ELUX Cyberover 18K Review

Dual mode disposable vapes are the hottest product with adult vapers. They provide multiple performance settings, like a refillable device, but are just as easy to use as any other rechargeable disposable vape device. The ELUX Cyberover 18K is a great example of this style of vape.


The design of the ELUX Cyberover looks slightly unconventional compared to its many capable rivals and offers several unique features. At its core, it provides the sort of hard-hitting performance that we featured in our deep-dive into the world of performance boosted disposable vapes. There have been previous ELUX models in the UK but for many Americans, this will be their first exposure of this long-standing vape brand.


ELUX CYBEROVER 18K Specifications 

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Smart Display
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 18ml
  • Dual Mode/Dual Coil
  • Puffs: 15,000 STD Mode/ 9000 Burst Mode
  • 600mAh Battery
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Vibration Notifications for Battery/e-Liquid Levels
  • Size: 101.3mm x 44.6mm x 20.5mm

ELUX Cyberover 18K Flavors

ELUX Cyberover 18K Technology

On the ELUX Cyberover, you can track both battery life and e-liquid on a Smart screen, located on the base of the device. While it would look strange on the device when not in use, at some point a company will mount the smart display so it can be read while the device is in use. Yes, it will look strange, as it would be both upsides down and backwards, but this will save the whole process of racing to look at the display before it shuts off.

Cyberover ELUX 18K

Whether locating the screen on the base of the device makes sense is rendered somewhat irrelevant because this is also a device with vibration notification. Why it is not called haptic feedback is unclear, as it would seem to qualify.

  1. One Vibration: Battery Lower than 50 percent
  2. Two Vibrations: Battery Lower than 30 percent
  3. Three Vibrations: E-Liquid Lower than 5 percent.

It also vibrates when you switch modes, and the white light turns orange when you are in boost mode. These buzzers do not go off endlessly after you drop into the warning zone. But they will go off the first time you switch between the two modes. The ELUX Cyberover may just be one of the best Smart vapes

Dual Mode ELUX Cyberover

The core of the ELUX Cyberover is the dual coil. It allows for two vaping modes. These are STD Mode and Burst Mode.



In regular, or STD Mode, it generates a puff count estimated at 18,000. In this mode, half of the coil is being used. It is always worth noting that by any previous measure the standard mode of these boosted disposable vapes is not underpowered. It is basically the standard performance you would get from a regular disposable device. It just


Mode switch

To extract the full power of the ELUX Cyberover, a red button can be used to switch to Burst Mode, which is boost mode. This kicks the entire dual coil into action. What follows is very dense and flavorful vapor. Especially considering the 5 percent nicotine strength. Switching to Burst Mode does slash the puff countdown to 9000 and the battery will also drain at about double the rate. But the performance pay-off is marked.

ELUX Cyberover 18K Performance

The ergonomics and shape of the ELUX Cyberover are conventional. It is tapers off at angles, and is not rounded, due to the hardened stainless-steel shell. The mouthpiece is nice and big. The airflow is sufficient to churn out a significant amount of vapor in burst mode. It does not take a very hard draw to get it firing hard. The dense flavor and vapor follow in both modes. While puff counts are always a bit optimistic for a typical user, it lasted a very long time. The nicely centered mouthpiece was large and provided very consistent and excellent airflow. More importantly, the dual coil design is seamless when shifting between modes and provides a marked increase in vapor density and flavor.


ELUX Cyberover 18K Flavor Reviews

ELUX CYberover 18K images

The ELUX Cyberover was launched with ten solid flavors. There is nothing too outside the box or out the ordinary here. The Fifty Bar Disposable Vape with its Beard Vape Co. flavors or the RAZ TN9000 are your choices if you want something a bit more dessert adjacent and truly unique. If you are interested lower nicotine vapes, the Flonq Max Smart is pretty much the only disposable vape game in town.

That said, they pulled off some solid versions of classics. And it isn’t just mint and mango here, there are some excellent tropical fruit and beverage options as well.


Blue Razz Ice ELUX Cyberover 18K

The blue razz ice concocted by ELUX for the Cyberover 18K is delightfully sweet with a hint of tart confection. With hints of sweet fruit, the Blue Razz Ice ELUX Cyberover 18K is solid version of an always popular vape flavor.

Red Bomb ELUX Cyberover 18K

Ignite your taste buds with the explosive cherry flavor of Red Bomb ELUX Cyberover 18K. A perfect blend that adds a blend of ripe red berries and fruits, enjoy each puff and its impressive depth of flavor. Cherry vapes have been spiking in popularity. This is a solid take, as it is not overly sweet and hides its artificial flavor roots quite well.

Peach Mango Watermelon ELUX Cyberover 18K

The Peach Mango Watermelon ELUX Cyberover 18K combines three heavyweight flavors. The ripe and sweet peach flavor never overwhelms a dankly delicious mango, while the confection and fruit tones of watermelon create a refreshing affect. Fans of these three distinct fruit vapes will enjoy this powerful and well-balanced confluence of flavors.

Razzberry Coconut ELUX Cyberover 18K

Razzberry Coconut ELUX Cyberover 18K is a unique concoction that adds the creamy and distinct flavor of tropical coconut into a well-crafted razzberry flavored base. The raspberry notes are refreshing and have a nice hint of tartness to cut through some of the more assertive coconut flavors.

Strawberry Watermelon ELUX Cyberover 18K

The delicious flavor of the Strawberry Watermelon ELUX Cyberover 18K is testimony to the timeless vaping combination of strawberry and watermelon. The berry notes have a degree of ripeness inspired flavor, which is necessary, or the sweet watermelon will overwhelm. ELUX shows sound execution with this popular combo.

Juicy Mango ELUX Cyberover 18K

The Juicy Mango ELUX Cyberover 18K is a good old-fashioned mango nic salt vape. All the familiar notes are present. It is a deeply satisfying flavor and has proven appeal to adult vapers. ELUX accurately recreated the tantalizing tropical flavor combination of mango the fruit and mango the confection.

Lost Cherry ELUX Cyberover 18K

Cherry flavors are tasting better than ever in disposable vapes. The Lost Cherry ELUX Cyberover 18K is a cherry cola inspired vape. Familiar flavors abound in every puff. It is refreshing, sweet and has that fizzy kick that marks a great pop inspired vape.

Miami Mint ELUX Cyberover 18K

No disposable vape lineup worth its salt is missing a mint flavor. The Miami Mint ELUX Cyberover 18K fills the role well. Fans of mint vapes are certain to enjoy the combination of cool and sweet notes. Mildly herbaceous, it gives a bit of a spearmint vibe without being too saccharine.  

Strawnana ELUX Cyberover 18K

One of the original smash hit vaping flavors is the combination of strawberry and banana. It is a combination that simply works. The excesses of artificial banana get buried under the best attributes of ripe strawberry, while the creaminess and tropical sweetness shine through. The Strawnana ELUX Cyberover 18K is a great example of this timeless duo.

Watermelon Ice ELUX Cyberover 18K

Lush ice and watermelon ice flavors are still wildly popular in nic salt and disposable vape form. The Watermelon Ice ELUX Cyberover 18K has thrown their hat in the ring with a solid take on this stalwart flavor. The coolness is significant but does not mask the refreshing and sweet notes of watermelon.


Our Verdict

While the placement of the screen on the base seemed a bit odd, there is no arguing that a lot of technology and puffs are packed into the ELUX Cyberover 18K. The big mouthpiece, vibrating haptic warnings, and unique shape really stick out.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the flavors with boosted vapes, as the actual performance in terms of output, coil design, and wattage are so minimal. There is not much more revolutionary than a couple excellent cherry vapes here. But there is nothing wrong with playing only the greatest hits at the start. Many vape brands have endless permutations of very similar flavors and ELUX seems to have focused on just making a slightly smaller as sound as possible. 

The competition in this space is currently ferocious with Geek Bar, the RAZ TN9000, Crazy Ace, Priv, Spaceman 10k, Orion 10k, Pyne Pod and a host of other competing products in the mix. The Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo is particularly fierce and established competition.


But it is totally worth giving this device a spin in one of its great legacy flavors. Mi-Pod is a master distributor for many of the top names in disposable vapes and carries a huge selection because there are so many evenly matched and popular devices. The margins are close enough where picking a favorite becomes subjective.

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