Stop the Utah Vape Sales Ban

Attention adult vapers, vape resellers, and wholesalers. You will be denied access to the vape products that adults prefer, if Utah SB 61 passes. 

SB 61 is a proposed Utah law that will serve as a comprehensive ban on nicotine vapes. SB 61 was amended along the way to include a ban on flavors other than mint, menthol, or tobacco in vapor products to appease anti-tobacco activists.

**Utah’s legislative session ends on March 1, 2024 and we expect this bill to move rapidly.**

Act Now to Stop Utah SB61

Click here or on the call-to-action banner below to visit CASAA and use their customizable email template to make your voice heard. 

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Utah’s legislature is playing both sides of the field by banning flavors to placate health groups while doing cigarette companies the favor of quashing their competitors in the vapor market. Meanwhile, consumers are being pushed into the dark corners of an underground nicotine market as special interest groups tally up donations and cigarette makers rack up sales.

If enacted, this law would effectively make the state of Utah an enforcement arm of the Food and Drug Administration empowering state authorities to enforce the disastrous federal anti-vaping regulations. This would put independent vape shops out of business, hundreds of workers out of jobs, and thousands of people at risk of returning to smoking, and delaying transition to non-combustible alternatives.

Please take a minute to send an email to your lawmakers urging them to oppose SB 61!

You can also use the Legislator Lookup to find who represents you and let them know that you vape, you vote, and that this scheme will destroy jobs and lives.



  1. Structured so that the tobacco industry’s vape products remain on market, despite also not having received PMTA authorization, while barring their less expensive competition.
  2. Serves as a flavor ban, denying adult vapers the flavors they prefer. An FDA funded study found cigarette sales increase in areas with flavor bans.
  3. Bars easy to use disposable vapes, which are ideal for initiates and not coincidentally compete head-to-head with prefilled pod kits made by Big Tobacco.
  4. Harms small businesses, vape shops and convenience stores, by removing high-volume and profitable products while leaving lower margin tobacco industry vapes on shelves.
  5. Contrary to spirit of consumer choice and entrepreneurship, barring products released after 2016.


The price difference between independent vape industry products and those made by Big Tobacco is staggering. It costs over $200 to vape 30ml of e-liquid from a Vuse Alto. For Juul users, that cost increases to nearly $350 per 30ml.

A Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo costs a $63 to vape the same amount of e-liquid. The difference for the average user can equal a car lease or student loan payment. 


This table does not even account for the fact that a legally enforced monopoly will provide the tobacco industry with the freedom to raise prices further. What is the worst that can happen? Profitable cigarettes sold in place of vapes?

Consumer freedom, choice, and your pocketbook will take a huge hit if the Utah Vape Sales Ban is to pass.

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