Vape Anatomy: Understanding the Different Parts that Make Up Vape Mods

Unlike smaller, self-contained e-cigarettes, vape mods are made up of various different components that can be swapped in or out, depending on the needs and desires of the user. Understanding the different parts of vape mods is important because it helps you create a completely customized vape and, in turn, a completely customized vaping experience that matches your desired preferences. Let’s do a quick recap of basic vape anatomy to help you better understand the individual parts.

The Essential Parts that Make Up a Vape

The word “vape” or “vape mod” generally refers to all of the following parts put together into one complex unit. By and large, each of these components can be replaced easily should something break, or should you decide that you want to change up your vaping experience.
  • The Mod or Device—Most people who are looking to build their own vape from the ground up start with vape mods. These devices are often self-contained and may come with built-in atomizers and tanks which you may be able to remove and replace as you wish.
  • The Atomizer—The atomizer is one of the most crucial pieces of the vape. It’s the heat-resistant component that turns the liquid into vapor. Your atomizer may be a separate component or built into the tank, depending on the one you choose. Popular atomizers include “sub-ohm tanks,” which operate with coils below 0.5 ohms. These tanks are made to produce large clouds of vapor, so they’re preferred among cloud-chasers and tricksters.
  • The Tank—The tank is where the e-liquid is stored. If you’re using a disposable device, the tank is typically referred to as the cartridge. Often, vape tanks are the first thing a user will buy or replace because they can drastically alter the vaping experience with features like adjustable airflow.
  • The Battery—No surprise here—the battery is what powers the vape. Lithium-ion batteries are generally the best choice for vapes because they’re rechargeable, but many options are available. The goal generally is to provide ample power without taking up too much space or weighing down the device. Remember that dealing with batteries or power of any sort can be dangerous, so make sure to always keep battery safety in mind.
 components of vape mod accessories
  • The Coils—Vape coils are part of the atomizer and may be referred to as “atomizer heads.” When you press the vape button, your coil will begin to power and heat up, vaporizing the liquid within a wicking material inside the atomizer. Even if you’re not souping up a high-tech vape, you’ll occasionally need to replace the coils on your vape.
  • The E-Liquid—While not technically part of your vaping device, your vape juice is still a crucial component. Without it, there’d be no vapor! E-liquid is poured into the tank, where it’s heated up and vaporized. E-liquid comes in all sorts of options and flavors, including fruity, menthol and classic tobacco flavors.
  • The Wicks—The wick or wicking material is what’s used to draw the e-liquid into the coil so it can be heated up and then vaporized. These may be made out of cotton, rayon, ceramic, mesh or even wool. You will want to learn how to wick your coil properly so that your vape always hits perfectly.

To Customize or Not to Customize?

Looking at the above list, you may be asking yourself if it’s worth it to build a vape mod from the ground up. While it’s definitely perfectly fine to buy a pre-built unit or even to puff the occasional disposable e-cig, building your own vape mod generally does offer a better experience for most. If you plan to get into cloud chasing—the art of blowing big, impressive plumes of vapor—then you will definitely want to build your own unit and do a bit of experimenting with hardware. holding custom vape device Smoking Vapor has everything you need to build vape mods to your standards, whether you’re looking for a practical everyday device or something to set you up for mind-blowing vape tricks. Explore our complete selection of mods, hardware, e-juice and more to get started with your custom build.

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