State Vaping Organizations

In the landscape of state-level legislative battles surrounding vaping products, the prominence of trade associations representing manufacturers and retailers cannot be overstated. These organizations stand at the forefront, strategically advocating for the interests of their members amidst evolving state regulations. By leveraging collective strength and resources, they play a critical role in influencing local policies, defending business concerns, and shaping the narrative surrounding the vaping industry within individual state districts.  


Trade organizations representing manufacturers and retailers in the vaping industry hold paramount importance due to several reasons: 


Unified Vape Advocacy 


These associations provide a unified voice for various stakeholders within the vaping sector. They consolidate diverse interests, enabling a cohesive and influential approach when advocating for favorable regulations and policies at the state level.  


Vape Policy Influence 


By engaging with lawmakers, regulators, and policymakers, these trade groups wield considerable influence in shaping state-level regulations that directly impact the vaping industry. Their lobbying efforts and expertise help navigate the complexities of legislative processes, aiming to secure fair and reasonable regulations.  


Vape Regulation Resources 


These organizations offer valuable resources and information to their members. They keep them updated on regulatory changes, provide insights into compliance measures, and offer guidance on navigating legal frameworks. This support is crucial for businesses to adapt and thrive within the evolving state regulatory environment.  


Legal Representation 


With their financial influence, these associations often afford members access to legal expertise. This support becomes instrumental in challenging or defending against legislation that could impede businesses in the vaping industry, ensuring fair representation in legal battles.  


Vape Industry Standards, Practices and Education 


These trade groups contribute to upholding industry standards and promoting responsible practices among members. They often undertake educational initiatives to inform both policymakers and the public about the complexities and benefits of vaping products, aiming to dispel misinformation and misunderstandings.  


Vape Trade Associations 


The stability and growth of businesses within the vaping industry directly contribute to state economies through taxes, employment opportunities, and a broader economic ecosystem. Trade associations help safeguard these contributions by advocating for sensible regulations that support industry growth without compromising public health.  


These trade organizations serve as crucial pillars supporting the vaping industry at the state level. Their efforts not only protect the interests of manufacturers and retailers but also strive to create a balanced regulatory environment that ensures both business sustainability and public well-being.  


We have put together a list of current organizations by State that actively represent manufacturers and retailers within the vaping industry with direct links to their official websites, enabling easy access to their resources, advocacy efforts, and pertinent information, fostering greater transparency and engagement for those seeking to understand or collaborate with these industry representatives.  


The Following States Do Not Have Currently Active Vapor Associations  


If you live in the following states, you currently do not have State representation on a local level. In this instance we suggest that you reach out to larger organizations like AVM (American Vapor Manufacturers) for guidance. We also advise checking the CASAA website for active calls to action and other news specific to your State. 



  • Alaska 
  • Hawaii 
  • Idaho 
  • Nebraska 
  • North Dakota 
  • Oklahoma 
  • Rhode Island 
  • Vermont 
  • Wyoming 


State Vapor Associations 






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