Niin Pouches Review

What is a Niin Pouch?

Niin pouches are a new synthetic nicotine pouch that combine a TFN (Tobacc-Free Nicotine) with high quality flavors. According to Niin, their Niin Primed Pouches use a TFN nicotine that are not derived from tobacco leaf, steam or waste dust. Niin pouches are made with a eucalyptus-derived cellulose base and are pre-moistened for optimal experience.

Niin pouches, like other nicotine pouches, are different from vape products because they do not emit any vapor. Nicotine pouches can be beneficial to use in places where vaping is not allowed. Niin pouches typically last 10-30 minutes. As the nicotine is released out of the pouch, you will notice a tingling sensation in your gum or lip. Once all of the TFN nicotine is released from the pouch, you can discard.

How to Use Niin Pouches

First off, you need to select the strength and flavor that you prefer. Niin nicotine pouches come in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths (using TFN) and are available in 5 different flavors. Flavors available in the Niin line are: Cinnamon, Citrus Chill, Cool Mint, Spearmint, and Wintergreen. Once you have purchased the nicotine strength and flavor combination that you prefer, you will need to open up the pouch can. Each can contains 20 individual pouches.

Once you’ve gotten your pouch out of the can, place it in between your gum and lip. After the pouch is placed into your mouth, the TFN nicotine will start to release and be absorbed through your gums. You will notice a warm tingly sensation where you have placed your Niin pouch.

After 10-30 minutes, all of the flavoring and nicotine will be released by the pouch. DO NOT swallow the pouch. Throw away the Niin pouch after use.

Niin Pouch Flavors

The Niin pouches come in five spectacular flavors that adults prefer. Three of the five flavors are mint options, while the cinnamon and citrus chill flavors offer something a little different. I personally enjoyed the Cinnamon and Citrus flavors most because I am not a fan of mint flavors but each Niin pouch flavor was pretty spot on. The flavorists at Niin did a great job of matching the flavor name with a flavor profile that matched it.

The Cinnamon Niin pouch flavor had a hint of spicy cinnamon to the taste which made it very unique. The mix of cool and heat in the Niin pouch was reminiscent of a cinnamon gum flavoring.

The Citrus Chill Niin pouch had hints of citrus fruit flavors with an icy kick. The cool mint flavoring was perfectly balanced by the citrus zest flavor. This was my favorite Niin pouch of the bunch!

Out of the Spearmint Niin Pouch, Wintergreen Niin Pouch and Cool Mint Niin Pouches, my favorite was the Spearmint due to it’s sweeter flavor. I generally gravitate towards spearmint gum, so this really comes down to personal preference. As I discussed earlier, all Niin pouch flavors are very accurate and true to their name.

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