Geek Bar Pulse X 25K versus Geek Bar Pulse 15000

The original Geek Bar Pulse was a revolutionary disposable vape. Featuring a dual core processor and dual mesh coil design, it was able to function in regular mode and the awesome Pulse Mode, which doubled the wattage to increase vapor production.

More than just a technological tour de force, the Geek Bar Pulse had excellent ergonomics and formulas that provided great taste in the flavors adult vapers prefer.

Little touches like a bite friendly mouthpiece, an informative screen and adjustable airflow made the Geek Bar Pulse 15000 a smash hit. Mi-Pod now carries the mighty Geek Bar Pulse X 25K.

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Disposable Vape Screens

Mi-Pod carries a wide selection of disposable vapes as these are currently the products that adult vapers prefer and there are many innovative designs on the market.

While Geek Bar stole a march on the industry with a dual mesh coil and dual modes, the competition is very intense when it comes to deliver great flavor and satisfaction. And while the size screen sizes on these one-time use devices are perhaps a bit excessive, with the amount of e-liquid that is housed in a disposable device, there really is a need to track how much is left.

The Geek Bar Pulse X takes this a step beyond. The 3-D curved screen wraps around a rounded front. The side panel is textured and covered in lights. It definitely looks unique and bright.

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On both the Pulse and Pulse X, the screen also warns the user about a low battery. In the case of the Geek Bar disposables (and similar boosted disposable vape devices), it also lets you know if it is in the boosted mode or regular mode. The basic template of the two Geek Bar devices is quite similar in this regard. It is time to compare them head-to-head.


GEEK BAR PULSE Specifications

  • Nicotine Strength 5%
  • Standard/Pulse Mode
  • Puffs: ~15,000 Standard/~7500 Pulse Mod
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • Advanced Dual Core
  • Full Screen Display
  • 82.6mm X 52.6mm X 22.7mm

Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Review

The original Geek Bar Pulse provides a superb vaping experience. With a rocket ship graphic signifying Pulse Mode and a host of good flavor options, it provides an experience for adult vapers to savor. The juice level and battery life are monitored easily enough. The heart of this beast is the durable dual mesh coil. Depending on the mode selected, one half fires at about 10 or 20-watts.

Switching between modes is accomplished with a simple switch on the base of the device. There are holes bored into this switching, thus selecting Pulse Mode also loosens up the airflow. Performance is smooth, with Regular Mode providing performance roughly akin to a typical BC5000 class disposable vape.

The only potential technical weakness is that staying on one setting will work only one side of the dual mesh coil. To get optimal flavor all the way to the bottom of this pre-filled device, consider dispersing the workload over both sides of the coil. Of course, Pulse Mode works stiff at 20-watts, although the 5-nicotine strength is the industry standard.

Flavors lean towards sweet and slightly tart. There is plenty of menthol present is every vape, which balances the fruit flavors popular with adult vapers and prolongs coil life. There are classics like Sour Apple Ice, Blue Razz Ice and Miami Mint available. What makes Geek Bar stand out a bit are instant classics like Meta Moon, which is a tropical fruit powerhouse. Check out our feature on the Best Geek Bar Pulse flavors for a complete run down.



  • E-liquid contents: 18ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: 15,000 Pulse Mode / 25,000 Regular Mode
  • Battery: 700mAh (Rechargeable via USB-C)
  • 3D Curved Screen: Battery and eJuice Indicators and Power Settings
  • Quick Charging Capability
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • VPU Dual Core Processor
  • Low Battery and Overcharge Protection
  • Curved CNC Display Board

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Review

For a complete overview of flavors and performance, check out our featured: Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Review.

You can't miss the Geek Bar Pulse X 25K. It gives you no choice in the matter with a 3D curved screen. It is quite bright. The side of the device is also a display which resembles a starry night. Not sure what the inspiration is with graphics that evoke images of the 1960s space race but here we are.

Frankly, the brightness of the screen is a bit much. Especially when the side is illuminated in regular mode. The RAZ DC25000 gives you the option of dimming the display. If you are looking to vape discretely or minimize battery drain, the 3D Curved screen is a bit detrimental. But no one can accuse Geek Bar of disguising their vape as a thumb drive and making it nearly invisible for nefarious purposes. The Geek Bar Pulse X basically sets off a signal beacon and is likely seeking the approval of adult aged vapers in adult social situations.

Complaints about the ostentatious 3D Curved screen out of the way, the functionality of the Geek Bar Pulse X is remarkably similar. It also has two modes and hits in the same general power band. The VCU dual core is a bit quicker with fire times while the switch and functionality of the airflow remains the same. The battery has been increased a bit in size.

The dual coil itself is an improved design, the stated puff count is way up despite a seemingly minimal increase in juice capacity. Overall, it is an evolution and not a revolution on a very successful design.


Head-to-Head Comparison: Pulse vs. Pulse X

Disposable vapes, except for the awesome Flonq, feature 50mg nicotine strength. Any nic salt disposable worth its salt has a mesh coil, draw-activation, and fruit inspired flavors with menthol.

The addition of screens and dual modes, which were once novel, are now found everywhere. They all provide a smooth vaping experience, with little in the way of throat hit. The lone exception being the outstanding and U.S. assembled FIFTY Bar. Even the draws do not vary all that much, with only a few being a bit more restrictive. There is some variety but not enough to fundamentally alter the experience.

Making it even more difficult to compare is the flavor overlap. This is a very subjective category and frankly I have some doubts about the ability of anyone to identify 10 different disposable vape blue razz flavors by brand in a blind taste test.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but delightful adult-friendly flavors are not being created with a mortar and pestle. There is no cold juice bar squeezing mango and papaya juice into a vat. These are time-tested artificial food flavors. They are found in everything. These are the flavors adults want, with vape flavor bans increasing cigarette sales.

To add so empiricism to a subjective process, we are scoring these disposable devices in five categories.

  • Flavors
  • Performance
  • User Experience
  • Features
  • Value


Round 1: Vape Flavor Comparison

While disposable vape flavors fall within a narrow range for the most part, vape flavor crucial category in the comparison of disposable vape devices for several reasons. There are two considerations: variety and quality.The wider array of flavor profiles offered in the original Geek Bar Pulse 15000 reduces the danger of flavor fatigue somewhat. There are some unique options here you can't experience elsewhere. The Geek Bar Pulse Frozen Edition has a level of iciness and precision that will presumably be added later to the Pulse X. But this does just because it has barely half as many e-liquid flavors does not make the Geek Bar Pulse X a sitting duck. Blue Rancher, Banana Taffy Freeze, Grapefruit Refresher and Orange Fcuking Fab are fabulous options.

Winner: The original Geek Bar Pulse 15K simply has more flavor options.


Round 2: Vape Performance Comparison

Blackberry Pop Geek Bar Pulse X 25k

The Geek Bar Pulse X hits harder, with an output closer to 25-watts in Pulse mode versus 20-watts for the original. If your priorities are puff count and you aren't worried about a rather ostentatious display, the Geek Bar Pulse X is a useful performance upgrade. The coil is also improved, really drawing out the flavors. This product hasn't been out long enough to learn if it has a propensity to burn if used exclusively in one mode but for now the Pulse X is the clear winner.

Winner: Geek Bar Pulse X 25K


Round 3: Disposable Vape Features

On paper this is a mismatch. The Geek Bar Pulse X has a bigger and ostensibly cooler screen. The coil is upgraded, and it has a better processor. But the underlying elements are closer than they seem.

Sift through the colorful displays and possibly dubious puff counts you have a device with 2ml more e-liquid and a 50mAh larger.

The airflow control is still linked with the mode, unlike in the Lost Mary MT20000, which has a slide control and a separate control for power settings.

Winner: The Geek Bar Pulse X 25K has more power, a higher puff count, bigger battery, and new coil.


Round 4: Disposable Vape User Experience

Bite Friendly Mouthpiece

There is a lot of overlap here. Bite friendly mouthpiece, similar shape, identical nicotine strengths, and fantastic flavor profiles. The brightness of the Pulse X screen is a bit much though.

As someone who does need the most powerful hit possible of 50mg nic salts, the availability of an even more powerful boost mode is not a huge benefit. But the adult vaper market clearly wants this potential on tap, making this a coin flip.

Winner: Draw. The Pulse X hits harder but that screen is a bit much.

Round 5: Disposable Vape Value

Disposable vapes can only be compared to each other for value. They blow gas station pod kits out of the water and are many times cheaper to operate than their predecessors like Puff Bar or Cali Bar. They are getting so large that they basically hold a half bottle of nicotine salts. Currently, the Geek Bar Pulse X is the fancy and new model with more features and costs more than the Geek Bar Pulse 15K.

The Pulse X costs $1.25 per mL versus $0.89 for the classic Geek Bar Pulse. If you take the puff counts at face value, a dubious proposition if you draw on a disposable for more than a fraction of a second during your sessions, the value is in theory reversed: up to 1250 puffs per dollar for the Geek Bar Pulse X versus 938 for the Pulse. We are going to go with milliliters and that edge goes to the OG Geek Bar Pulse.

Winner: The Geek Bar Pulse costs less per mL.


Our Verdict

As befits a pair of closely related devices, it is a tough call. The Geek Bar Pulse offers better value and a wider assortment of flavors. The Geek Bar Pulse X is the more powerful and impressive device. 

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