Michigan Courts Halt Flavor Ban

Since the September 11th White House announcement regarding potential federal flavor bans, good news vaping news has been extremely hard to come by. A number of states have introduced legislation to ban flavored e-liquid and some have gone as far as outright emergency banning of all flavored e-liquid sales. Last month, Michigan became the first to enact such banning of all flavored e-liquid sales. This ban utterly rocked the Michigan vaping community, industry, and consumers.

“The businesses and their customers will not go down without a fight,” stated Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association. And fight they did! Through the coordinated effort of thousands of supporters of vaping and flavors, traction was built in opposition of this senseless Michigan flavor ban. As of yesterday, Tuesday, October 15th, a judge on Michigan’s Court of Claims issued a preliminary injunction blocking the state from the temporary six-month ban!

“This is a huge win for the state of Michigan! Hopefully the truth continues to come out and the rest of the active bans are also halted,” exclaimed Geoff Habicht, owner & founder of Mi-One Brands.

All of us at Mi-One Brands are hoping to hear continued positive news and an eventual turning of the tides with the vaping misinformation that has saturated the American media. We will keep all of our consumers updated with news as the weeks go on. For now, flavored vape juice is now available for sale in the state of Michigan.

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