Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K Review

The Fifty Bar Disposable Vape collection was a smash hit right out of the gate. A small and discrete disposable vape, its claim to fame was a selection of American formulated nicotine salt flavors. These included a line of legacy Beard Vape Co. e-liquid flavors and a selection of the popular fruit-menthol fusions that adult vapers prefer.

The Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K collection features an updated design which was designed to provide extended usage, consistent performance, and superior vapor production. It still has old vaping hits like Lava Blast, but the reduced throat hit, and available flavors more closely resemble the industry norm.

While the original Fifty Bar collection featured a durable and reliable disposable device, the Hidden Hills Fifty Bar 20K is truly a premium disposable vape. The biggest feature of the U.S.A.-built Fifty Bar remains the location where it is assembled (Thousand Oaks, CA) and nicotine salt flavors developed by American masters for American tastebuds.

Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K Specifications

  • E-liquid contents: 16ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: 20000
  • Anti-Burn Technology Coil
  • Always Active Boost Mode
  • Battery: 800mAh Grade A Battery (Rechargeable via USB-C)
  • Dual Parallel Mesh Coil
  • Adjustable Airflow 
  • Display Screen with Battery Life Indicator and E-Liquid Monitor
  • USB Type-C Charging
  • Built in the USA


Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K Features

The peerless and nostalgic taste options of the Hidden Hills Fifty Bar 20K disposable coupled with being built in the USA are the primary selling points of this device. But this upgraded model features cutting-edge technology and with its greater prefilled capacity also has a significantly increased puff count. It turns out there are grades of batteries found in disposable vapes and Fifty Bar uses Grade A, which means the typical mAh count is at least the number listed or higher. Nicotine strength 50mg is standard and the e-liquid capacity is 16ml. 

Digital Display

The Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K disposable vape features a legible screen with a battery life indicator. It also e-liquid levels with a droplet graphic surrounded by four color code bars.

Apart from the digital display, mercifully free of 1960s-style Space Race animations, the battery has been bumped up to an impressive 800mAh. This is necessary with the increased power demand.

Always-Active Boost Mode

According to the battery life monitoring system, the drain on the battery is not as steep as you might image. This is in part due to the dual parallel mesh coil. It was designed to be more durable than the Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K's many rivals.

Dual Parallel Coils

The dual parallel coils are tested technology. They increase surface area. More importantly, they offer less resistance. This allows for a more robust design. Basically, this design doubles the clouds and the flavor. The typical dual meshed coil on a boosted disposable only is firing on half the coil, not distributing the wear if you do not cycle between modes.

Anti-Burn Technology

The coil design also features anti-burn technology to remove the risk of dry hits. To avoid the deteriorating performance associated with switching ends of a dual mesh coil, Fifty Bar engineered an always-active boost mode vape. The wattage, which I estimate as somewhere in the vicinity of 18W to 20W, was optimized for dense flavor and vapor. The nicotine strength is 50mg.

Adjustable Airflow

Compared to a Lost Mary MO20000 Pro, RAZ DC25000 or Geek Bar Skyview, the American-made Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar does not have a ton of gadgets and lacks the various animations that some rivals sport. This makes it a more compact and discrete device, which are values the author views as more important. You don't get the ability to play with the wattage as it is optimized in the Always Active Boost Mode. But there is an airflow control switch on the base. This allows for customization in the most important area of all, providing the option of switching between greater amounts of vapor and denser flavor profiles. 

Hidden Hills Club

The Hidden Hills Club is a big name in the alternative cannabis market. Their portfolio has not historically features nicotine vapes like the Fifty Bar but their same standards for rigorous third party testing remains.

The Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K is a premium quality design that is built in the USA but the Fifty Bar hardware online tells part of the story. It is time to look at the flavor options.


Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K Flavors

The Fifty Bar Hidden Hills 20K does not lean in on the legacy Beard Vape Co. flavors like the original device. The e-liquid flavors are a bit more mainstream and have less of a throat hit. Luckily, the original Fifty Bar remains in stock so if you prefer that more robust kick it is still available. You just must deal with a vape that has a decrease quantity of puffs but is also a compact and inexpensive device.

Apart from less throat hit, these are flavors designed to delight the taste buds. They are a curated group of popular favorites and like the original will be frequently bought together so adult vapers can enjoy the range of unique flavors Fifty Bar's American master formulators have developed.

Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar Disposable Vapes

There is some overlap, such as Vanilla Bean Tobacco supplanting Tobaccocino. Overall, if you want to increase quantity when it comes to puffs, enjoy the features of a modern disposable, and prefer a smoother nic salt puff, there is just one device for you. Featuring flavors like Hawaiian Nectar, Vanilla Bean Tobacco, Pink Sour Straws, Lava Blast, Honeyberry Creamy and Yeti Mint, the Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar

Hawaiian Nectar Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K

Inspired by the classic combination of passionfruit, orange and guava, the Hawaiian Nectar Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar is a tropical blend of sweet and tart notes. Hawaiian Nectar is as much beverage as fruit inspired, with notes that are not overly floral or perfumed. The orange essence is refreshing, rather than an assertive artificial orange flavor. Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar did a great job with this one, as the guava also remains an additive and pleasant flavor rather than dominating.

Vanilla Bean Tobacco Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K

Madagascar vanilla bean and rich tobacco notes provide an authentic vaping experience. The added sweetness and smoothness of quite realistic vanilla bean flavors cuts through the earthiness of a mildly sweet and robust tobacco vape. The Vanilla Bean Tobacco Fifty Bar is balanced combination and certain to appeal to the minority of adult vapers who prefer tobacco inspired flavors over fruit and beverages. This is a quality e-liquid they might even attract refillable pod kit users looking for a new and rich tobacco vape.

Pink Sour Straws Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K

The Pink Sour Straws Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K was inspired by a pink lemonade flavored confection, specifically sour straws. The pink lemonade component is tart but with plenty of sugary sweetness it still strikes a refreshing balance. If you are a nostalgic adult vaper who loved the flavor of pink sour straws, this flavor is a no-brainer. But it is close enough to a classic lemonade vape that this Fifty Bar disposable will attract a wider audience.

Lava Blast Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K

What is a Lava Blast? Is it magma and sulfurous gases? Ash and smoke? In the case of the Hidden Hills Fifty Bar 20K Disposable it is a combination of mango, pineapple, and peach flavors. These are all super vape flavors that often are mixed with ice and stand on their own. Together it is a great tropical medley with distinct enough fruit notes where it is a companion rather than a rival to Hawaiian Nectar. The artificial pineapple and peach flavors do not overwhelm, which is no small deal when dealing with such assertive profiles.

Honeyberry Cream Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K

The Honeyberry Cream Fifty Bar 20K disposable is a honeydew melon and cream vape with a hint of strawberry. It combines rich and deep melon flavors with strawberry cream notes in one device. Honeyberry Cream is first and foremost a melon flavor, but the additional smoothness and tart berry notes are sensational.

Yeti Mint Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K

No one is mistaking this for a menthol vape and it is not called Rich Tobacco Yeti Mint for a reason. The Yeti Mint Fifty Bar Disposable vape is a pure peppermint vape delight. It is crisper and a bit less sweet than a standard mint, with the icy notes providing a palate cleansing experience. No one will mistake this flavor for toothpaste. It is one of the best mint vapes. Peppermint. And this style of mint is long overdue.

Our Verdict: Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K

While neither would be referred to as a nasty bar by any sane vaper, there are some big differences between the two Fifty Bar models. The new Hidden Hills model lasts longer, features a display screen, larger battery and the throat hit has been dialed down. With the political environment being what it is, the current stock of American disposable vape has never been higher. The formulators did a great job of adhering to industry trends in terms of flavors while delivering unique combinations.

The only U.S.A. built disposable vape, Fifty Bar devices stand out in a competitive field based on merit alone. But the Hidden Hills x Fifty Bar 20K delivers better value and performance. Always Active Boost Mode may not provide much to fiddle with, but this is a disposable vape that is always hitting in the sweet spot of its power band. With a robust anti-burn technology coil and 800mAh battery, it is strong in the areas that matter flavor, vapor, longevity, and quality.

And if you prefer the older model Fifty Bar, it remains a viable and delicious option. 

Fifty Bar versus Fifty Bar x Hidden Hills

It may have a battery of half the size, but the original Fifty Bar is a long-lasting disposable vape. With a lower wattage output it can last surprisingly long between charges with the USB Type-C charging port. Assembled in America, it features a wave of unique dessert flavors from Beard Vape Co. and the anti-burn technology in the coil allows it to stand out when compared to other small disposable vapes. 

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