Best Blue Razz Ice Vapes

If you regularly use disposable vapes, you are probably well aware that the Blue Razz Ice vape flavor is commonly found in most brands at your local vape shop or smoke shop. Most popular vape juice brands and disposable vape manufacturers have at least one blue razz ice flavor, one mint flavor, and one lush ice or watermelon ice vape along with an assortment of other flavor options.

The “blue razz ice” vape flavor combines blueberry, raspberry and mint flavors for a complex taste that rolls sweet, tangy and icy flavors into one.

Blue Razz Ice Disposable Vapes

Since disposable vape devices are among the top-sellers in the vape industry today, we decided to start our review off with the list of the best blue razz ice disposable vapes that we’ve tried. Our vape review staff has tested over 20 of the top brands to find the best of the bunch.

Blue Razz Ice Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable Vape

Blue raspberry is the ultimate nostalgic flavor for adult vapers. It blends sweet confection notes with just enough fruity flavor to really tantalize the taste buds. It is generally a well-executed flavor in disposable vapes and the easiest way to stand out is the delivery system. The Blue Razz Ice Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable Vape has massive puff production but is still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Holding 17ml of nic salts, the Ti7000 generates an estimated 7000 puffs.

With 50mg nicotine strength, this is many days of satisfying vaping. The e-liquid and battery life indicators take the mystery out of the device's status and the 600mAh battery should be sufficient for a day of heavy vaping. With USB-C charging, it can be recharged quickly. 

Most importantly, the flavor is pristine thanks to QUAC coil technology. 

Blue Razz Ice Hyde Vape

Hyde disposables come in many shapes and sizes. There are over 40 different Hyde disposable vape versions and many of them have the popular Blue Razz Ice anchoring their flavor lineup. Two rechargeable Hyde vapes that have the Blue Razz Ice are the Hyde Rebel Pro and Hyde Mag. Both of these Hyde devices have unique shapes that fit snugly into your palm, offer a rechargeable battery and provide up to 4500 puffs.

Blue Razz Ice BC5000 Vape

Elf Bar disposable vapes are quickly becoming the most popular vape in the United States. This is due to their long-lasting device, quality vape flavors and their reliable builds. The Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar BC5000 is one of the top-selling flavors in the Elf Bar line. It features a sweet, candied blueberry and raspberry mix and has a strong "ice" on exhale that helps balance out the flavor.

Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary OS5000

The Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary is another Elf Bar style product that pairs a long-lasting device with a premium vape flavoring. Similar to the Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar vape, it uses a candied blue razz base with a plentiful amount of mint.

Blue Razz VaporLax Mesh

The Blue Razz VaporLax Mesh disposable vape provides a flavorful blueberry and raspberry mix that contains more of an authentic fruit taste, which differs to the candied blue razz taste that is used in the majority of the other blue razz disposable vapes. The Blue Razz VaporLax disposable is loaded with fruit taste in every puff and is amongst one of the top-selling vapes available on Gopuff.

Blue Raspberry Air Bar Max

The Blue Raspberry Air Bar Max vape isn't necessarily a "Blue Razz Ice" vape by name, but it does provide a fantastic blue razz taste in every puff. The Blue Raspberry Air Bar Max is one of the top Air Bar flavors in the eyes of our review team. It is not overly sweet, and it has an authentic berry taste.

Blue Razz Ice Vape Juice

For vapers that prefer a more economical vaping system, there are blue razz ice vape juice options for refillable vape pod devices. You can find our extensive list of the top blue razz salt nic vape juice options in our previous article. Below we have some of our review staffs favorite blue razz eJuice flavors with an added "ice" to them.

I Love Salts Blue Raspberry Ice

We previously listed the I Love Salts Blue Raspberry flavor as one of our top Blue Razz vape flavors, and the "iced" version is no different. It provides the same quality flavoring with a kick of mint on exhale. This is a great option for former menthol smokers and vapers that just enjoy a flavorful fruit and mint mix. The Blue Raspberry Ice I Love Salts e-Juice has a crisp ice on exhale that balances the sweet blue razz on inhale.

Cloud Nurdz Iced Blue Raspberry Lemon

This flavor has it all. It mixes a traditional blue razz ice vape flavor with a touch of lemon zest to add a tanginess. The added lemon flavoring improves the flavor profile without overloading it with added sweetness. The Cloud Nurdz Iced Blue Raspberry Lemon nic salt vape juice is a quality, layered vape flavor that is a must-try.

Blue Razz Slushy Freeze Pod Juice

The Blue Razz Slushy Freeze Pod Juice flavor has a wacky name, but it is in fact a blue razz ice vape juice. Pod Juice vape liquids have quickly become one of the leading vape juice brands in the United States due to their exquisite flavor options. Mint and Blue Razz options are amongst their top sellers, which makes this flavor a perfect pairing. If you are looking for other Blue Razz or Mint vape juice options, Pod Juice has you covered. They offer 6 different blue razz variations and 4 different mint flavors.

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