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Two of the most popular vapes on the US market currently are the Posh and VaporLax disposable vapes. The Posh vape line comes from Chicago, IL and offers a mix of fruit and ice vape flavors. The Posh Plus XL contains a 45mg (4.5%) nicotine strength vape juice and holds 4.5ml of that nic salt vape liquid. Posh had tremendous success with their original Posh vapes line that was a small, 1ml disposable vape. They used that momentum to promote their newer models, the Posh Plus and Posh Plus XL to the Midwest market.

While the Posh is the disposable vape of choice in the Midwestern United States, the VaporLax disposable vape brand has had great success on the west coast, the Northeastern US, and other areas worldwide. The VaporLax brand is the most popular disposable vape brand in many states across the US, which has led to their intense focus on product innovation. VaporLax has large distributor partners in different parts of the United States that have successfully sold millions of VaporLax disposables to convenience stores and smoke shops.

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Today, we are going to discuss the differences between these two top-selling vape lines. As previously discussed, the Posh contains 4.5ml of vape juice while the VaporLax disposable vape contains 6.5ml of vape juice. Both disposable vapes are made with nic salt vape juice and contain similar nicotine strengths. The Posh line has a 45mg strength, while the VaporLax contains a 50mg nicotine strength.

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to buy disposable vapes that are discussed. The VaporLax disposable device contains significantly more vape juice than the Posh XL vape, which allows it to last much longer. Another benefit to the VaporLax disposable vape is that it comes with an adjustable airflow feature and the Posh XL does not. Adjustable airflow allows every vaper to customize the experience to their own vaping preference. You can restrict the airflow, or open it up to get more of an airy hit.

One benefit that the Posh has over the VaporLax line is that it has a sleek metallic finish on the outside of the vape device. It also comes in flavors that are not available in the VaporLax line. The same can be said for the VaporLax because the VaporLax offers Strawberry Cream, Energy, Lemon Bar, Captain, and Rainbow Mix flavors that are not available in the Posh line.

VaporLax or Posh Plus XL Vapes

After testing the flavors in the VaporLax and Posh lines, it is clear that there are more benefits to the VaporLax model over the Posh XL. It lasts longer, comes in more unique flavors, and offers an adjustable airflow. The long-lasting capability and airflow adjustment really help the VaporLax stand out amongst its competitors.

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