Elevate Your Vape Experience with Electronic Cigars

There’s something so special about lighting up a cigar in honor of a special occasion (or just because). From Pacino as Montana to Connery as Bond, many of the most dazzling silver screen stars, icons and all-around badasses from the past century have puffed the occasional stogie. Cigar enthusiasts love smoking cigars for the super-smooth, full smoke experience and uniquely nuanced flavor profiles, but these days, like all smoking, the activity is shrouded in taboo. Few things can rival the joyous feel of lighting up a cigar in celebration. Whether to pat your buddy on the back after he ties the knot or as a gift for a big promotion, cigars have long been used as congratulatory symbols. If you love the culture, history and experience of smoking cigars but are looking for an alternative to tobacco, then you’ll be pumped about the latest innovation in vaping—the incredible electronic cigar. Let’s take a look at these cool new devices to see what it’s all about. ecigar with wine glass

E-Cigars vs. E-Cigarettes

Though you may be new to the concept of an electronic cigar, you’re probably somewhat familiar with vaping devices, such as e-cigarettes. While the two have very similar mechanical functions and work in much the same way, e-cigars differ from e-cigs and vapes because they typically look like cigars and offer a more powerful experience. They also produce bigger clouds that rival a traditional cigar-smoking experience. Both are compact, handheld vaping devices that use a battery, coils and other parts to turn e-liquid into vapor, which creates an enjoyable burst of flavor, a hit of nicotine (if desired) and a smoke-like hit that’s fun to exhale, manipulate and observe. However, you will get a distinctly more cigar-like experience from an e-cigar compared with an e-cigarette, making them more popular among cigar lovers and ex-aficionados.

Pros of Smoking Electronic Cigars

As you can imagine, like most vaping devices, smoking an electronic cigar comes with various advantages compared with smoking regular tobacco cigars, such as:
  • Less Odor—Many people dislike the strong tobacco smoke odor that tends to penetrate and get trapped in their clothes, furniture and carpet. Vapor still offers an enjoyable hit and flavor but dissipates much more effectively, so it won’t leave you or your clothes smelling like smoke. It’s also much less likely to bother those around you and is more acceptable indoors.
  • More Affordable—Like anything in life, cigars vary widely cost-wise, from very affordable styles for just a few bucks to thousand-dollar Cubans rolled with tobacco leaves watered only with Fiji water and embellished with diamonds (seriously). By and large, a vapor cigar will ring up for less than a traditional cigar, which can save you money in the long-run.
  • Longer Lasting—One of the great things about modern-day e-cigars is that they’re made to last, so you can enjoy them for longer. In fact, some of our e-cigars last for over 1,000 puffs. On top of that, you won’t lose any flavor or weaken the smoking experience if you set down your e-cigar and pick it back up later. It’s great for enjoying smooth cigar hits all night or just from time to time.
  • A Good Alternative—With no ash, no residual odor and no tobacco, a vapor cigar makes a great alternative to your typical paper version. This means you can still use it as a celebratory symbol or a gift for someone you love without all the hassle and mess of a regular cigar. This new option allows you to enjoy everything there is to love about traditional cigars without the shame or judgment.

Smoking Vapor Disposable E-Cigar Flavors

Try Smoking Vapor E-Cigars

Smoking Vapor offers some of the best and most affordable electronic cigars. Our carefully designed disposable e-cigars are perfect for enjoying around the poker table, at the golf course or on the patio. Each one offers a smooth vaping experience with more than 1,100 puffs (that’s equal to five cigars) and provides a rich, velvety taste. Flavors include Gold, offering a classic air-cured tobacco flavor with a touch of maple, and Grape. All Smoking Vapor e-cigars are free of gluten and diacetyl.

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