Best Box Disposable Vapes

Ever since the release of the Elf Bar BC5000, disposable vape brands have been following the form factor in order to deliver a long-lasting vape device that fits snugly into your palm. Box-shaped, rechargeable disposable vapes have become the top-sellers in the US market, which means there are quite a few options to choose from.

Box-Shaped Disposable Vapes

Our vape review staff has tested a wide variety of the leading disposable vape brands in order to find the best of the best. Most of the vape devices that we reviewed have similar puff counts, a rechargeable battery, and utilize a mesh coil.

Elf Bar BC5000 Vape

The Elf Bar BC5000 disposable vape line is simply the most popular disposable vape available on the market today. Elf Bars have a rectangular-shaped body, rechargeable 650 mAh battery, and a USB-C charging port. Furthermore, their dual mesh coils provide a consistent, satisfying puff. Their flavors (other than Cuba Cigar and Mint Tobacco) usually provide sweet and icy mixes.

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Flum Pebble Vapes

The Flum Pebble is the latest creation from popular vape brand, Flum Vapes. It uses a rounded box-shaped device. It provides up  that lacks the round edges that the other disposable vapes on this list provide. Its sleek exterior is paired with a quality mesh coil that provides a clean-tasting puff. With almost 30 flavors to choose from in the Flum Pebble lineup, it was difficult to find our favorite. Some of the favorites amongst the vape review staff were Cherry Berry, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Strawmelon to name a few.

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Air Bar Box 5000 Vapes

The newly designed Air Bar Box vape swapped out a massive, non-rechargeable 3000 mAh battery for a rechargeable one. Air Bar also added an extra 4ml of vape juice in the device to allow the Air Bar Box to provide up to 5000 puffs. This change to the model put it on par with all of its competitors in the disposable vape market. This revamped Air Bar Box flavor lineup now includes a wide variety of fruit flavors as well as an incredible Super Mint Air Bar Box, which provides a spearmint flavor that is reminiscent of a popular mint gum.

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Vaal E5000 Vapes

The Vaal E5000 disposable vape pairs a 650 mAh rechargeable battery with 12ml of quality nic salt vape juice for a long-lasting vape experience. Its internal components include a quality mesh coil as well as the use of Vaal’s WideWick wicking technology to provide consistently flavorful puffs.

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Lost Mary OS5000 Vapes

The Lost Mary OS5000 vape is another creation by Elf Bar Vapes. This new model has a very unique exterior that has grooves on the body and colorful shells. Lost Mary vapes are also available in new flavors (like Cranberry Soda Lost Mary) that are not currently available in the Elf Bar BC5000 line. The Cranberry Soda Lost Mary OS5000 vape combines a sweet and tart cranberry flavor that is balanced by a hint of “ice” on exhale.

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Fume Unlimited Vapes

The Fume Unlimited disposable vape device is another 14ml, box-shaped device that allows vapers to get a long-lasting experience with a single disposable vape. Some of our review staff’s favorite flavor options in the Fume vape include Rainbow Candy, Strawberry Watermelon and Purple Rain.

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Kangvape Onee Stick 5200

While there are many different versions of Kangvape disposables on the market today, the Kangvape Onee Stick 5200 puff vape is one of the few with a box-shaped design. Previous Kangvape models tended to be tubular shaped devices. The Onee Stick contains a whopping 18.5ml of vape juice and is rechargeable via USB-C to get up to 5200 puffs. While the Onee Stick tends to be a nice, affordable option with solid flavors, the exterior design of the Onee Stick was not liked by the majority of our vape review staff.

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