Fasta Plugin 18000 Review

At first glimpse, the Fasta Plugin 18000 looks like your typical modern disposable vape. It is compact, restrained in appearance, with a legible display and well sculpted mouthpiece. The 18000 in its name clearly represents the puff count, thrusting it into a busy field of long lasting disposable vape devices. The Fasta Plugin 18000 collection is filled with the most popular flavors with adult vapers.

But there is much more to the Fasta Plugin 18000 than meets the eye. One feature that becomes readily apparent is the integrated charging cable, which makes it incredibly easy to take advantage of the USB-C charging technology.

The 750mAh battery is larger than many rivals but is also necessary as this is a dual mode disposable vape.

The Fasta Plugin 18000 is confronted on the market by several capable rivals. The breakout product in the boosted vape market was the Geek Bar Pulse.

But there are now many worth contenders including the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo, and RAZ TN9000. Fasta hopes that its advanced Nexcore coil and built-in charging cord can provide a leg up on the competition.

Mi-Pod carries a wide selection of the disposable vapes most popular with adults because of their unmatched performance when it comes to dense flavor and vapor. The Fasta belongs in this elite club, featuring the standard 5 percent nicotine strength to deliver excellent satisfaction.


Dual Vaping Modes

A quick perusal of the advanced boosted disposable landscape reveals that most rely on dual coil. In graphic depiction, and reality, the same coil is used whether you are in Turbo Mode or normal mode.

The downside of this design is if you are constantly in the same mode, the wicking material can burn out on one side faster than the other side.

Instead of a dual coil, the Fasta uses a dual mode coil for Boost Mode and an efficient single mesh coil in normal mode.

Fasta Plugin 18000 Specs

  • E-liquid contents: 16ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Coil: Dual Mesh Coil, Nexcore Coil Technology
  • Puffs per Device: 18,000
  • Power Modes: Normal Mode and Boost Mode
  • Battery: 750mAh, rechargeable via USB-C
  • World's First Vape with Built-In Charging Cable
  • Digital Screen: E-Liquid Meter, Battery Meter, and Power Mode Setting

Fasta Plugin 18000 Flavors

FASTA Homepage Banner Desktop

As of 2024, the flavors that adult vapers prefer is pretty well established. In disposable vapes, the market is for crisp fruit and menthol flavor fusions, tart and sweet confection-inspired vapes, and of course mint and menthol vapes.

The Fasta Plugin 18000 does not try to reinvent the wheel on this front, unlike say Fifty Bar which features a line of Beard Vape Co. nic salts which lean more heavily towards the dessert menu than the confectionary table or carnival booth.

Acid Tears Fasta Plugin 18000

Acid Tears

The Acid Tears Fasta Plugin 18000 delivers a rainbow of confection inspired fruit flavors. It is not just a cloying flavor bomb but has nice tart notes as well.

Arizona Blast Fasta Plugin 18000

Arizona Blast Fasta 18000 Plugin

The idea of a cactus vape may seem odd. But the flavor profile is not based on what you would taste in cracking open a succulent plant. The inspiration is the wave of popular cactus flavored beverags on the market. The Arizona Blast Fasta Plugin 18000 captures the cactus drink flavor and adds a kick of sweet orange for flavor depth.

Blue Razz Ice Fasta Plugin 18000

Blue Razz Fasta Plugin 18000 Review

No disposable vape collection worth its salt is missing some derivation of blue raspberry. The most frequent version is the nostalgic blue razz ice. Is it possible to differentiate the plethora of blue razz ice disposable vapes in a blind taste test? Maybe not. But this does not mean it is impossible to identify good ones. And the Blue Razz Ice Fasta Plugin 18000 is a good one, amplified with Nexcore Coil technology for even stronger flavor. There is ample chill to mitigate the natural sweetness of blue razz disposable vape flavors.

Cali Cherry Fasta Plugin 18000

Cali Cherry Fasta Plugin 18000

Whatever is going on with cherry disposable vapes, it marks a shift in the market. Adult vapers have fully embraced the tart and sweet notes of cherry as an add-on, which makes sense as cherry is a very versatile and popular artificial flavor, and the Cali Cherry Fasta Plugin 18000 takes it a step further. It is not just a cherry fusion but the actual cherry vape that adult vapers didn't know they needed.

Juicy Peachy Fasta Plugin 18000

Juicy Peach Fasta 18000 Plugin

The Juicy Peachy Fasta Plugin 18000 uses the dual mesh coils to extract a very rich and dense fruit flavor. This is a bold peach flavor that is not dragged down by an artificial flavor edge.

Lemon Tart Fasta Plugin 18000

Lemon Tart Fasta Plugin 18000

A zesty and refreshing lemon flavor proves a nice break from sweeter fare, and the Lemon Tart Fasta Plugin 18000 is superbly executed.

Miami Mint Fasta Plugin 18000

Miami Mint Fasta Plugin 18000

Mint is a class unto itself when it comes to nic salts and disposable vapes. It was pioneered in the earliest days of salts and remains popular. The Miami Mint Fasta Plugin 18000 has the exact blend of coolness with sweet mint that you would expect, with just a twist of sour to leaven the flavor.

Sour Blue Cherry Fasta Plugin 18000

SOur Blue Cherry Fasta

In the Sour Blue Cherry Fasta Plugin 18000, sour cherry is merged with blueberry sweetness. The tart and juicy berry flavors are present as well. The popularity of cherry disposable vapes is spotlighted by this excellent flavor.

Strawberry Banana Fasta Plugin 18000

Strawberry Banana Fasta Plugin 18000

The Strawberry Banana Fasta Plugin 18000 is a smooth flavor thanks to the banana notes. It also has a strawberry flavor that splits the difference between authentic and confection. This is a very popular vape flavor combination with adults, and it is easy to see why.

Strawberry Kiwi Fasta Plugin 18000

Fasta Strawberry Kiwi 18000 Plugin

Strawberry and kiwi are a natural pairing in beverages and disposable vapes. That unique tropical twist of unmistakable kiwi helps elevate a marginally cooled and sweet strawberry nic salt. The Strawberry Kiwi Fasta Plugin 18000 is a top-tier flavor. 

Strawberry Gelato Fasta Plugin 18000

A creamy and satisfying strawberry flavor reminiscent of Italian gelato, this is more of a dessert flavor than many of the others. Berry gelato flavors have been done before in nic salts. But it is not as common in modern disposable vapes. Welcome back gelato, it provides the precise balance of creaminess and fruitiness to make the Strawberry Gelato Fasta Plugin 18000 a unique flavor that can also be vaped all day.

Strazz Watermelon Fasta Plugin 18000

Stazz Watermelon Fasta Plugin 18000

The sweetness of strawberries, tartness of raspberry and refreshing flavor of watermelon just sounds like a winning combination. And it is as delicious in practice as it is on paper. The Strazz Watermelon Fasta Plugin 18000 is a winner.

Watermelon Ice Fasta Plugin 18000

watermelon ice fasta plugin 18000

An icy blast of menthol is present in every puff, while a watermelon flavor that evokes both fruit and confection serves as the backbone. This is the Watermelon Ice Fasta Plugin 18000. A classic Lush Ice style vape

White Gummy Dream Fasta Plugin 18000

white gummy dream fasta plugin 18000

The confectionary sweetness of white gummy chews has been accurately recreated in the White Gummy Dream Fasta Plugin 18000. The mystery flavor is a familiar throwback for adult vapers, and enough tart and sour notes are present to create a supremely balanced vaping experience.


Our Verdict

The Fasta Plugin 18000 offers a wide variety of flavors that cater to the preferences of adult vapers. From bold and tart fruit fusions to creamy gelato flavors, there is something for everyone in this line. The addition of Nexcore Coil technology ensures strong flavor delivery in every puff. Overall, the Fasta Plugin 18000 is a solid choice for disposable vape enthusiasts looking for unique and flavorful options.

The competition has never been fiercer, but the built-in cable and updated coil design put it near the front of the pack.

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