How to Identify a Fake Elf Bar

Elf Bar has been on a tear lately, finding and putting back-alley factories that produce fake Elf Bars out of business. Many operations in China are making knock-offs of the popular Elf Bar BC5000 vape in order to profit from Elf Bar's popularity.

According to Convenience Store Online, “Elf Bar has intercepted over a million fake vape products bearing its product names. The company has been working closely with Chinese authorities to close down more than 20 counterfeit factories, which were found to have collectively produced over a million counterfeits.“ See: Elf Bar halts illicit vape haul (15 July 2022).

That all sounds auspicious, but for every counterfeit factory Elf Bars closes down, many more operations are flying under the radar, with new operations popping up daily.

How to Tell Whether Your Elf Bar is Real or Fake

The physical sticker has been designed to be very difficult to reproduce. In addition to scanning the QR Code on the sticker to verify authenticity online with Elf Bar, the Elf Bar package includes anti-counterfeiting technology. They made the physical sticker hard to copy. If you look at the sticker itself, you can determine its authenticity based on physical attributes alone.


  1. Point the camera on your phone to the UPC on your Elf Bar box (image below)
  2. Your phone should upload your device data and display a link.
  3. Click the link to Elf Bar’s security page, where you will see one of two messages.
  4. If you are unable to scan the code, you can enter the number manually on Elf Bar's verification page here.


In addition to scanning the QR code on the Elf Bar box to verify your vape, there are physical security measures in place that you can leverage just by looking at the sticker itself. If you cannot see each of the “built-in” security elements when looking at the security sticker, you may have a clone.

  1. Anti-Stripping: The sticker has been scored, so when someone tries to scrape it off, it falls apart instead of coming off in one piece. It makes it difficult to steal the labels from legit Elf Bars and reuse them on cloned devices.
  2. Anti-Counterfeiting Pattern: Difficult pattern to counterfeit.
  3. Fluorescent Ink: Elf Bar has imprinted its name across the front in ink only visible under fluorescent light. If you have a fluorescent light-bulb, this is an easy test to use.
  4. Holographic Laser Thread: Easy to check for and hard to counterfeit.
  5. Micro Text: an additional layer of difficulty to counterfeit.
  6. Anti-Counterfeit Code: Some fake Elf Bars will not have this code on the sticker.


What do you do if you don’t have the original box or sticker? This video walks you through the Elf Bar device to show you how to identify an authentic Elf Bar by the attributes of the device itself rather than the QR Code or the sticker’s physical security features.

What Should I Do When I Find a Fake Elf Bar?

If you find you have bought a fake Elf Bar, drop Elf Bar a note at:, and they will pursue suspected counterfeiters. It helps your fellow vapers, and it feels good to hit those vape pirates where it hurts.

Why Buy from a Reputable Elf Bar Retailer?

If you buy from a reputable retailer or website, your odds of getting an authentic (un-tampered with) Elf Bar product go way up. Elf Bar delivers directly to select master distributors like Mi-Pod, where they fulfill the reseller’s order, so they have product when you order from them. Resellers buy from Master Distributors, so they may have more markup and not have all the latest flavors or collections, but they are a lot safer to buy from than a non-licensed business. You can find a great list of Elf Bar retailers at the Elf Bar store locator page here.

If you do not have a certified Elf Bar retailer near you, you can also shop all Elf Bar flavors online at


Reputable vape companies are doing their best to create quality vape products with premium ingredients because they plan on being in business for a long time. They create safe work environments to keep great employees happy, and the ingredients used in their products will decide their future sales. For reputable companies, every aspect of doing business is under constant scrutiny by the FDA. Reputable manufacturers won’t even suffer bad-tasting flavors for their vape juice, much less something that would drive away customers…or make them ill. Elf Bar Fakes

Elf Bar has intercepted over a million fake vape products bearing its product names.

A high percentage of the cost of each vaping device are the built-in internal safety measures. A fair amount of technology and electronics in an average vape device: a lithium battery, safety features like auto fire safety technology, charging technology, atomizing, and programming tech is all part of a modern vape. With a protected device in production, each vape manufacturer creates the best recipes, procures the best ingredients for their vape juice, and then prays that adult vapers will like those flavors enough to buy them repeatedly.

Vape Pirates do the bare minimum to fool you into buying their clones to keep their profit margins as high as possible before they disappear and start over elsewhere. These counterfeit factories do not adhere to safety or quality regulations because they aren’t thinking about your safety or satisfaction, creating a safe device, using safe juice, or getting your repeat business. They already plan on disappearing as soon as things get dicey to start again under a different name. If their device explodes in your hand or their juice makes you ill, they don’t care. They will disappear and resurface elsewhere to do it again to a new unsuspecting group of vapers.

In Conclusion

Regardless of where you source your Elf Bars, use Elf bar’s anti-counterfeiting technology to verify the authenticity and report any clones you accidentally buy to help get them off the shelf for the next person.

Check the authenticity using the sticker to verify your serial number on the manufacturer’s website and look for any of the tell-tell signs provided above, you can be assured you have a well-designed, safe vape filled with the juice you paid for. Anything else is unacceptable yet entirely under your control.

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