Fruitia Esco Bar Vape Review

The popular Esco Bar disposable vape is known for collaborating with leading vape juice manufacturers to provide popular Esco Bar flavors. The Fruitia X Esco Bar collaboration pairs Fresh Farms E-Liquid with quality Esco Bar disposable vapes.

Vape Juice brands benefit from working with Esco Bar because they get more adult vapers to test their vape liquids in a simple prefilled disposable vape. Furthermore, Esco Bars are built with premium mesh coils that provide incredible flavor in every puff. This ensures that adult vapers are getting the true e-Juice taste every time. 

Our vape review staff tested each Fruitia Esco Bar vape to find the best flavors for you to try.

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Esco Bar by Fruitia Flavors

Blue Gummy Esco Bar

The Blue Gummy Fruitia Esco Bar Vape is sweet and fruity, providing a medium ice hit on the exhale. The taste reminds me a little of Blue Razz without the sourness of some blue razz vapes.

Blue Raspberry Lemon Esco Bar

This is a pleasantly sweet and fruity vape. The lemon provides another layer of flavor to the mix that perfectly fits the icy, fruity blueberries.

Caribbean Breeze Esco Bar

Escobar suggests this is a mixture of mangos and peaches. I thought pineapple or other island fruits might have been used as I was taking my first puff, but as the flavors settled in, I tasted unmistakably fresh sweet peaches with light mangoes in the background.

Fuji Apple Ice Esco Bar

Fuji Apple Ice tastes like fresh sweet apples mixed with slightly sour apples for a more complex apple flavor. You can taste medium ice on the inhale and feel it on the back of your throat on the exhale.

Icy Mint Esco Bar

The Icy Mint Esco Bar is perfectly named, it is a sweet mint flavor with medium to high ice on the inhale and exhale. The taste reminded me of a mint-flavored tic tac.

Pacific Cooler Esco Bar

A refreshing lemon lime spritzer in a vape. It is not overly sweet or heavy tasting it is a refreshing, light all day vape.

Pink Burst Esco Bar

Tastes like a sweet strawberry starburst with a medium amount of ice on the exhale. Not overly sweet like some candy flavors, but a pleasant fruity candied strawberry flavor.

Snow Cone Ice Esco Bar

A fruity mixture of sweet, candied blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors with a medium ice hit on the exhale. The Snow Cone Ice Esco Bar vape is a unique flavor that is a must-try!

Watermelon Bubblegum Esco Bar

Sweet fruity watermelon gum flavor reminiscent of a popular watermelon bubble gum. Candied watermelon with added sugary flavoring.

White Gummy Esco Bar

The White Gummy Esco Bar incorporates a sweet fruity pineapple flavor with a medium ice finish on the exhale. I believe I catch notes of light coconut flavor underneath the sweet pineapple. A candied tropical fruit mix.

Esco Bar X Fruitia Specifications

  • Mesh Coil
  • E-Liquid Contents: 6mL
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Puff Count: 2500+

Esco Bars by Fruitia Summary

The Fruitia Esco Bars provides a smooth, flavorful hit across the full line. Fresh Farms e-Liquid did a nice job of creating complex fruit flavors. They also elected to use a lighter "ice" taste than other disposable vape manufacturers which is beneficial to adult vapers looking for fruit flavors without an overwhelming mint taste on exhale.

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