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Rave Respect Mi-Pod

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Give yourself the freedom of expression without expectations, and spread the same message to encourage others. Our Respect Mi-Pod was made with this mission in mind, standing for the final value of PLUR. Recognizing the strengths and specialties in yourself and others can only cause feelings of fulfillment and happiness. This style features a holographic pattern, reflecting various grades of bright yellow.


Mi-Pod Quickstart Guide
1. E-Juice Filling: Take out the cartridge and open the cover, inject directly into the chambered slot and put the cover back  (Refillable Cartridges) 
2.  Install: Put the filled cartridge into the Mi-pod body properly. 
3. On/Off: Press the button rapidly 5 times, the button will flash 5 times to indicate the Mi-pod is ready to use. In the same way the Mi-pod will turn off after 5 presses. 
4. Vaping: Start to inhale and the window light will turn on at the same time.  

What’s Included

This collection was inspired by the feelings and characteristics found in the PLUR community, using experimental materials to add yet another layer of depth to the Mi-Pod. The Rave Collection features vinyl textures in a gridlock pattern, and exotic color schemes in various angles of light.

Each Rave Mi-Pod Kit Includes:

1x Rave Respect Device
2x Mi-Pod Black Replacement Pods
1x Mi-Pod Lanyard
1x Purple Micro USB Charger
2x Lanyard Connectors
1x Airflow Adjustment Card
1x Mi-Pod User Manual


Dimensions: 51mm x 13.5mm x60mm
Output Voltage 3.0-4.2V
Maximum Current: 15A
Cartridge Resistance 1.3 ohm 
Battery: Built- in 950mAh Square High-Drain Lithium Battery
Mi-Pod User Manual
(click to view or download)
LED Indicator & Battery Levels

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