Best Apple Nic Salt Vape Juices

Apple vape juice flavors are often among the most true to name vape flavors sold. The apple vape flavor often comes in a sweet red apple or a sour green apple option. Due to its potent flavoring, apple is often used as a base flavor and mixed with other fruit options such as berry or peach. Vapers looking for great apple flavoring can also turn to apple disposable vapes in order to get the flavor that they prefer.

In previously covered blog entries like the one entitled the best mango nic salts, we have discussed how most fruity vape juice flavors have an icy counterpart that is perfect for menthol vapers. Apple Ice vape flavors are found in many max VG e-Juice lines, nic salt vape juice lines, as well as disposable vapes.

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Best Apple Vape Juice for Pods

Salt nic vape juice typically has a VG/PG ratio of about 50/50 which makes it an ideal vape liquid for low wattage vape pod devices. Refillable vape pods have become increasingly popular due to their portable size and easy-to-use replacement pods. Vapers that are used to vape mods will find refillable pods easier to use than a bulky mod and sub-ohm tank combination. Vapers that use disposable vapes will find refillable vape pods, like the Mi-Pod, more cost-effective than a disposable vape device. Here are some of the top apple-flavored nic salt vape juices that you can pair with your favorite refillable vape pod device.

Pod Juice Fuji Apple Ice

The Fuji Apple Ice flavor from the top-selling Pod Juice line has loads of sweet Fuji Apple vape flavor that is balanced out by a refreshing mint on exhale. This was our top choice for the best apple nic salt juice due to its great flavor profile and general popularity nation-wide. The apple and ice combination in Pod Juice Fuji Apple Ice makes this well balanced vape flavor a great all day vape. All Pod Juice nic salt liquids are sold in 55mg and 35mg nicotine strengths, so they are designed specifically for vapers looking for a strong nicotine hit.

I Love Salts Juicy Apples

If you are looking for a straight Apple vape flavor for your pod device, the Juicy Apples by I Love Salts is a fine choice. This red apple flavor by renowned I Love Salts has a sweet apple flavoring that is not overpowering. The flavor profile in this vape liquid is more of an authentic apple taste and not a candy flavoring like many others.

Cloud Nurdz Watermelon Apple

The Watermelon Apple Cloud Nurdz Salt mixes a juicy watermelon with a sour apple candied vape flavor. The mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors makes this nicotine salt eJuice a great all day vape for your vape pod device. Cloud Nurdz nic salt flavors are available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths and each fruit flavor is available in an iced version as well. The Iced Watermelon Apple provides the same great fruit flavor but adds an icy touch on exhale.

Pod Juice Juicy Apple

This nic salt vape flavor tastes just like a bite of a juicy red Washington apple. While Pod Juice is known for their spectacular mint and “ice” flavors, the Pod Juice Juicy Apple flavor is a spot-on red apple flavor that is perfect for vape pod devices. This 50/50 VG/PG vape juice is available in 55mg and 35mg nicotine strengths.

I Love Salts Grappleberry

If you are looking for a vape juice that contains a sour green apple base, the Grappleberry is the perfect choice for you. The sour green apple vape flavor is expertly blended with grape and blueberry flavors for a tremendous nic salt vape. I Love Salts Grappleberry is a 30ml vape liquid that has loads of fruity flavoring and comes in 50mg and 25mg nicotine strengths.

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