Hyde Rebel Pro vs Hyde Mag

At first glance, these Hyde disposables are somewhat similar devices. Certainly, from the same family. The Hyde Mag is smaller and ergonomically designed to fit snugly in a closed hand. It is wrapped in a soft plastic shell that feels comfortable in the hand. The Rebel Pro looks like someone got the Hyde Mag pregnant. The Rebel Pro vape has a similar feel with the same soft plastic they wrapped the Mag in, but instead of finger grooves for a better grip on the device like the Mag, the Rebel Pro is cylindrical and fatter (to accommodate the extra juice).

The two devices have some things in common. 

  • They are both fully wrapped up closed systems. Nothing to fall off or break. 
  • No way to refill them.
  • Neither have airflow control.
  • Both are rechargeable with a Micro-USB charging cable (not included).
  • Both have a Nic strength of 50mg.
  • Both have a code on the box to verify authenticity.
  • Both are about the size of a roll of quarters.
  • Both have a lot of flavors to choose from (21 and 18).

Form Factor

Hyde Mag: The Hyde Mag is a little smaller than most other devices. It is about the thickness of a roll of nickels and is just under 4 ½” tall.  It sports a soft textured plastic on a futuristic ergonomic body.  It looks unique and, once in your hand, there is no chance of it slipping out.  Its form factor fits in a clenched fist perfectly, the soft plastic has some “grab” to it, and there are textured patterns down the side for additional grip. 

The tip is a tiny round nipple like the Draco and Vaal Max mouthpieces.  The Hyde Max looks unique, and it’s well designed to fit in a hand.   There is a Micro-USB charging slot, but no slider for air control.  For airflow, the Hyde Mag has two small holes on the bottom and allows air in through the charging slot.

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Hyde Rebel Pro: The Rebel Pro is the same height and thickness as the Hyde Mag except it has an extended side that allows you to sit the device on its side easily without it rolling around.  It is more cylindrical than the Hyde Mag and that extended side allows it to add an extra 1mL of Juice a slightly larger size battery and an extra 500 puffs. 

The mouthpiece looks a bit like the mouthpiece of a recorder (small black duckbilled nipple).  It is a thinner duckbill that allows you to make a tight seal with your lips but is still small enough to allow air through the sides of your mouth for a pho-DTL.  It is not as awkward to vape as the BOBO for instance with its much larger duck bill-shaped mouthpiece that does not accommodate air from the sides of the mouth. The Rebel Pro is slightly more awkward in the hand compared to the ergonomically designed Hyde Mag.  It is still smaller and easier to hold than a BOBO or Draco which are similarly cylindrical but are the thickness of a roll of quarters compared to the Rebel Pro’s thickness of a roll of nickels, but side-by-side with the Hyde Mag it doesn’t hold a candle in form or aesthetic appeal.

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Hyde Vape Juice Content

  • The Hyde Mag comes with 10mL of 50mg Nicotine for an estimated 4500 puffs.

  • The Hyde Rebel Pro comes with 11mL of 50mg Nicotine for an estimated 5000 puffs.

The flavor profile of both lines is almost identical.  If you pull a Sour Apple Ice Hyde Mag and a Sour Apple Ice Rebel Pro side-by-side, the juice itself tastes the same.  It is assumed that both models sources their vape juice flavors from the same supplier. 

Hyde Recharge Vape Charging

Both disposables are rechargeable disposable vapes.

  • Hyde Mag: Uses a micro-USB to charge (not included). The charging slot is on the bottom of the device.  It took approximately 30 minutes to charge and has a tiny pin light on the bottom of the device to indicate it is charging. When fully charged the dot on the bottom of the device blinks twice and the device shuts off.
  • Hyde Rebel Pro: Uses a micro-USB to charge (not included). The charging slot is on the flat side of the device near the bottom.  It took approximately 40 minutes to charge and has a tiny pin light on the bottom of the device to indicate it is charging.  When fully charged the dot on the flat side of the device (just under the charging slot which is also on the side) blinks twice and the device shuts off.

Tech Specs for Rebel Pro and Mag

Hyde Mag:

  • E-Liquid Contents: 10mL
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puff Count: +4500
  • Ready-to-Vape
  • Rechargeable with Micro-USB *Charger not Included
  • 18 Flavors
  • 500mAh, rechargeable battery

Hyde Rebel Pro:

  • E-Liquid Contents: 11mL
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puff Count: +5000
  • Ready-to-Vape
  • Rechargeable with Micro-USB *Charger not Included
  • 21 Flavors
  • 600mAh, rechargeable battery

Differences in Vape Hit

Hyde Mag: Does not come with airflow adjustment, so the airflow provided out of the box is it.   It seems like they attempted to accommodate the largest number of vapers using an airflow setting somewhere in the middle of other devices’ high and low settings.  Luckily (or by design) It does hit reasonably well right out of the box for my vaping style.  

For airflow, the Hyde Mag has two small holes on the bottom of the device and allows air to pass in through the charging slot if the pinholes are covered.  Covering the two pinholes and charging slot allows you to check how airtight the device is. It is very airtight and forms a strong vacuum seal with its holes covered. 

The Hyde Mag’s stock airflow is not quite open enough for a DTL hit unless you let a great deal of air in through the sides of your mouth.  Its tiny nipple-shaped mouthpiece is good for that.  The airflow of the Hyde Mag is like the airflow of a BOBO with its airflow ¾ closed.  It isn’t ideal for either MTL or DTL, but close enough for either with some work. 

Hyde Rebel Pro: The Rebel Pro does not come with any airflow adjustment capability either, so the airflow setting they provide out of the box is what they want you to use.  Unfortunately for me, the airflow is noticeably more constrained on the Rebel Pro than the Hyde Mag.  It is not like the Hyde Mag could be considered a DTL device either (with its low airflow setting), but the Rebel Pro’s airflow is even tighter than that.  You obtain a more concentrated/flavorful puff at this lower airflow setting so if you have good juice flavors this can give you more of a good thing.  Taking a slow puff is a good puff.  If you try to hotbox or pull with any force, you feel the airflow restriction fighting back against the harder draw and start to tax the system.


I picked a few flavors that both devices have in common to provide a side-by-side comparison. In general, Rebel Pro uses the same exact juice and flavors. Across their juice line, Hyde seems to have focused on making one-off best flavors across several flavor categories. It has less cohesion across the line, but what all their flavors have in common is that each strives to be the best version of the flavor they are trying to reproduce. Some of their flavors are one-of-a-kind noteworthy.

Since they used most of the same flavors in both devices, a review of a flavor for one Hyde device will tell you a lot about how it will taste in both Hyde devices. Flavors remain the same across both Hyde product lines.

The biggest difference in flavor then relies on the treatment of the juice by the device it is being vaped through. The Hyde Rebel pro provides more puffs, has a stronger battery, and has a tighter draw creating more flavor and stronger puffs. Some of the flavors that might taste too weak through a Hyde Mag taste better vaped through the Hyde Rebel Pro. Conversely, some of the more pungent flavors taste significantly better through the Hyde Mag with its smaller battery and mouthpiece that allows more air to pass through.

A light refreshing authentic sweet mango. The Hyde Mag Device treats this flavor well. It would be perfect if more of the good flavor was able to get through. Making a Mango flavor that tastes good on the inhale and does not empty the room on the exhale is a feat. They nailed that. If anything, I wanted more of this good light flavor on the inhale so would have appreciated an extra hole or airflow slider.

The Philippine Mango coupled with a Hyde Rebel Disposable also provides an authentic tasting mango flavor. With less air passing through in the mix (lower airflow and tighter draw). it provides a stronger flavor, but without the coolness that the additional airflow provided the flavor was darker and thicker. I really like the additional flavor and with an adjustable airflow I could dial this in to taste amazing. The Rebel has enough extra horsepower to provide a more flavorful hit, but due to the more restricted airflow, it is a heavier syrupier tasting puff.

Hyde Mag sour apple flavor is spot on. It tastes like sour apples, sugar, and Koolada. There is some sweetness added so that it is not a sour flavor, it is a sweet-sour apple flavor with a slight Koolada finish. I like this flavor. It is too intense for vaping all day for me, but a good flavor to keep on the desk when you are in the mood for a sour apple blast.

This Sour Apple tasted perfectly fine through the Rebel Pro. It is less sweet, and the Rebel Pro provides a nice strong puff of the flavor without an odd-tasting exhale or aftertaste. I vaped both for a long while and was equally happy with either disposable. In this case, I would go with the Rebel Pro (all other things remaining the same) to get the extra 500 hits.

I could not pick out the individual flavors of this juice from the Hyde Mag. It is a sweet mix, some sweet fruit, some Koolada, but the fruit flavors are deep in the mix. Compared to this flavor through the Rebel, the Hyde Mag does not do it justice. It tastes slightly watered down compared to the same flavor vape juice through the Rebel Pro.

This flavor tastes better to me through the Hyde Rebel Pro. Those same undiscernible fruit flavors through the Hyde Mag came to life when vaped through the Rebel Pro. The tighter draw and larger battery work in its favor with this flavor. With a deeper taste of this flavor, I can taste that it is supposed to be a candied fruit flavor. Okay, that makes sense.

Tastes like vanilla whipped cream. I used to puff Smoking Vapors Vanilla flavor which is truly exceptional and amazing tasting vanilla. The vanilla in the Hyde Mag reminds me of the powdered sugar vanilla frosting that comes on a grocery store cake. It is sweet enough and light enough on the puff (with the provided airflow) to be decent-tasting vanilla.

Without the extra airflow of Hyde Mag, this flavor falls short. If The Mag Fresh Vanilla was powdered sugar vanilla frosting, then through the rebel Pro it is stale cake frosting. The darker profile it takes on with the stronger hit with less airflow cuts the top end from the flavor profile. It has mostly the right taste but in the wrong strength. Some of my co-workers that didn’t mind the Hyde Mag fresh Vanilla really did not like the flavor that the Rebel Pro provides with Fresh Vanilla Juice.

In the end, what constitutes a good-tasting puff is highly subjective. Since this comparison is of how the same vaped flavors vaped through two similar devices taste, it comes down to which of the devices cooks each juice recipe at its ideal temp and with its ideal airflow. There are so many flavors I thought to provide a cheat sheet for which device provided the better puff for a sampling of the flavors.


I lost count of how many Rebel Pros and Hyde Mag flavors I vaped for this comparison.  A few flavors were so good that I feel they deserve special mention.  Even though the other Hyde model did not have a matching flavor for a one-to-one comparison, they were just too tasty to leave off the list.   

Hyde Mag Coconut Crumble

I chose the Hyde Mag’s Coconut Crumble as one of my new favorites.  The Coconut Crumble recreates a coconut cream pie flavor for me.  The coconut is strong and comes with a touch of sweetness and no icy aftertaste.  I usually do not gravitate toward coconut-flavored juices, but I vape this one all day.  I especially enjoy it in the mornings when plain good coconut flavor is perfect with my coffee.  In a “vapescape” of overwhelming sweetness, fruitiness, menthol rich, and fabricated flavors, this is different in a good way!

The sweetness offsets the coconut and without an icy finish, there is nothing overwhelming about the flavor. I do vape this all day and bought several more to have on hand.

Hyde Mag Lemon Ice Cream

This is a very pleasing flavor!  It is sweet, a little sour, the tiniest bit creamy.  Just a perfect mix that I will vape all day.

In Summary

Hyde Mag has more airflow and a smaller battery. It is more akin to a DTL hit or a loose MTL hit. The Rebel Pro has more juice, a bigger battery, and a tighter draw.  This difference affects the flavor profile of the juice vaped through each device.

Hyde vape flavors remain the same across lines, and some of them taste better through the smaller battery size and higher airflow of the Hyde Mag and others taste better with the battery power and tighter airflow of the Hyde Rebel Pro. 

Through the Rebel Pro, the flavors taste more concentrated, it arrives through a tighter drawing disposable that provides a darker less airy puff.  It is a DTL device.

Hyde’s flavor choices seem less concerned with authentic flavors.  They seem more focused on adding concentrated flavors and sweetness to the mix for a flavor punch.  The Hyde Mag needs that additional concentrated flavor to provide flavorful puffs since its battery is smaller than most other brands (a third the size of Sirius Disposables and 100mAh less than the Rebel Pro). The Rebel Pro makes the flavors that might otherwise be weak taste much better. 

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