NVE Recap - Mi-pod Wins!

NVE Foxwoods 2018 has come and gone! Despite minimal sleep, freezing cold temperatures, and our brains on the brink of short circuiting... Smoking Vapor is back in Phoenix. We couldn't be more pleased with our NVE experience this year. Let's get into all of the highlights from the show: Mi-pod Wins Best Pod Setup! We should have known things were leaning in our favor when many of our Mi-pod collections sold out the first day of the show. All of us at Smoking Vapor have worked hard all year to bring a quality all in one device to the market that not only performed well but inspires the people who use it. From the onset of day one at NVE people were raving about their experience with the Mi-pod. Experienced vapors and newbies alike had overwhelmingly loved their Mi-pod so far. A lot of what we heard was they had found their favorite all day vape because of the great battery life. Many consumers harped on the fact that the Mi-pod flavor production and ease of use was unparalleled in the pod system market. When the NVE pod system reviewers were ready to announce their winner of best pod setup we were already satisfied with the incredible reception from all of those who connected with us at our booth. And then the words "the winner is the Mi-pod!" were announced and it was the ultimate cherry on top for the weekend.
Best Vape Device 2018
Smoking Vapor wants to thank all of you that not only stand behind our products but our company as a whole. We are humbled by the success of the Mi-pod and promise to continue produce quality products that are born out of our passion for vape. Mi-one is Back! Now to be honest Mi-one has never gone away although it was obvious at NVE many people were still in love the all in one flagship device. It was a little surprising to see how many people were interested in getting the Mi-one. The device was on full display and all of our Smoking Vapor reps were busy informing people on how it works. Very cool to see how the Mi-one has stood the test of time in the vape market. Old Loco is as Tasty as Ever Testers that were primed with Old Loco definitely got full use over the weekend. All three Old Loco flavors were an absolute hit amongst consumers at NVE. We enjoyed seeing peoples faces light up after they tasted the quality of Old Loco. Mambo Mango was probably the favorite amongst consumers. A flavor that has a nice Mango hit then finishes smooth and cool. Salsa Grape is infused with Portuguese white grape and people could really taste the difference between that and traditional grape flavors. The two time award winning juice was completely sold out by the end the show. We also premiered our brand new 30mL Old Loco bottles that were gone by the end of day one. 30mL Old Loco bottles are still available on smokingvapor.com.
Reliable Mipod Device
The Rave is Coming! At ECC Ontario many of you got the first taste of the possible Rave collection from Mi-pod. This past weekend at NVE Foxwoods we officially announced the soon to be released Rave Mi-pod collection. The feedback from ECC and on social media was too strong to ignore so we made sure to bring the fans and consumers exactly what they wanted. This collection will feature four iridescent and out of this world colors. The Rave Mi-pod will also have a transparent trim that allows you to see Mi-pod firing colors on the entire device! We asked all of you on Instagram Live if we should feature this awesome product at the upcoming EDC music festival and it was a resounding yes from many of you. For updates on official release dates and where we will be next subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on @mipodvape on Instagram. Best Limited Edition vape by Mi-One Brands

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