
  • Green (Medium 520°F) - Balanced flavor and vapor
  • Red (High 545°F) - Higher vapor production with good flavor
  • White (Peak 565°F) - Highest vapor, for bigger dabs and most potent effects

Unlock the device by holding the button for three seconds to switch between the temperature settings. Next, single click through the temperature settings. The LED lights will change to indicate the current temperature setting. Download the Proxy User's Manual Here.

  • Colors: Available in Black & Desert
  • Battery: 1350mAh Capacity
  • Charging: USB-C (1.5-Hour Fast Charge Time)
  • Temp Settings: 4 variable temps (Blue: Low, Green: Medium, Red:  High, White: Peak)
  • Carrying case included


Puffco Peak Vaporizer

The Puffco Peak was optimized for concentrates. It has a distinctive pyramid shape made from hand-blown borosilicate glass, with a silicone base and a ceramic bowl. The Peak features four temperature settings, 20-second heat up time, haptic feedback, intelligent temperature calibration, LED light band menu, and a removable glass carb cap for a more controlled vaping experience.

The Peak provides a customizable concentrate experience. It delivers a light hit for those wanting a hint of flavor or powerful hits for those desiring a more intense session. Each unit has a loading tool, charging cable, carb cap & tether, and a carrying case to store it all.

  • Regular Use: 2x Click to initiate heating. The device will vibrate when ready.
  • Temp Settings: Single Click to cycle through (Blue-Low, Green-Medium, Red-High, White-Peak)
  • Charging: Micro USB (Supercharger included)

The Peak offers four temperature settings, which are color-coded and indicated by LED lights:

  • Blue: (Low 450°F) Most flavor, lowest vapor production.
  • Green: (Medium 500°F) Balanced flavor and vapor.
  • Red: (High 550°F) High vapor with good flavor
  • White: (Peak 600°F) Highest vapor, for bigger dabs

To toggle through the heat settings, press the button on the front of the device once to cycle through the available temperature settings (blue, green, red, white).

Also, remember that allowing the device to reach the desired temperature before using it is essential to ensure the best possible experience. Download The Peak User's Manual here.


Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro is an upgraded version of the Peak with a larger ceramic bowl, live stat display, removable atomizer, wireless charging, and app-enabled control. A larger ceramic bowl and a more powerful heating element allow faster heat-up times and more significant vapor production.

  • Live stat display allows users to set precise temperature controls.
  • Four temperature settings.
  • Removable atomizer for easy cleaning.
  • Wireless charging
  • App-enabled control for a more personalized vaping experience.
  • 2x Click to begin heating. The device will vibrate when ready.
  • Single Click to cycle through Heat Settings (Customizable via Bluetooth App)
  • Charging: USB-C (Enabled Qi wireless charging)
  • Carrying case included

The Puffco Peak Pro combines industry-leading technology, a stunning profile, and intuitive controls for an intensely enjoyable experience. It represents a whole new standard for consuming concentrates.

The Puffco Peak Pro also offers precise temperature control, with a temperature range of 450°F to 620°F. To change the temperature setting on the Peak Pro, swipe up or down on the device's touch controls to adjust the temperature in one-degree increments.

  • Users can adjust the temperature in one-degree increments using touch controls.
  • Alternatively, users can use the mobile app to
    • adjust the temperature settings.
    • Create and save dozens of custom heat profiles.
    • Customize temperature, time, and LED color.
    • Customize Boost Mode.

Download the Peak Pro User's Manual for Additional Information.


Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus is a pocket-size concentrate vaporizer including the latest technology. This device is portable and a perfect entry-level device for the Puffco collection.

  • USB charger (Included with Kit)
  • Hold to inhale. Click 2x for "Sesh Mode."
  • 3 heat settings available (Green: 2.7V, Blue: 3.2v, White: 3.7v)
  • 510 Threaded | Works with standard pre-filled Cartridges

This device looks like a simple pen vape or battery vaporizer. Still, it is, in fact, a high-tech streamlined concentrate vaporizer. Great for dabs on the go! This is one of the simplest ways to hit concentrates not already housed in a 510 cartridge (free-range concentrates). It costs ¼ of the Puffco Peak or Peak Pro, so it is a lower-cost alternative to vaporize concentrates.


Swon Vaporizer by S6XTH Sense

The Swon Vaporizer by S6XTH Sense was engineered to work with the thickest oils, concentrates, and distillates. Discrete and lightweight. Easy, convenient charging: Micro-USB charging port. Includes a variable voltage setting to find your perfect vapor point.

  • Dimensions: 64mm x 31mm x16mm
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Safety Protection: Over-charging/ Over-discharge
  • Pass-Through Charger
  • Battery: Built-in 650mAh Class A Lithium Battery


Swon Vaporizer by S6XTH Sense

The Swon Vaporizer is an elegant and powerful device for vaping thick oils. When nothing else has the power to vape your thick oils, the Swon can. Its 650mAh battery and variable heat settings can take on any 510 thread carts. 

Like the Slim Preheat, it has several possible heat settings obtained by pressing the button rapidly (2x for the preheat function. 4x to change temperature. 5 x to turn it on or off). If you require these features, they are invaluable; if you do not, they are a pain in the butt—only you know which will serve your vaping style best. 

The Swon uses a magnetic screw-on cap like the CCELL vape pens. The magnetic connector makes changing easy if you remember to remove the connector when throwing out the old cart.


Slim Preheat Battery by S6XTH Sense

The Slim Preheat Battery by S6XTH Sense is made for concentrates, distillates, and thick oils. The Slim works with most commercially available pre-filled 510 thread cartridges.

  • Dimensions: 87mm x 11.2mm
  • Battery Capacity: 380mAh
  • Variable Voltage: 2.7V (Low), 3.1V (Med), 3.6V (High)
  • Compatibility: All 510 Threaded Cartridges
  • Charging: USB-C Charging with Pass-Through enabled


Slim Preheat Battery by S6XTH Sense Review

To use the Slim Preheat Battery, I attached a pre-filled cartridge and quick-clicked the power button five times to turn on the device. Next, I pressed and held the power button and inhaled.

My live resin cart required more heat and was not cooking on the low setting. No problem: I pressed the button three more times to cycle through the temperature settings to medium heat, then three more times until I hit High (red light). I clicked it twice to start the preheat function; it hit like a champ.

Suppose you are vaping a thick live resin. In that case, you may require a higher-temperature setting, a device with enough power, and higher variable temperature settings to provide it. For many users, the preheating function is a necessity you will not find in the CCELL products. 


Mini Slim Battery by S6XTH Sense

The Mini Slim Battery by S6XTH Sense is designed to deliver a simple yet sublime experience with every draw; the mini-slim battery packs all the power of traditional vape pens into the palm of your hand. Each device is easy-to-use with pre-filled 510 thread cartridges activated by an auto-draw system. 

  • Auto-draw activation – Inhale and vape.
  • Size: 56.40mm x 11.30mm
  • 510 thread: works with any 510 threaded cartridges.
  • Auto-draw: no button to press, inhale.
  • Charging: pass-through charging with USB-C
  • Battery capacity: 200mah


Mini Slim Battery by S6XTH Sense Review

It does not get easier to vape than this. This vape pen requires the most basic battery to do the job. It is a tiny 200mAh battery with a screw-on connector for your 510 thread carts. It is about one half as long as a standard vape pen (2 ½" long).


Best Vaporizers of 2023 Summarized

510 thread carts are pretty standardized, but the oil going into them is not. You are golden if you have a favorite brand and know which device vapes that oil best. If you enjoy trying different brands and flavors, you will run up against an oil that a standard vape pen can't handle. Additionally, the better oils/resins are thicker, so if you become more particular about a tasty concentrate then locating the correct gear is a must.

Most hobbyists have at least one vaporizer (pen, battery, or a Puffco-style vaporizer) with a variable heat setting for the perfect vapor point according to the thickness of the oil/resin you are vaping. There is nothing worse than finding your 510 thread battery is not up to the task, and this is why locating the best vaporizer is a must in 2023.

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