Funky Republic Ti7000 Vape Review

The Funky Republic vape devices look solid and sophisticated. The metallic colors and high-tech display elevate its appearance dramatically compared to the cheap plastic and pastel-colored disposables I usually review. It's a bit heavier than an Elf Bar (17mls vs.13mls and an extra inch of size). The form factor feels a lot like an Elf Bar 5000 in hand, with an extra inch of device sticking out the top. The airflow clamps down hard, providing robust and flavorful Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) puffs. There are many standard flavors in this collection and a few new ones.

Funky Republic Ti7000 Specifications

  • Operation: Auto-Draw (no buttons to push to take a puff).
  • Puffs Per Device: 7000
  • E-liquid contents: 17ml
  • Nic Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • Battery Capacity:  600mAh
  • Heating Element: Superior QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology
  • Airflow Control: None
  • Charging:  USB Type-C / Cable Not Included
  • Indicator Lights: Digital Display for both charging and e-Juice levels.
  • Dimensions: 100x38x24mm
    • Approx: 4” tall x 1 ½” wide x 1” deep
    • Similar form factor to an Elf Bar, only an extra inch taller.


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What Do Those Specs Mean to Adult Vapers?

  • No airflow control means you get the airflow provided by the device, so you are left relying on the manufacturer who engineered it, hoping it is somewhere close to your preferred airflow. This device wants to serve up a very tight MTL, so that is what you get.
    • This device, with its tight grip mouthpiece and low airflow, means you are going to get a small but flavorful puff. Don't even try a DTL; you'll only frustrate yourself.
  • The auto-draw heating element of this device engages immediately upon hitting it. The second you draw – it provides a strong hit of vapor. No ramp-up period to vapor production nor weak puffs out of the gate. Coupled with its mouthpiece, it provides the same flavorful DTL puff every time.
  • It comes prefilled with 17ml of 50mg vape juice, providing an estimated 7000 puffs.
  • The QUAQ coil works very well with the battery, providing rich flavorful MTL puffs. The battery capacity is 600mAh. There is a lot of juice in this device, so you will wind up recharging it several times before all the prefilled vape juice is used. 
  • Type -C charger (not provided) means you can recharge your disposable in less time than a mini-USB cable. It is also easy to find inexpensive charging cables for this device.
  • Its body size feels like a tall Elf bar in hand. If the elf bar takes two fingers and a thumb to hit, the Ti7000 requires all four fingers and a thumb.
  • The Ti700 is a mouth-to-lung (MTL) device. The mouthpiece forms a tight seal on your lips with little to no airflow entering from the sides of your mouth. No airflow control, plus the lip-sealing mouthpiece forces the vaper to pull small, robust MTL puffs from this device. With other devices using round chuff or whistle-tips, it is easy to sneak a little air during your puff from the sides of your mouth for a longer yet less pungent hit. That is not the case with this device.
  • The Indicator lights are provided via an LED display, visible through a transparent window running down the side on the front of the device. After you hit it, it stays visible for a few seconds, so you can see the percentage of battery life left and how much juice it has left. This helpful feature makes this disposable device feel more like a device for adult vaping than something that fell out of a toybox.

Three Parts of a Good Puff

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There are a couple different parts of a quality "puff" that differentiate the best disposable vape devices from the rest of the pack.

The Initial Puff

  • The Ti7000 vape collection uses a mouthpiece with a very tight lip seal and low airflow. This makes for a very robust yet small-sized mouth-to-lung (MTL) puff.
  • The flavors are "as advertised" in the name. The grape tastes like grapes; the apple flavors taste like apples, and so on.
  • The device relies on the strength of the puff, the fruity flavors, low sweetness, and low ice. You receive a very flavorful, semi-sweet puff from the initial hit forward.

The Exhale

  • A few of these flavors had secondary flavors that were hard to discern. Mostly, the exhales were sweet and pleasant, with a small amount of ice.
  • Secondary flavors abound. Regardless of the primary flavor listed, with such low ice, this collection relies on unique flavor combinations to impress. Almost every disposable in this collection had a primary flavor that stuck out, then underlying flavor combinations to keep it interesting.

The Aftertaste

  • The flavors seemed to dissipate quickly after the exhale. Delightful flavors hang on your tastebuds for a few seconds in-between puffs, there is a bit of sweetness on the tongue but little to no ice flavor or throat hit.

Funky Republic Vape Flavors Reviewed

Blue Razz Ice – A bit sweeter than most Blue Razz Ice vapes, with much less coolness on the exhale than other collections. However, the Blue Razz Ice Funky Republic had flavor that popped from the tight device even without much ice. 

I usually avoid anything blue razz because of the nasty secondary flavors often present (it reminds me of burnt olive oil). This Blue Razz Ice is sweet and tastes like rich, ripe berries. They could have more appropriately named this flavor Sweet Blueberries.

California Cherry –  Cherry with a bit of sweetness. Several of my team members think they taste like cherry-flavored confections whose name means "happy farmers." I get a more sophisticated cherry flavor akin to a bing cherry that doesn't rely on much sweetness or ice for its flavor.

You get medium-low ice on the exhale, but cherry is the dominant flavor even in-between puffs. When I think of cherry flavors, I think of sweet ripe cherries. The California Cherry Funky Republic vape has an unsweetened cherry flavor which sets it apart from its peers. You will want this version in your collection if you are a cherry lover. It is unlike any other cherry vape. It gets its intense flavor from the device's tight airflow design coupled with the QUAQ mesh coil and low sweetener/ice recipe. California Cherry is one of the few cherry vapes that allows the cherry flavor to be upfront and center without relying on much ice or sweetness.

Cantaloupe Apple - It is sour apples sweetened with cantaloupe. It is not a sweet apple flavor (but the finished flavor is sweet). They seemed to use sour apple flavoring and then sweetened it. It has a unique flavor that is just "okay," even though several of my peers have indicated that they like it. Nothing compares to Red's Apples for an authentic apple flavor. Cantaloupe Apple Funky Republic is a "pretty good" sour apple flavor with low ice and some sweetness.

Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime – The Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime Funky Republic tastes different. The passion fruit is dominant in the mix, providing a sweet and tart flavor. I can taste kiwi and lime on the inhale. Kiwi brings sweetness, and lime brings tart, citrus acid with a touch of sourness. I would have preferred Kiwi / Lemon to add some sweetness to the mix and to reduce the sourness of lime and tartness of passion fruit.

Peach Mango Watermelon – This is an excellent-tasting vape during the hit. It is sweet and fruity, with medium ice on the exhale and a light mango flavor in-between puffs. You get sweetness from the watermelon and authentic peaches with a touch of something mango. 

When you first open the pack, it gives off an odor like when you try to chew on a multivitamin. So don't sniff it; just hit it. A medium amount of ice and a good deal of sweetness helps these sweet fruit flavors pop on the inhale. The Peach Mango Watermelon Funky Republic is light, refreshing, and tasty when puffed; everything I want in an all-day vape; however, I get an unpleasant lingering mango flavor in-between puffs.

Peach Pie – An excellent Peach Pie. I am not big on desert flavor, but the Peach Pie Funky Republic vape could turn me around. I taste lightly sweetened peaches, low ice, and a touch of cream and graham cracker crust flavoring.

Pineapple Coconut Ice – This is an interesting flavor. In the Pineapple Coconut Ice Funky Republic vape, I taste pineapple and a lot of coconuts, finishing with a medium to medium-low amount of iciness on the exhale. It is not your standard pina colada pineapple and coconut recipe. They seem to have dialed up the coconut flavor to the point you taste the coconut, primarily with some pineapple flavor and sweetness added.

Pink Bomb – Pink Lemonade meets Blue Razz. I enjoyed this rendition of a blue razz more than most others. I immediately taste what begins as a traditional blue razz, but it quickly becomes sweet before I even begin to puff. The Pink Bomb Funky Republic finished puff is sweet and berry tasty!

Pomelo Pearl Grape – The Pomelo Pearl Grape Funky Republic vape tastes like Welches grape juice with hints of other tart fruits. There is slight sweetness, but you also get that bitter flavor from the red/black grapes. Many of these grape flavors taste like cough syrup, but this did not. This is a semi-sweetened grape juice flavor with notes of pomelo, grape fruit, and a medium amount of ice on the exhale. You taste some sweetness from the fruit and nothing else in-between puffs.

Rainbow Cloudz – Candied fruit flavors modeled after two sweet confections. The first confection sounds like kettles with an" s, and the second sounds like the plural of "nerd." The Rainbow Cloudz Funky Republic Ti7000 is a little sweeter and has more ice than the other vapes in this collection. The Ti7000 is a good-tasting version compared to other manufacturers of Rainbow Cloudz vapes. Rainbow Clouds has always been one of our best-selling flavors.

Strawberry Banana -  An excellent strawberry banana vape! The tight draw of the Ti7000, low sweet, low ice allows the fruit flavors to taste authentic. The Strawberry Banana Funky Republic flavor is one of the most accurate strawberry banana vapes I have ever tasted. The banana flavor is famously tricky to get right, and they did it without relying on a ton of sweetener or ice. Using ice and sweetener makes sense if you have errant flavors to cover up or if the recipe calls for it. The fact that Funky Republic was able to pull it off without either is incredible.

Super Berry – This flavor reminds me of a sweet blue razz with medium ice. Guess the Super Berry has some combination of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, or strawberries. 

Tropical Island – This is an excellent tropical-flavored vape from Funky Republic. The Tropical Island Funky Republic Ti7000 is a fruity vape with peaches, lemons, and possibly some mango underneath, all with medium-light ice.

Tropical Rainbow Blast –  T.R.B. is a variety of semi-sweet berry and fruit flavors that create a semi-sweet tropical vape. The name "Rainbow Blast" is usually reserved for vapes aiming for the taste of the confection that claims to taste like rainbows. There is barely enough sweetness to be considered "candied" fruit flavors, but the flavor is pleasant and unassuming. If you thought other versions of Tropical Rainbow Blast were too sweet and icy, the Funky Republic Tropical Rainbow Blast would be your "go-to" vape.

Watermelon Ice –Sweet watermelon with medium-high amounts of ice on the exhale. The watermelon flavor itself is more of a candied watermelon than a ripe sweet watermelon. You taste the watermelon, but the sweetness seems to come from something else, as the finished flavor is tasty but with hints of watermelon.  The Funky Republic Watermelon Ice is sweet and fruity on the inhale and icy on the exhale, and you continue to taste the sweetness and ice for several minutes after vaping this flavor. It is pleasant enough to make you want another puff.


This was an exciting review. Funky Republic designed the Ti7000 for a robust mouth-to-lung puff. The design of the device affected the flavor and experience significantly. No airflow control and a very tight box mean you get a tight MTL puff.

No amount of pulling harder or opening the sides of your mouth will eke out additional airflow.

The airflow of the Ti7000 is ideal for MTL puffs. The mouthpiece is very thin, so when you form a seal around it with your lips, they fit snugly around the mouthpiece, allowing no air to sneak in from the sides. Vapers that have had to learn to allow air in from the sides of their mouth to provide a pho-DTL puff from a disposable will be disappointed. You either have a liplock and get an MTL puff, or the device does not produce vapor. All or nothing, baby.

The flavors are all pretty good. I am impressed by how much effort must have gone into the flavors to reduce most of the sweetness and ice from the mix and still have excellent authentic flavors. Usually, you hardly notice any of this and enjoy the sleek device and flavorful puffs. I had to dig in to figure out why it was hitting like it was, and it provided me insight into this device and how it hits.


The pink bomb is my new go to vape!! I’ve always loved the old school elf bar but this is much better. Flavir is great & no after taste.

Casey May 01, 2023

Funky Republic Ti7000 Rainbow Cloudz just became my new go-to vape. I love the flavor and the fact that that I can see the remaining amount of product and battery life. What’s not to love❤😊

Linda Brewer April 07, 2023

Pineapple coconut ice is an awesome flavor and allows strong deep pulls for a great vaping experience… Very flavorful and smooth. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great disposable vape.. also very affordable..

Patrick April 07, 2023

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