Rabbeats RC10000 Touch Review

The original Rabbeats RC10000 had delivered seemingly everything an adult vaper could ask for. As the initial RC10000 flagship was available in a great assortment of flavors, had an impressive e-liquid capacity, perfect draw, and anti-burn coil technology. It was a compact device that oozed quality and made a perfect stablemate for devices like the Lost Mary OS5000 and EB BC5000.

The RabBeats RC10000 Touch builds off this strong foundation, retaining the great anti-burn coil technology but adding three power settings and further improvements to the flavor generating mesh coil. 

Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

But competition for adult buyers in the disposable vapes market is fierce. And there are now Smart disposable devices that feature both an efficient regular mode and a turbo or boosted mode that delivers dense vapor and flavor. While the original Rabbeats RC10000 was one of the best Smart Vapes, with a display that showed e-liquid and battery life, it does not have this functionality.

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Rabbeats RC10000 Touch Review

The Rabbeats RC10000 resolved this issue and then further raised the bar. As the first disposable vape with a touch display, it features three performance modes. These are Light, Smooth and Strong Mode.

They cover the gamut from standard disposable vape to a fire-breathing boosted device that goes toe-to-toe with heavyweights like the Geek Bar Pulse, Prim Bar, and others. Our feature on the best performance boosted disposable vapes lays out how many dual-mode designs there are out there.

Each of the three modes has a corresponding airflow setting as well. The light and smooth deliver performance more akin to the original Rabbeats RC10000 in terms of tightness. The powerful Strong Mode is more wide open to feed extra air into a coil that is put through the wringer with a boost in wattage. The result is far more vapor in the strong modes and a classic MTL flavor density in the lower settings. 

rabbeats 3 modes

The touch screen display is easy to use and quite legible. Swiping between modes feels more sophisticated than a discrete switch. Whether this is a good use of technology, regulations have heavily distorted the vape market. With Big Tobacco’s prefilled pods as the only other option for many adults, the practicality, superb performance, unmatched flavor density and efficiency of disposable vapes is a slam dunk.

Cost of Disposables

The necessity of a Strong mode with 5 percent nicotine strength salts can always be debated, but the efficiency of Light and Smooth modes is immediately evident. Perhaps labeling them low, medium, and high would be easier to understand, but Smooth Mode truly is smooth and Light mode has a deft touch compared to the two more powerful settings.

COil design Rabbeats Touch

The anti-burn coil is huge, especially when the meshed coil encounters higher wattage settings in strong mode. Like the original Rabbeats RC10000, there is a taught MTL to enjoy.   

Rabbeats RC10000 Touch Specs

  • E-liquid contents: 14ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs: ~10,000+
  • Size: 85mm x 43mm x 22mm
  • Triple Modes
  • Battery: 620mah USB- Rechargeable

Rabbeats RC10000 Features

  • Touch Screen
  • 3 Power Modes: Light, Smooth and Strong Power Modes
  • Adaptive Airflow
  • Mesh Coil
  • Anti-Burn Protection
  • Smart Vape: Battery and e-Liquid Monitoring

Rabbeats RC10000 Touch Flavors

Rabbeats RC10000 Touch Flavor Review

If you are familiar with the previous Rabbeats or devices like from Lost Mary or EB, you have some idea what to expect. This are solid and vibrant takes on classic flavors. Rabbeats went a bit outside the box and hit some recent best-sellers. Cherry flavors have been hot lately, so have sour and sweet confection inspired profiles.

Blue Razz Ice Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

The Blue Razz Ice Rabbeats RC10000 Touch unleashes a flurry of delicious and nostalgic iced blue raspberry notes with every puff. This is a good and sweet blue raspberry flavor with plenty of icy chill to keep it balanced.

Blueberry Watermelon Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

The Blueberry Watermelon Rabbeats RC10000 adds the essence of watermelon fruit and watermelon confection with a deep and rich blueberry flavor. Blueberry has a richer fruit flavor than blue razz, it has more of juicy berry rather than a straight confection feel. The addition of sweet watermelon adds a very refreshing element to a superb and fruity flavor.  

Citrus Grape Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

The sweet and popular flavor of grape is enhanced with tart citrus, making the Citrus Grape Rabbeats RC10000 an ideal all-day vape. The grape notes are as bold as expected, and quite familiar to anyone who has vaped one. The twist of tart really cuts through that unmistakable grape flavor and creates a perfect all-day vape. It is no shade to say this is a great artificial grape vape. Whether it is beverages or vapes, it is a unique flavor, but one far removed from anything you are picking off a vine.

Coconut Banana Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

A rich banana essence is fused with sweet coconut in this tropical fruit medley. The Coconut Banana Rabbeats RC10000 Touch delivers plenty of flavor depth. This smooth flavor really pops in when using the Strong setting.  

Dragon Strawnana Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

The Dragon Strawnana Rabbeats RC10000 Touch delights the tastebuds when a twist of dragon fruit is added to the popular vape combo of banana and strawberry. Strawnana is just about perfect on its own but is a very common vape flavor. The addition of dragon fruits note is purely beneficial for the experience.

Georgia Peach Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

The Georgia Peach Rabbeats RC10000 Touch is laden with the syrupy sweet yet ripe and balanced flavor of fresh picked peaches. Peach vapes have a distinct and immediately recognizable taste. At times, there does not seem to be much to separate the dozen plus rival versions of this flavor. Yet Georgia Peach is so well executed that it does stand out.

LA Mint Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

A delightful mint flavor, with sweet notes that are easy to crave and coolness at the finish, the clarity of this flavor leaves little doubt that it is one of the best mint disposable vapes. 

OMG Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

The combination of orange, mango, and guava might have started as a tropical beverage drink, but the disposable vape market has really made hay out of these complimentary flavors.

Watermelon BG Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

Inspired by the nostalgic flavor of soft and chewable confections, the Watermelon BG Rabbeats RC10000 embraces the full depth and deliciousness of this classic flavor. Unlike its inspiration, it does not quickly lose its flavor after being chewed over and end up on the bottom of someone’s shoe. Instead, you can enjoy perky sweet and tantalizing tart flavors in every puff.

Cherry Lemon Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

Cherry vapes have become quite the thing with adult vapers. This is another classic flavor profile that owes much to confection engineering and perhaps less to something that grows on trees. Most vapers will be fine with that tradeoff, as there are hints of tart cherry that blend nicely with a firm lemon base. The sweetness of classic cherry smooths over these flavors so they do not get too aggressive. The tart and citrusy notes prevent the cherry from being too cloying to be vaped all day. The result is a perfectly balanced feast of flavor.

Mount Splash Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

Citrusy and tropical notes, featuring hints of lime and a refreshing undertone make Mount Splash a perfect option for fans of beverage vapes. With an array of flavors that just work together every time, the fruit notes manage to not drown each other out and the squeeze of lime keeps things from being too sweet.

Ruby Raspberry Rabbeats RC10000 Touch

There is plenty of ripe raspberry flavor in this vape, which juxtaposes against a sweeter selection of red fruit confection flavors. The tart and distinct raspberry cuts through the sweetness with aplomb, resulting in a perfectly balanced flavor. 

Our Verdict

The Rabbeats RC10000 Touch has plunged into a tough market. It is competing with devices like the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo, which also offers an augmented performance envelope and two modes.

But the flavors are good enough, and the longevity sufficient, to make the Rabbeats RC10000 Touch a keeper. The mesh coil is engineered to churn out great flavor from start to finish. Three modes allow for even more flexibility.

The Rabbeats RC10000 represents exactly the sort of device that adult vapers are looking for. Robust, high-quality, great flavor, draw-activated and plenty of satisfaction. 


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