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Smart Vapes

While it can certainly be argued that vapes have been smart for some time, and previous generations of mods far more intelligent than the one-time use devices reviewed today, there are some great disposable vapes that feature impressive technology.

The Mi-Pod disposable vape collection has a wide-assortment of vapes in order to meet the needs of our adult customers. Introducing the best smart disposable vapes.  

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Need for Smart Vapes

The need for smart vapes, or more specifically smart disposable vapes, has been driven by the use of rechargeable batteries. This feature allows for large e-liquid capacities, which cannot be viewed by the user or refilled. Check out our review of the longest-lasting disposable vapes a lay of the land. 

The combination of rechargeable battery and increased e-liquid capacity has allowed for vast improvements in disposable vape performance, making them the primary device for many adult vapers.

Smart vapes have further refined their performance, allowing for efficient use, charging, and disposal. 


What Makes a Vape Smart?

There are a ton of great long-lasting disposable vapes, and their actual flavor density and vapor production does not necessarily suffer compared to smart disposable vapes.

After all, disposable vapes are all limited by the output of their 3.7v batteries, airflow, and performance of the 50/50 VG/PG e-liquids they contain. While more advanced chips are available in some disposable vapes, at the end of the day these are draw-activated MTL devices. Their purpose is discrete performance and great flavor in a smaller puff of highly-potent nic salt vapor. 

To be a Smart Vape, a disposable must have features that allow the user to track remaining e-liquid rather than just a battery indicator light that goes from green to yellow to red.


Best Smart Disposable Vapes

The assortment of smart disposable vapes available is quite impressive. Not only do feature laden disposables stand out in a crowded market, often cutting an attractive figure, but they also provide useful information. Here is our list of the best smart disposable vapes.



Flonq Max Smart

Flonq Max Smart

With an LCD display that tracks e-liquid levels and battery life, accurate to within 1 percent. The Flonq Max Smart has the best features of a smart vape. It also has a smart appearance, foregoing kitschy illustrations, pastel colors, and the go-pro style clear hard shells that so many competitors adopted. The Flonq Max collection has a host of great flavors. For someone looking for a traditional 5 percent strength disposable, they will find fourteen different flavor profiles to choose from.

New Flonq Nic Strengths Desk Top Banner

The Flonq Max Smart also features a cutting-edge mesh coil, which allows it to extract an honest 10,000 robust puffs from its 14ml e-liquid capacity. The flavors of the Flonq Max Smart are superb but what puts it at a level above the competition is the availability of three nicotine strengths. The best smart vape is also a smart choice. The eight most popular flavors are available in 0, 2% and 5% nicotine strength.


Flonq Max Nicotine Strengths

FLonq Max GIf

As any disposable vape user or pod kit user is aware, there is a shortage of nicotine options for draw activated MTL style vapes. While bottled nic salts are often sold in two strengths, one is the standard 5% strength that dominates the disposables and salts market. There is usually a lower, but by no means low, nicotine option of between 2 and 3 percent as well.

Flonq Max Flavor Chart

What is close to non-existent are low and zero nicotine strength nic salt style e-liquids with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. This is true for both bottled form for a pod kit or in disposable vapes. Most low and zero nicotine vape juices have a high-VG base and are optimized for vapor production in higher wattage pod mods and tank systems.

This was the case until now. You can enjoy the exact same Flonq Max Smart flavors and performance in all three strengths. There is of course a difference in that the 0 percent strength version is not backed by the potent 5 percent nicotine kick of a typical disposable and mild nic salt throat hit, but the flavors are true. This has not always been the case, and the older generation of zero nicotine disposables sometimes tasted a bit too much like flavored air.

The 2 percent nicotine strength Flonq Max Smart is quite satisfying due to the reasonable vapor production of the device. Switching to this strength more than halves your nicotine intake per puff. With more nicotine strengths than a typical "salts" collection and an excellent array of smart monitoring, the Flonq Max Smart is perhaps the smartest vape of all.



Geek Bar Pulse

Geek Bar Pulse Specs

Intelligence can be measured in several ways. With the largest screen found on any disposable and dual modes, the Geek Bar Pulse is a technological tour de force for a one-time use disposable.

Pulse Mode

Geek Bar Pulse Coil

In fire breathing Pulse Mode, it pumps 20 watts of power into a sub-ohm coil, providing extraordinary vapor for such a small device with a nicotine strength of 5 percent. Using this ramped up mode might be overkill for some and does cut the puff count to 7,500.

Efficient regular mode, which has typical disposable vape performance, is accomplished with an advanced chip and extends the life of this disposable to 15,000 puffs. The advanced dual core is seamless and the 650mAh battery does efficient work and is USB-C rechargeable.

One of the biggest advancements provided in regular mode is how well the chip modulates power, even when the battery runs low. Vapor production remains steady to the end, an important feature for a smart vapes. The flavors found in the Geek Bar Pulse Collection are solid, if not overly adventurous, and feature all of disposable vaping's greatest hits. 


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The user can flip between modes with a switch. There is a rocket ship graphic that illuminates when pulse mode is activated. More germane to customer experience, the device is made from a not overly rigid plastic and the shape is convenient with a nicely formed mouthpiece. The draw-activation is lightning quick and the flavors excellent.


ELUX Cyberover 18K 

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Smart Display
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 18ml
  • Dual Mode/Dual Coil
  • Puffs: 15,000 STD Mode/ 9000 Burst Mode
  • 600mAh Battery
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Vibration Notifications for Battery/e-Liquid Levels
  • Size: 101.3mm x 44.6mm x 20.5mm

    ELUX Cyberover 18K Overview

    ELUX CYberover 18K

      The ELUX Cyberover 18K Collection features an all-star lineup of the most popular disposable vape flavors ever. It is also perhaps the smartest of the vapes. It does not have the largest screen but what it does have is the ability to keep a vaper apprised of their situation with vibrating prompts. Why it is not referred to as Haptic Feedback is unclear, but it would seem to qualify. It buzzes to tell you when you switch modes. It buzzes once to let you know that your battery is half-dead. It lets you know with two buzzes when your battery is only 30 percent of the way from giving up the ghost. And it buzzes three times when e-liquid levels dip below five percent. 

      1. One Vibration: Battery Lower than 50 percent
      2. Two Vibrations: Battery Lower than 30 percent
      3. Three Vibrations: E-Liquid Lower than 5 percent.

      Dual Mode ELUX Cyberover 18K

      The Cyberover 18K utilizes a dual coil. It can function as either an efficient, flavorful and satisfying ~18,0000 puff count mentioned in the name, or in fire breathing BURST MODE. 

      burst mode/std

      Atop this performance, the stainless steel and strike ELUX Cyberover 18K, also features haptic features. Is vibrates to notify the user when the battery is hitting critical levels and when the e-liquid dips below 5 percent. 

      1. One Vibration: Battery Lower than 50 percent
      2. Two Vibrations: Battery Lower than 30 percent
      3. Three Vibrations: E-Liquid Lower than 5 percent.

      ugly shop now cyberover 18K

      A striking looking and hard-striking disposable vape device. The ELUX Cyberover 18K belongs high on the list of smart vapes, even if its display is not the biggest and brightest on the list. 


      RabBeats RC10000

       RabBeats RC10000

      With a subdued but classy appearance, although a bit more brightly colored than the sleek Flonq, the RabBeats RC10000 is very smart. The features are not flaunted. The display is simple but accurate, with e-liquid and battery life indicated by small, illuminated graphics.

      While it cannot match the bright screen of its rivals, the RabBeats RC10000 has some features that place it near the top of the list. First and foremost is anti-burn coil technology. Bundled into a very well-designed mesh coil, dry hits and bad flavors near the bottom are now a thing of the past. This advanced coil generates dense flavor from the impressive RabBeats RC10000 collection of flavors. 


      RabBeats Rc10000 Collection


      The duck-bill mouthpiece has a nice firm draw and this is a tightish smart disposable with great flavor choices, and these are invariably well-executed. The e-liquid capacity is an impressive 18ml, one of the largest in the group. Brought to you by the makers of Lost Mary and EBCreate, the RabBeats RC10000 is not only one of the best smart vapes but one of the best disposable vapes period.

      What it lacks in flashy screen size and display it makes up in reliable and enjoyable performance.



      Spaceman 10K Pro

      Spaceman 10k Pro

      The engineering prowess of Smok is behind this monster. With airflow control, a mad person can rip direct-lung hits of 5 percent nicotine strength salts with the Spaceman 10K Pro. A big 800mAh battery has ample power, as most disposables have 650mAh batteries, and USB-C charging will keep this Spaceman up and running. Churning of 10,000 puffs, most vapers will utilize the more restricted airflow settings, but that power is always at the ready.

      Holding 16ml of e-liquid and with several intriguing flavors to go along with the usual cast of blue razz ices and mints, the Spaceman 10K Pro collection has a surprisingly diverse set of flavor options. This smart vape has the features and flavors to back up its impressive power.


      Spaceman 10K Pro Collection


      A sturdy device with responsive draw-activation and an ergonomic shape. The combination of features on the Spaceman 10K Pro make it a formidable competitor.



      IceWave X8500

      IceWave X8500

      With a big 18ml capacity, and very bold LED display, there is no question that the IceWave X8500 is a smart vape. The droplet graphic features five levels of differentiation and easy to read colors. The battery life monitor is also precise.

      As one would surely expect with a name like IceWave in a market already saturated with menthol ice, the IceWave X8500 Collection is an absolute blizzard of mint and menthol infused fruity flavors. 


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      To stand out, the powered by ZoVoo IceWave features an outstanding mesh coil with strong performance and great flavors layered with chilly ice. With a tall rectangular shape, it is easily palmed and stowed. The mouthpiece, while offset, takes up more than half of the devices top. This is a device that exudes quality.



      Viho Turbo 10000

      Viho Turbo 10000

      If vape smartness is measured by the size of the e-liquid and battery displays, the Viho Turbo is not in contention for valedictorian. It isn't a dunce per se. The displays are just small and easy enough to understand, but essentially lights that change color, as opposed to the Geek Bar Pulse that has a screen bigger than the monitor on my first computer. This is an exaggeration but not by as much as you'd think. 

      But there are different forms of intelligence, smarts if you will. What it lacks in big flashy displays, the Viho makes up in turbo power. This is a handsome and ergonomic disposable vape with a ton of thrust. 

       The Viho Turbo 10000 holds a respectable 18ml of e-liquid and the puff count, as suggested by the name, is approximately 10,000. It also has the standard USB-C charging port. The form has nice concave side, making it easier to grip. But the Viho Turbo is really all about the beefy pair of Nexcore Dual Mesh coils. 


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       The Viho Turbo 10000 flavor collection has a lot of icy fruit options, but there are some creative flourishes as well. If you are looking for a robust puff and smart disposable vape features, the Viho Turbo 10000 moves to the front of the class. 


      Pyne Pod Boost

      Pyne Pod Boost Specs

      Another punchy smart disposable, this one with a larger display and e-liquid graphic, the Pyne Pod Boost has two power settings. In Boost Mode, which activated a red light and is accessed by double-clicking a button on top, you get bigger puffs but are limited to 6000 puffs. In regular mode, this compact and handy disposable vape generates 8000 puffs. 

      With a 550mAh battery, this is compact and square-shaped device. It has handy performance in either mode, legible displays, and some oomph when the boost is activated. The Pyne Pod Boost Collection has a nice assortment of fruit and confection inspired flavors. 




      ZoVoo DragBar B3500

      ZoVoo DragBar B3500

      With the same flavor selection, albeit less icy, but in a smaller device, the Drag Bar B3500 is a companion device for the IceWave X8500. The e-liquid capacity is 8ml, which should translate to an honest 3500 puff count. It has all the same smart features and very comparable performance. This includes a ZoVoo engineered 1.0ohm mesh coil. 

      Dragbar 3500 Desktop Banner

      If sampling various flavors is your goal, rather than cutting through three weeks of one flavor, it might be a smart move to downsize to the DragBar B3500 Smart Vape. The DragBar collection has plenty of options for the discerning palate, and a top-shelf coil design. 



      Palax KC8000

      Palax Specs

      With a workman like appearance and strong assortment of flavors, the Palax KC8000 merits inclusion on both our list of best smart vapes and among the best disposable vapes.

      With a puff count of 8000, it does everything well. The 18ml capacity and rock-solid flavors are easy to enjoy. The small but legible display is not overly bright or garish, wasting no energy or real estate.


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      With the standard 50mg strength, and with solid build quality, this a reliable everyday vape. The lengthy selection of flavors fills out the Palax KC8000 collection and covers just about every adult vaper's flavor preference.



      Orion Bar 10000

      LOst Vape Orion Bar 10000

      The Lost Vape Orion Bar disposable vape line has been a smash hit from day one. The upgraded Orion Bar 10000 collection provides meaningful performance gains, enhanced puff counts and of course is a smart vape.

      The exterior design is classic Orion Bar. It stands out. Replacing the modern art that looked vaguely like a character from the Halo video game with a mosaic tiled pattern that spells out Lost Vape was a shrewd maneuver, although there is still a transparent section where the innards of this disposable are festooned with drawings.


      Orion Bar Collection


      If you can look past this, this is durable and great tasting disposable vape. Holding 20ml of e-liquid, with a nicotine strength of 5 percent, a durable 1.0ohm mesh coil is a perfect companion for the great flavors developed by the Orion Bar 10000.

      With an integrated smart display, you need not worry about being surprised by low battery or e-liquid levels. Like the Spaceman 10K Pro and Orion Bar 7500, there is adjustable airflow. If you are a person who needs loose and massive pulls of nic salt, it is ready to assist you.

      The great flavors of the Orion Bar 10000 are up to typical Lost Vape standards, making this one of the best smart vapes.



      Raz TN9000

      RAZ TN9000

      With a design that is almost a throwback to 1970s design sensibilities, the Raz TN9000 is an attractive and efficient smart disposable vape. The performance, with a puff count of 9000, is strong. The biggest attribute of the Raz TN9000 is that it offers several unique dessert style flavors that you typically do not find in a disposable vape. Check out the Raz TN9000 Collection for more details. 

      Raz TN9000 Specifications

      • Nicotine Strength 5%
      • 0.96" HD Display
      • 12ml E-Liquid Capacity
      • ~9000 puffs
      • USB-C Charging
      • Mesh Coil

      Raz TN9000 Features

      • E-Liquid and Battery Life Indicator
      • Vape and Charging Animations
      • Adjustable Airflow
      Raz TN9000

      The Raz TN9000 also has adjustable airflow, allowing for more flexible performance than many smart vapes afford. The Smart LED screen will keep you informed about what you need to know, but the dollops of great flavor kicked out by this 12ml vape are what differentiates it from its peers.



      Funky Lands Ti7000

       Funky Lands Ti7000

      One of the first smart vapes, the Funky Lands Ti7000 collection comes in a vast assortment of flavors. Do not be alarmed by the name, that is all that has changed. This is a sturdy, high-performance smart vape.The e-liquid and battery life indicators are subtle and integrated. There is no wasted space. The performance of the Funky Lands is top-notch. Great airflow is generated through its slightly elongated form.

      Conservatively estimated at 7,000 puffs, the heart of the Ti7000 is the QUAQ Technology coil. Keeping in mind that most disposable vapes operate within a narrow performance window, the quality of the flavor and density of the vapor are almost entirely dependent on coil design, airflow, and the quality of the nicotine salts being vaporized. The Funky Lands Ti7000 delivers big time. 



      Prime Bar 8000

      Prime Bar 8000

      The Prime Bar 8000 holds 15ml of e-liquid and generates approximately 8000 puffs. The 1.0ohm Duramesh coil has been designed to not collapse or get gunked up when you get down to the nitty gritty at the bottom of this smart disposable. It is the quality of the Duramesh coil that moves the ball forward with the Prime Bar flavor collection


      Prime Bar Collection


      A well-positioned smart display is not that hard to read while in the process of vaping, no small deal. It is located on the narrow side of its oval design. A 650mAh battery is the standard power pack for most of the devices reviewed today. The array of delightful flavors offers plenty of choices for the discerning palate.



      Crazy Ace B15000

      Crazy Ace B15000

      A smart vape and a dual tank vape, the Crazy Ace B15000 is an innovative design with great performance. The advantage of the dual tank is that each has an integrated coil within. That means that a single mesh coil is not required to cut through massive amounts of e-liquid, in the case of the Crazy Ace B15000 that is 20ml evenly distributed in a pair of 10ml tanks. The mesh coil design is excellent, churning out bold flavor.

      Crazy Ace B15000 Specifications

      • Nicotine Strength: 5%
      • Battery: 900mAh (USB-Rechargeable)
      • Dual 10ml Tanks
      • Dual Mesh Coils
      • 20ml Capacity
      • 15,000 Puffs
      • Indicators: Battery & E-Liquids

      While the size is not notably larger, the e-liquid capacity is not the only category where the Crazy Ace B15000 outstrips the competition. It also features a 900mAh battery. This is a significant longevity boost compared to the usual 650mAh.

      A well-illuminated smart display rounds out this formidable disposable vape. With a drop shaped e-liquid indicator and screen showing battery life percentage, the Crazy Ace B15000 is one of the best smart vapes and certainly one of the longest lasting.



      Yovo JB8000

      Yovo JB8000

      The Yovo JB8000 is the very picture of a smart vape. It has a compact form, legible smart display, USB-C recharging, mesh coil, and vibrant flavors.

      It is one of the more attractive and solid disposable vapes on the market as well. The puff count is estimated at 8000 with a nicotine strength of 5 percent. Holding 12ml of nic salts and with a 650mAh battery, it does not surrender performance, flavor, or battery life to the competition.

      The Yovo JB8000 collection is available in a diverse assortment of flavors checks all the boxes for adult vapers, with the droplet graphic and battery indicator helping to make sure your Yovo JB8000 does not run out on you.


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