Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition Review

The Lost Mary MO5000 collection has been one of the most popular disposable vapes with adults for a while. It is available in a wide selection of the sweet flavors that the vast majority of adult vapers of all ages prefer.

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The MO5000 itself has a slightly looser draw than the OS5000, although if you are looking for a boosted disposable vape the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo is what you are looking for.

What you will not find in the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo collection is the Glitter Edition. A fabulous selection of flavors, possibly formulated to compete with the similarly sparkly stylings of the RAZN TN9000 Dream Edition, makes the Glitter edition sparkle even in a very competitive market. Check out our RAZ TN9000 Dream Edition Review if you want a more direct comparison.

The similarities between these two lines are more than sparkles. Although Lost Mary chose far less cryptic names than RAZ, the theme of punchy and bold flavors is consistent. There are a total of six Glitter Edition flavors. Each are unique and explore flavor territory beyond the already expansive Lost Mary collection of flavors.

Raz TN9000

Mi-Pod carries all the top disposable vapes, include Lost Mary. There is a reason why they are one of the most respected brands for adult vapers and it is time to see if all that glitters is gold and this bold selection of Lost Mary disposable vape flavors are worthy editions.

Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition Specs

  • Nicotine Strength: 5 percent
  • Puffs: ~5000+
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 10ml
  • Coil: Improved Mesh Coil
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Indicator Lights

Lost Mary Glitter Edition Flavors

The Lost Mary MO5000 is a fairly classic design, it is no accident that the MT15000 Turbo appears to just be a beefed up version with a display. The airflow and long-lasting flavor from an enhanced coil design explain why there are so many best selling disposable vape flavors in their expansive lineup. And many of these classics are going to have to make way for the Glitter Edition.

Purple Mint Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition

Explore an exquisite fusion of cool mint and deep Concord Grape flavors in the Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition. This is a good "purple" grape with the classic confectionary grape notes that are found in so many beverages and snacks. The addition of a sweet mint is what makes this great vape flavor. 

Orange Vanilla Sunset Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition

The Orange Vanilla Sunset Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition show cases the flavors of summer in a vape that can be enjoyed all year. There are sweet vanilla ice cream flavors and zesty sweet orange flavors which pop in every puff. 

Kiwi Honeydew Apple Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition

The Kiwi Honeydew Apple Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition combines a pair of mega disposable vape flavors with a twist of tropical kiwi. The pairing of honeydew and apple is sublime. The sour and ripe elements merge deliciously. The twist of kiwi adds an added twist and vibrancy to an outstanding flavor. 

Hawaii Juice Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition

The popular flavors of found in tropical fruit punch are perfectly executed in the Hawaii Juice Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition. This one kinda goes head to head with the Ruby Raz TN9000 Dream Edition. Both are refreshing and bursting with flavor, picking a winner would be subjective. Hawaii Juice does have a smidge more tartness though, not tasting dissimilar to a certain fruity stick gum that featured a zebra. Don't worry, this flavor lasts all day rather than 9 seconds. 

Black Cherry Melon Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition

Juicy black cherries and sweet melon really pop in the Black Cherry Melon Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition. Melon is an old standard in disposable vapes while cherry flavors are surging in popularity. This natural pairing is delectably balanced. 

Berry Cake Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition

Usually, the Fifty Bar Disposable Collection is associated with dessert and baked vapes. With their mini-collection of Beard Vape Co. Classics, these American blended e-liquids don't face as much competition as say a mango or a mint vape. 

Berry Cake Lost Mary MO5000 Glitter Edition is a delicious dessert vape. Ripe berry notes meet sweet, moist cake flavors for a decadently delightful vaping experience.


Our Verdict

The Lost Mary Glitter edition stands out in the crowded market of disposable vapes primarily due to its carefully crafted flavor profiles that offer a unique vaping experience. Each flavor in the Glitter edition has been designed to provide vapers with a taste that is both refreshing and satisfying, blending classic fruit and dessert themes with innovative twists. 

Lost Mary MT15000

The MO5000 is an older design but there is no questioning the flavor, although certainly the case to be made for the larger Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo is strong. With dual coils, two modes, greater capacity, and a smart display, there is no question that the MO5000 has been displaced as an undisputed flagship. But at the end of the day, flavor rules and the Glitter Edition Lost Mary MO5000 takes a backseat to no vape currently on the market, with Hawaiian Juice and Berry Cake being incredibly strong entries. 


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