Prime Bar 8000 Disposable Vape Review

With an impressive e-liquid capacity, big puff count, rechargeable battery, tasteful appearance, and an LED screen monitoring vape juice and battery levels, the Prime Bar 8000 is ready for primetime. At least this is the case on paper. With so much parity in terms of specifications and a nearly 100 percent overlap in terms of flavors offered, it takes a lot for a disposable vape to make its mark. Even one with a handsome gradient colored livery. 

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How does the Prime Bar 8000 hold up to closer scrutiny? The Prime Bar Collection has the flavors adult vapers want. It arrives in the box primed and ready to go. Its prime purpose is to satisfy. Now let us discover if the Prime Bar 8000 is a premium product which can obtain primacy in crowded field.

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First for a quick primer on disposable vapes. They are popular with adult vapers because they are ready to use out of the box, easy to operate, require no filling, kick out great flavor, are compact, and use potent nic salts to provide a satisfying experience with minimal fuss and not very much vapor. This all that most adult vapers ever wanted. No buttons. No mess. Just remove the stoppers and puff.

The best disposable vapes are almost invariably rechargeable. This allows for a smaller battery and more space dedicated to the e-liquid capacity. Everything with disposable vapes was a tradeoff until a charging port was added. You could offer a significant amount of vape juice in a non-rechargeable model but you needed a large battery. This increased cost and size.

A disposable holding 15ml like the Prime Bar 8000 would have required an outrageous battery pack if it was not rechargeable. Figure that the 5-7.5ml disposable vapes generally had a 1000mAh battery and you are talking about a flashlight sized device. Instead, you can enjoy all the puffs and flavor of a long-lasting disposable vape from a device that fits in your palm and recharges very fast thanks to a USB-C. 


Prime Bar 8000 Specifications

  • Draw Activated
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • USB-C Charging
  • DuraMesh Coil (1.0 Ω)
  • Puffs Per Device: ~8000
  • E-liquid contents: 15ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • LED Screen: E-Liquid and Battery Level
  • Dimensions: 75” x 1.875 x 0.85”

  Prime Bar Image

Prime Bar 8000 Features 

The attractive and compact Prime Bar 8000 means business. There is no airflow control, just a bright LED that provides the basic information that a vaper needs. The color scheme is predictable. Green means 60 to 100 percent charged, yellow 30 to 59 percent, and red means you have less than 30 percent of the battery life remaining at your disposable.

The vape juice indicator level is also easy to understand. After every puff the LED screen displays a drop shaped indicator light the shows you how much is left based on the classic green, red, and yellow color convention.


LED Screens: Battery Life and E-Liquid Indicators

Disposable vapes are a closed system. There is no refilling. Just recharging. The juice reservoir designs in disposables are generally not conducive to viewing panel like you might find in a refillable vape pod kit.

This blackhole of information was not a huge deal back when the most popular disposables were stick bar designs like the original Puff Bar or Posh. These couldn’t be expected to put in more than a days work (if they managed to even squeeze off a single puff). The quality and longevity of disposable vapes has improved almost exponentially. 

But the lack of information on remaining battery life and especially e-liquid (which cannot be replenished via a USB-C cable) becomes a much bigger deal on a long-lasting disposable. They represent a larger investment and much more is expected from them. 

For this reason, LED displays that track battery life and e-liquid levels are becoming increasingly common. The mighty Prime Bar 8000, which holds a full 15ml or the equivalent of a half bottle of nic salt juice, is a perfect candidate for this innovation.


Prime Bar 8000 Review

 Prime Bar Graphic 3

The Prime Bar 8000 is a pure mouth-to-lung disposable, as is the case across the industry. Attempting to close the airflow holes will have little impact on the performance of this disposable vape. It is a handy device which is tastefully colored and packs a lot of puffs into a small package.

Safe Disposal of Disposable Vape Batteries

Puff quality will be impacted by the battery’s charge. The longevity or milliampere-hour (mAh) of disposable vape batteries may vary in size but the battery output in disposables is consistent across the industry at 3.7v. These are not advanced mods and performance does decline at the end of the batteries life cycle.

Keep in mind disposable vapes use lithium-ion batteries. They should be treated with the same respect and care you would give any electronic device and disposed of safely when the e-liquid content is exhausted. They are not to be treated like a 1970s hooligan would treat litter.

No spiking on the ground, throwing in the gutter, or tossing out the car window. They are very visible and colorful devices and to act in this manner gives vaping a bad name. No small deal if vapers want their concerns and demands to be taken seriously. Dispose of vapes like any expired lithium ion battery, either submitting them en masse to the local processing body or returning them to the vape shop from whence they came. 


Prime Bar DuraMesh Coil

Differences in ramp-up speed in disposable vapes can be pinned on coil design, e-liquid reservoir shape, the draw-activation mechanism, and most importantly the charge in the battery. There is not much range coil resistances and the batteries are consistent across the board but differences still appear. It was nice to find the big Prime Bar 8000 has a quick ramp up speed and kicks out vapor almost instantly.

The fact that it is called a DuraMesh Coil may sound like marketing clap-trap but it was apparently engineered to extract the best flavor possible throughout the life of the device. Obviously, there will be a drop-off at some point as disposable vapes have juices laden with flavor and are half-VG, but it stood up well to the challenge of vaping the equivalent of a half-bottle of salt nic, and up to 8000 puffs. To optimize the flavor of the coil throughout the life cycle, consider taking shorter drags.

The hardware for the Prime Bar 8000 certainly is up to the challenge. The build quality is strong and tolerances are tight. The ergonomics are good, although typical for the modern lozenge shaped disposable. The full measure of the device and its popularity will be determined by the quality of the flavors. 


Prime Bar 8000 Flavor Review

 Prime Bar Flavor Menu

With the industry standard 50mg nicotine strength, mesh coil, 3.7v battery, and small mouthpiece, the Prime Bar 8000 is ready to deliver great flavor and an MTL vaping performance to adult vapers.

Veteran disposable vapers know the drill. There are several flavors and only slightly more flavor fusions that are widely popular and every manufacturer offers them. This overlap exists because of the demands of the adult vaping market. 

The differences between flavors incremental. Clearly they aren't squeezing fresh mango into a disposable vape, the art is in utilizing the flavorings to create the best version possible from a similar starting point. No practical person would want to wager very much attempting to guess the brand of blue raspberry ice or strawberry watermelon disposable if were testing the flavor blindfolded. In fact, coil design, the age of the coil, charging level, and air flow can have a very huge impact on how a nic salt flavor presents itself. 

We've all seen the videos where the Whiskey connoisseur cannot tell a $3000 bottle from well-drink rotgut. 

But adult vapers are looking for the best flavor possible, regardless of flavor overlap between brands. It is within these margins that most popular disposable vapes operate. Deciding which is the best flavor might be subjective but it can make or break a disposable vape. And the comparative popularity of certain brands and flavor profiles give a strong hint of who has broken the code, whether it is through a better coil, better airflow, or a better combination of flavorings. 


Blood Moon Prime Bar 8000

 Blood Moon Prime Bar

Belying the preceding claim that the disposable vape arena is really just a forest of indistinguishable Miami Mints, Blue Razz Ice, and tropical fruit medleys, let us lead off with the unique Blood Moon Prime Bar 8000. The lunar roots alluded to in the name are not discernible but it is a solid blood orange inspired vape. The classic tropical fruit flavors make an appearance as well, and it is all fused together with a moderate blast of ice. The semi-sweet fruit flavors provide a nice break from typical disposable vape fare. Whether the massive cohort of adult vapers fixated on saccharine sweet flavors will embrace this more rounded flavor remains to be seen.



Blue Razz Ice Prime Bar 8000

Blue Razz Prime bar

Back on track with the classics. The Blue Razz Ice Prime Bar 8000 is playing for the crowd with one of disposable vaping's greatest hits. Sweet, buoyant, loaded with fruit and confection notes, the chilling finish of this flavor is sure to satisfy the countless adult vapers who swear by this flavor. Dating back to the days of Heisenberg Vape Juice (now called “The Berg” due to IP issues), Blue Raspberry has always been a vaping all-star. This Prime Bar flavored version is solid and comparable to the popular Elf Bar formula. These flavors are classics for a reason. They just work in an MTL disposable vape chock full of nic salt vape juice. 


Cool Mint Prime Bar 8000

 Cool Mint Prime Bar

Another one of the all-time nic salt juice classics. For good or ill, mint was the signature and most popular Juul flavor at the dawn of nic salts. The record for popularity remains unbroken, even after the Feds forced these notorious pod-slingers to ditch all but their tobacco flavors. It turns out that mint still had room for improvement. The Cool Mint Prime Bar 8000 would have been an inconceivably awesome Juul Mint alternative but the bar has been progressively raised. Luckily, Prime Bar has answered the bell. A strong minty flavor backed with plenty of cooling ice, it is a refreshing and delightful flavor.


Grape Prime Bar 8000

Grape Prime Bar 8000

While grape ice is a relatively common flavor, the market for this offering is not as saturated as blue raspberry and mint.  The Grape Prime Bar 8000 is a solid sweet grape flavor with an icy kick. It is a Concord or purple grape, not the floral Sakura flavor that has been growing in popularity. Concord grape ice disposable vapes are sorely underrepresented considering the nearly universal appeal of this flavor profile. 


Gum Mint Prime Bar 8000

 Gum Mint Prime Bar

Talk about a flavor with a blunt name. In the zesty Gum Mint Prime Bar 8000, iciness compliments rather than buries the sweet mint, supplying an enjoyable vape experience and a flavor that stays interesting even after being vaped for hours. There is more flavor buried within the mint notes that you would find in a spearmint or wintermint gum, even if the overall flavor affect is similar, perhaps in response to the popular Miami Mint and Lemon Mint disposables that enhance basic mint with a note fruitiness.  


Ice Pop Prime Bar 8000

 ice pop prime bar

My midwestern roots showed through when I assumed this was a cola flavored vape. The pop refers to gum, not to soda pop. The Ice Pop Prime Bar 8000 is actually a watermelon vape, although the name does not give it away. The confection watermelon notes are delightful, it really captures the essence of a watermelon-inspired, chewable confection with bubble creating capabilities.


Juicy Peach Prime Bar 8000

 Juicy Peach Prime Bar

Peach Ice is another go-to salt nic flavor which is found in countless disposable vapes and bottled nic salts. This one is dandy, which enough peach fruit elements to offset the sweet confectionary inspired flavors. The nectary and juicy peach flavor is further balanced with a moderate icy kick and makes the Juicy Peach Prime Bar 8000 certain to please this disposable vape flavors legion of fans. 


Laffi Taffi Prime Bar 8000

 Laffi Taffi Prime Bar

Holy copyright infringement, Batman! The award for the most ill-advised name of disposable vape in 2023 has to go to Prime Bar Laffi Taffi 8000. Whatever they were thinking can be mulled over and hopefully corrected with a more appropriate name next time. The fact is, this is a delightful banana and tropical fruit vape with a mid-level icy blast. The tart complexity of the tropical fruit notes plays well with a banana inspired by a popular, soft, stretchable confection, whose name really isn’t that much of a mystery with a name like Laffi Taffi. Perhaps a bit less tropical fruit tartness would have pulled this flavor closer to the spirit of its dubious namesake.


Lemon Lime Prime Bar 8000

 Lemon Lime Prime Bar

The Lemon Lime Prime Bar 8000 is an icy blend of lemon-lime confection and with a hint of juicy lime fruit flavors. Understandable as an actual lemon flavored nic salt would probably prove a quite challenging flavor profile for the adult disposable vaper’s pronounced sweet tooth.


Tropical Punch Prime Bar 8000

 Tropical Punch Prime Bar

medium-high level of iciness spotlights the medley of flavors in the Tropical Punch Prime Bar 8000 without burying them. Fans of tropical vapes will enjoy the pronounced and quality flavors, with old favorites like mango, pineapple, and passion fruit making their presence felt without cracking the excellent continuity of flavor.  


Watermelon Ice Prime Bar 8000

Watermelon Ice Prime Bar 

The Watermelon Ice Prime Bar 8000 features sweet watermelon notes with a mild icy flavor that draws out the intricacy of this classic disposable vape flavor. Naturally, the watermelon notes also draw from the confection-based roots of this always popular flavor. The level of coolness never rises into lush ice territory, a net benefit for those looking for more sweetness and nuance.  


Final Thoughts on Prime Bar 8000 Disposable Vape  

We all know the drill with disposable vapes. Great flavors, with certain heavyhitters destined to dominate. Many of the Prime Bar 8000 offerings were significantly above the average disposable vape fare, no small deal in such a tightly confined space for flavor innovation.

Grape was a particular standout, as Grape Ice is often underrepresented in disposables and it is a flavor that is second to none when executed this perfectly. Gum Mint joins the line of more innovative and delicious mint infused disposables. Across the board, the classic disposable vape flavors were well executed.  

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