The Game Has Changed

Thick OilS On The go

Don’t compromise when it comes to vaping thick-oils and concentrates.  The revolutionary Wi-Pod empowers you to enjoy a clean, convenient and powerful distillate vaping experience, without any of the drawbacks.

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Freedom & Ease of use

Designed and engineered by vaping enthusiasts to elevate you to new heights. Durable and lightweight featuring an auto-draw activation, set yourself free with the convenient and easy-to-use Wi-Pod!  Green pods are also compatible with Mi-Pod devices.

Let's Get together

Create moments with those who matter most.  The Wi-Pod was designed for concentrates and thick distillates, so puff it, rip it, pass it and experience elevated memories that last a lifetime. 


These magical green pods are game changing!  Made from a terpene resistant polymer, the innovative 1 gram (1.1 mL) pod design has a wide mouth fill port to allow you to fill up even your thickest distillates and oils with ease.  The patented dual airflow and ceramic core allow you to rip it like a dab rig. Compatible with both the Wi-Pod and Mi-Pod devices, the concentrate revolution has begun.