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Sunut Edition

The RabBeats RC10000 hit the ground running. Designed by the makers of the Lost Mary, Funky Republic and EBCreate, it is a great performing disposable vape and has anti-burn technology that helps make sure your last puff remains as densely flavorful as the first. The initial RabBeats RC10000 collection had a very strong array of classic disposable vape flavors. If you want a thorough review, check out our RabBeats RC10000 Review

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 RabBeats RC10000 Collection

The latest wave of RabBeats RC10000 flavors fall under the Sunut Edition umbrella. While the name 


  • 50mg Nicotine Strength
  • 18ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • Approximately 10,000 Puffs
  • 620mAh Battery (USB-C Rechargeable)
  • Draw Activated
  • 85mm x 43mm x 22mm


  • E-Liquid Level Indicator
  • Battery Life Indicator Display
  • Anti-Burn Technology Coil
  • Advanced and Durable Mesh Coil


RabBeats RC10000 Features 

With its impeccable lineage from some of the most popular disposable vapes ever, the RabBeats RC10000 is a next gen disposable in terms of performance and flavor. It may not have the largest display, but it discretely keeps the user informed about battery life and e-liquid levels. It may not have an ostentatious appearance or a boost mode, but it kicks out delightful and robust vapor.

As disposable vapes are all about flavor and satisfaction, with 5% nicotine strength salt nic, they are not really made for cloud chasing. The nicotine strength is much too stout for that purpose, most hobbyists with powerful mods use nicotine e-liquids or vape juices with 0.3% nic strength.

There is a fair amount of overlap when it comes to disposables, which is why Mi-Pod carries an amazing assortment in our disposable vapes collection. While the RabBeats RC10000 stands proud as one of the best designs to ever hit the market when it comes to practical performance and satisfaction, there are many other great disposable devices as well. 

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Anti-Burn Coil Technology

A disposable vape can’t match a vape mod in vapor production as lithium-ion batteries they use turn out 3.7 volts. Even though disposable vapes are increasingly embracing dual modes and airflow adjustments that increase vapor production, in the opinion of this reviewer, anti-burn technology in a mesh coil has much more utility.


RabBeats RC10000 Performance

In any event, as a modern disposable with a mesh coil, the vapor production is quite robust in the RabBeats RC10000. This is a high-quality device that oozes performance. The build quality, size and weight are all excellent.

The shape is typical, with the offset mouthpiece, and the materials have a nice texture. Not cheap and rigid, with a unique sheen that shimmers a bit in the light without being too ostentatious. The big story is of course the anti-burn coil, and the vapor production of the mesh design. Anti-burn technology helps prevent the coil from being outright ruined and reduced to delivering dry hits or puffs with the flavor out.

The actual mesh design has been crafted to improve upon the RabBeats RC10000’s shorter lived cousins and provides a high-puff count with consistent flavor from start to finish. If you are looking to do vape tricks or fog up a small room, a disposable vape is definitely the wrong choice. If you are looking for strong vapor production, smooth nic salt performance, great flavor, and a disposable that does not deteriorate as you get deep into the tank, the RabBeats RC10000 is a perfect choice.


New RabBeats RC10000 Flavors

The full array of RabBeats RC10000 flavors is extremely impressive and features many of the most popular flavors with adult vapers. The Sunut Edition flavors help to round out the lineup with even more great options. The meaning of “Sunut Edition” entirely escape the author. There is an African sunut tree that grows on riverbanks,


Cherry Lemon RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

Cherry Lemon RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

The flavor of cherry is gaining popularity again as a choice for adult vapers. The Cherry Lemon RabBeats RC10000 helps cut through some of the sweeter elements of tart cherry essence with a pure and refreshing citrus kick.


Clear RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

Clear RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

If you are looking for a crisp disposable vape, the Clear RabBeats RC10000 is a perfect choice. With just a bit of cooling and freshness, it provides a discrete and satisfying experience.


Honeyloupe Mango RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

Honeyloupe Mango RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

If you are looking for ripe honeydew notes, cantaloupe, melon and mango flavors in one vape, the Honeyloupe Mango RabBeats RC10000 blends all these popular elements perfectly. The mango stands out nicely across the backdrop of well paired tropical melon flavors, creating a fresh and balanced flavor fusion.


Ki Melon Apple RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

Ki Melon RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition 

The addition of tropical kiwi notes to bold apple and melon essence provides a delightful vaping journey in every puff. There are enough sour and tart notes to maintain all-day vaping balance. The Ki Melon Apple RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition is a perfect confluence of notes for a fruit inspired vape.


Mango Madness RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

Mango Madness RabBeats RC10000

 The Mango Madness RabBeats RC10000 has the tropical fruit and mango confection flavors that were lacking in the classic RabBeats flavors. Bold and laden with rich flavor, this is a tropical flavor that does not tire the tastebuds. It certainly merits inclusion on our Best Mango Vapes list. 

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Yummy Strazz RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

Yummy Strazz RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

A confection inspired fruit vape, the soft fruit flavors shine through with an emphasis on strawberry and raspberry inspired flavors. The Yummy Strazz RabBeats RC10000 is yummy and a bit gummy, with a medley of flavors creating an alluring vape.


Raspberry Pomegranate RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition

RASPBERRY POMEGRANATE rabbeats RC10000 SUnut edition

The Raspberry Pomegranate RabBeats RC10000 Sunut Edition is an exquisite blend of the sweet tanginess of raspberries coupled with the refreshing hints of pomegranate. This disposable vape is designed to deliver a unique sensory experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying. Each puff embodies the robust flavors of these two fruits, creating a taste that is delightfully fruity, slightly tart, and absolutely invigorating. It is an ideal choice for vape enthusiasts who appreciate a balanced, fruity flavor profile.

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