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It’s said waiting is the hardest work of hope. This could accurately describe many people’s feelings who are involved in the vaping industry. Whether you are a customer, store owner, or manufacturer, this waiting game isn’t a fun one.

It’s been over a week since President Trump met with vaping industry leaders and advocates, yet the country idly awaits a final decision from the White House. Will vaping flavors be federally banned? Will the nationwide vaping age be raised? These questions and many more need to be answered. The vaping roundtable was seen as a success for many in the vape industry despite some frustration about anti-vaping groups and misinformation that was presented. Overall, voices were finally heard and reasonable solutions were presented by vape advocates 

In most recent developments the CDC has named Dank Vapes, TKO and Rove as brands responsible for the vaping related hospitalizations. 56% of those hospitalized were reported to have used Dank Vapes, a non-licensed brand.

It’s positive to see the origins of these tainted vape cartridges (THC) being disclosed by the CDC. The CDC did not list any reputable vape companies or manufactures on their list. 

The news media still seems very hesitant to remove blame totally from traditional nicotine vaping devices sold legally by reputable sellers. Ideally the CDC and other government factions will make statements in the future absolving the majority of the vaping industry from any public blame. The CDC is now saying that THC is one of the main causes of the lung related illness (EVALI) but maintains the contention that not all illnesses are THC related.

vape lungs

The CDC’s list of brands responsible for vaping hospitalizations further solidifies a common belief many in the vape industry hold, that the lung related illness are caused by illegally sold or illegally obtained tainted products.    

Hopefully this revelatory period continues, and the media takes hold of the new information from the CDC and reports responsibly to viewers. Mi-One Brands will keep you updated with the newest information as it breaks.

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The named ‘brands’ indicated by the CDC press release are not ‘brands’ in the sense that there is a company somewhere registered to these ‘brands’. These are simply boxes with these bogus name brands printed on them. People buy suspect THC oil from illegal sources and buy vape cartridges from China or God-knows-wherever, fills the carts however they want, with whatever filler, extenders, or thickeners they decide to use. The whole process is fraught with hazards.

John Webb December 10, 2019

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