Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra Vape Review

This review will look at the new Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra disposable vape. We will look at the flavors provided by the ULTRA and how that compares with these same flavors vaped out of an Elf Bar BC5000.

Most of the flavors provided for review have been used in other Elf Bar collections. This new Elf Bar ULTRA touts several significant improvements, including a new mesh technology and improved wicking. The case has been beefed up dramatically.

In addition to wrapping the body in a matted metal shell, they enclosed the bottom as part of the molded body. The BC5000 uses a glued-on plastic bottom piece that can break open when the device is dropped, spilling out wires, the tank, and the battery. The new design is like a little metal cup into which the inner workings fit, so the guts are enclosed in all directions except the top. The top uses the same glued plastic top as the original Elf Bar BC5000. This is good, as I drop my vape often.

Elf Bar Ultra Vapes

The new Elf Bar ULTRA is the same size as the Elf Bar BC5000. It sports a buffed metallic finish and is labeled ELF BAR BC5000 ULTRA on the front of the device. Not only does it have a revamped look, but the performance of the Elf Bar Ultra is far superior with the use of its new, innovative QUAQ coil technology.

Like the BC5000, it is easy to palm and carry around while doing other things. The rounded corners make the device feel comfortable and smooth in hand, and buffed metallic finish makes the new Elf Bar devices look cool. They are small enough, so several can easily fit in a pocket or purse. 3.5” tall x 1.5” wide, .75” thick, with a .5” oval drip tip protruding from the top.

The new Elf Bar ULTRA is the same size as the Elf Bar BC5000.  It sports a buffed metallic finish and is labeled ELF BAR BC5000 ULTRA on the front of the device. 

Like the BC5000, it is easy to palm and carry around while doing other things.  The rounded corners make the device feel comfortable and smooth in hand, and buffed metallic finish makes the new Elf Bar devices look cool. They are small enough, so several can easily fit in a pocket or purse.  3.5” tall x 1.5” wide, .75” thick, with a .5” oval drip tip protruding from the top.

  • Type-C charger port on the bottom in the same location as the BC5000.
  • Airflow – Three slits in the shape of a circle with a hole in the middle on the bottom of the device provide airflow. The slits and holes seemed more prominent on the ULTRA, but the airflow was very similar.
  • Recharging – the light on the bottom has moved to the side of the USB port. The manufacturer suggests it takes 1-2 hours to charge. Word on the street is 1 ½ hour from discharged to charged. 
  • Wrapper - Matted metal shell with built-in bottom seems sturdier than the standard BC5000.
  • Colors have changed from the two-toned pastels to a buffed gradient metallic finish. These look like electronic devices, whereas the standard BC5000 looks cheap with its plastic finish and bright colors.
  • Quiet Draw - Silent, smooth, and consistent. I hear the vape juice cooking more heartily when I puff this Elf Bar ULTRA.
  • Mesh Coil – Elf Bar changed to the QUAQ Tech Mesh Coil, which Elf Bar says provides more taste, puffs, and consistent good flavor from the first to the last puff.
  • New wicking technology provides better flavor production and utilization of your juice for ¼ less power consumption. This means you have a little more time between charges.

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Elf Bar Ultra Specifications

  • Capacity: 13ml of vape juice
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
  • 5000 Puffs
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Rechargeable via USB-C (Cable not included)
  • Flavors: Currently 15 flavors
  • Vape Juice: Elf Bar says it is the same juice vaped through a significantly improved device.

Elf Bar Ultra vs Original BC5000 Stress Test

I ran the hardware through a few paces to understand how the new device could operate on a bad day, to see if the vape juice is easily burnt when it is hotboxed, and to discover how the device holds up after being dropped several times.  I like to take several of the hardest puffs the device will allow in a row to see if stressing the device changes the flavor, makes it hot, or produces any other unexpected result.  Then I throw it on the ground to see how durable it is on a bad day. 

Elf Bar BC5000 - I took about seven hard puffs off the Elf Bar, stopping a few seconds, then hitting it again.   No matter how hard I tried to draw in more air (due to its tight draw and no airflow control slider), I received slightly less vapor than I would have liked.  Elf Bar was designed so that it controlled my attempted hotboxing.  On the one hand, I couldn’t eke out stronger puffs, on the other hand, the juice didn’t burn, and the device didn’t overheat in any way despite my best effort. 

I only made it through four rounds of hardcore puffing before being overwhelmed by the juice flavoring.  The elf bar device itself took abuse like a champ, with no overheating, no burnt juice taste, and no faulty behavior.  After four hard-earned lung fills, the Elf Bar juice left an odd-tasting residual flavor in my mouth.  It didn’t exactly make me want to puff more right then.

Elf Bar ULTRA – I hit this for all it was worth, but it kept on vaping juice without issue.  The BC5000 restricted my attempts at overtaxing the system, but the ULTRA kept up and kept vaping at the more stressful puff levels. The vape juice flavor did not change, even with hotboxing. 

The restricted airflow issue I had with the BC5000 differed from the ULTRA.  While the airflow is similar or the same, the amount of vapor produced is much more in the ULTRA, so a hard pull provides more vapor.    The Ultra provides a significantly more robust and flavorful puff. Elf Bar suggests the vape juice is the same; the difference experienced is due to the improved device. They are right; this device bangs!

Drop Test

I dropped the original Elf Bar BC5000 from shoulder height ten times without issue. It got scratched up, but even direct hits on the ground to the mouthpiece didn’t break it. After that, I threw it on the ground five more times. It got a little more broken up this time around. The bottom was a little loose, but I pushed it back on, and it vaped fine.

The Elf Bar ULTRA device is a beast. Instead of a plastic seat glued to the bottom, they wrapped the entire device on five sides with a metal shell and then glued a plastic tip to that. Unless you drop it right on the tip, it will not receive damage from regular dropping on the ground a few times. After 20 drops, I gave up on breaking it through simulated everyday use.

Disclaimer: This experiment doesn’t prove anything. Neither device overheated nor burned juice with regular operation. We do not make any guarantees or claims regarding the stress tests. Results are purely for the author’s entertainment and evaluation of the reviewed products. It is not scientific and should not be repeated.

Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra Flavors Reviewed

The Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry BC5000 Ultra vape has all the same flavors as the BC5000, except you can taste each flavor individually. I get fresh kiwi, a slightly sour dragon berry, and a sweet mint finish. I enjoy this vape very much. I appreciate how hard it was to reproduce each fruit flavor accurately so they do not get mixed into a single candied fruit flavor.

The upside to the Tropical Rainbow Blast Elf Bar Ultra is that you can taste island fruit with a slight amount of ice mixed in. My best guess is that it combines blueberries, pineapple, papaya, and mango. The downside is that I do not care much for the flavors of mango, papaya, or blueberry fruit when mixed into vape juice. The good news is that if you enjoy these flavors, this vape reproduces them very well. It is a complex island chewy candy flavor with depth.

The Strawberry Mango Elf Bar Ultra is a very good-tasting vape. I quickly pull out the strawberry flavor and accurate fruity mango. It has a medium amount of iciness that does not mask the fruit flavors.

This is a tasty all-day vape. I usually do not go for mango vapes as they butcher the flavor, but this mango is reminiscent of ripe, juicy mango, not mango skin like most vapes. This fruity vape provides fruit flavors that, when combined, taste like a good, sweet-sour fruity vape.

With the Blue Cotton Candy Elf Bar Ultra, I get a strong dose of blueberries and a copious amount of sweetness. This tastes an awful lot like blueberry cotton candy. On the exhale, you totally get cotton candy, summertime at the fair, and no intense sugar rush from overeating sugar afterward, just the taste. I usually do not go for this much sweetness in a vape, but it so closely reproduces cotton candy that I want to vape more. Between puffs there is an intense icy sweetness that has me going back for more in-between other flavors.

The Orange Soda Elf Bar Ultra is simply an incredible orange vape flavor. It is hard to reproduce a good orange flavor, and very rare that it still tastes good when you turn up the strength to make it pop. Elf Bar nailed an excellent orange soda flavor and provided enough flavor to make it enjoyable.

The Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar Ultra vape is what an excellent Blue Razz Ice is supposed to taste like. I guess I like Blue Razz Ice when it is created with authentic fruit flavors. This is a sweet berry vape with a medium amount of ice. The flavor does remind me of sweet fruity goodness with ice. I will never go for a Blue Razz Ice if there is one of my other favorite flavors in the room, but I would be okay to vape this all day.

The good news about the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Elf Bar Ultra is that if accurately reproduced, the kiwi, passionfruit, and guava don’t taste as bad when mixed. I taste fruit and sweetness in the ULTRA vape juice, but the combination is still wrong. I can taste some sweet fruit and low ice, but the finished flavor leaves something to be desired.

The Grape Honeydew Elf Bar Ultra is an interesting flavor combination. If you have had Grape Ice, substitute some of that iciness with sweet honeydew melon to know what this tastes like. I would not have tried grape and honeydew, but it is an excellent fruity vape with a unique flavor profile. I enjoy this as something different to vape, but it probably will not be my go-to flavor.

The Dragon Fruit Banana Berry Elf Bar Ultra has a flavor that I enjoyed very much! I would not have tried it by looking at the name. While I like bananas and berries, I wasn’t sure what Drago fruit would taste like in the mix. It tastes better than I imagined. I like the banana-berry flavors, and they had that flavor. The Drago fruit adds a slight tartness to the mix that makes for a more interesting vape but not a better-tasting finished flavor, in my opinion.

The Mint Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra vape is rich and flavorful. It reminds me of peppermint gum. Unlike many mint vapes that taste like gum after it has been chewed and left out for a week, the Elf Bar Ultra Mint tastes like a fresh stick of peppermint gum. It is sweet and has a significant amount of ice on the exhale. I did not taste weird flavors in-between puffs, just echoes of the sweet minty Elf Bar Ultra Mint flavor. One of my co-workers that has been vaping for a while said the flavor reminds him specifically of Take 5’s Spearmint Rain gum.

My favorite mint vape has always been the Air Bar Box Super Mint disposable. Super Mint and Ultra Mint are cut from the same cloth. Both are very sweet and flavorful. The Air Bar Box Super Mint has an artificial sweetener flavor between puffs that is a little off-putting. That is not the case with Ultra Mint. I believe Ultra just took my number one spot for a Mint-flavored disposable.

The Tobacco Elf Bar Ultra is tasty, with hints of exotic tobacco in every puff. This tastes nothing like the Las Vegas old ashtray-flavored tobacco many disposables provide. Instead, it tastes like a designer tobacco flavor, with hints of tobacco.

The Raspberry Watermelon Elf Bar Ultra is a very fruity flavor and the Ultra line shines particularly brightly with fruit flavors. The watermelon is also an authentic fruit flavor that compliments the raspberry, adding sweetness and bright watermelon flavor. The new quaq coil that Elf Bar added to this device brings these flavors to life! If you have always wondered what a true raspberry vape was supposed to taste like, this is it.

The Elf bar Ultra Raspberry Watermelon is a very good-tasting fruity vape that I highly recommend. The puff starts with sweet raspberry, and you will get notes of sweet watermelon and a slightly icy finish when you start exhaling. You taste residual sweet watermelon flavors in-between puffs, but nothing artificial or gross.

The Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum Elf Bar Ultra vape is a lovely bubblegum vape mixed with sweet fruit flavors. If you enjoy a sweet, candied fruit-flavored vape, you will love the SWBG Ultra by Elf Bar. It is a flavorful sweet vape.

If you were more interested in tasting how the flavors combined to create something new and unexpected, you would be disappointed. The sweetness of the bubblegum drowns the more subtle sweet fruit flavors of the strawberry and watermelon. I adored the Raspberry Watermelon Ultra for the slightly sour raspberry contrasted by the sweet watermelon to create something more complex and exciting.

The Strawberry Watermelon Peach Elf Bar Ultra vape is fantastic. At first, when you hit it, you taste sweet strawberries mixed with watermelon pretty clearly. You get an unmistakable third flavor of sweet peaches when you begin to exhale. I was amazed that they could leverage all three flavors so well and that the fruit flavors did not mix into a new flavor. Instead, you can taste each of the three fruit flavors separately. I was surprised and very pleased.

It reminds me of Willie Wonka, where the gum kept changing flavors the more it was chewed. Kudos Elf Bar! That couldn’t have been easy to create.

Elf Bar Ultra Review Summary

With some work, you can get a semi DTL from both Elf Bars. Elf Bar BC5000 flavors, in general, are sweeter candied fruit flavors with a medium amount of ice on the exhale. The Elf Bar ULTRA provides greatly improved flavor and more of it due to the new QUAQ coil technology built into the device.

I had to stop trying the ULTRA before the BC5000s, or the BC5000 seemed lackluster. When I tried the BC5000 first, I could appreciate what they were going for, but after trying the same flavor vaped from the ULTRA, you can’t forget how much better the ULTRA tastes and hits. If a flavor is available in the ULTRA, I will spend a couple of bucks more to enjoy the flavors as intended without device-induced limitations.


I’m trying the Elfbar BC5000 Blue Cotton Candy and I’m absolutely in love. Taste amazing, hits strong and hard every time.

Kyle May 23, 2023

I have the kiwi dragon fruit berry one and I absolutely love it! I’m into the sweet candy type flavors and mainly use lost marys(made by elfbar) but this one is delicious and it’s nice to switch out to something not so sweet every now and again.. hubby has the blue razz ice ultra but likes my LM blue razz ice better lol. I think the ultras taste really good and produce very nice vapors and will definitely continue to alternate between these and my LM’s for sure

Lilly April 07, 2023

Bout to grab a raspberry watermelon ultra. Can’t wait for the improvement over the regular elf bars

Tony T January 25, 2023

Very well written. It’s hard to find information like this surrounding vapes. I recently bought an Elf Bar with the ULTRA labeling on it, and wanted to understand exactly what was different, as I find myself enjoying it quite a bit more than the regular BC5000.

Ethan January 17, 2023

Can’t wait to get my Raspberry watermelon ultra!

Katie Ellis December 09, 2022

Great description couldn’t have done it better

Steven November 14, 2022

Love elf bars

marvin nabors October 19, 2022

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