Cube Zero Disposable Vape Review

The new Cube Zero disposable vape line is one of the best nicotine-free vapes available on the market today. Cube Vapes is one of the few disposable vape brands to offer a nicotine free option in a full line. While most disposable vapes are only available in 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths, it is very important to offer vapers a wide variety of nicotine strengths. A wide variety of nicotine strengths allows vapers the ability to lower their nicotine consumption over time. This is the goal of many vapers that have made the switch from combustible cigarettes.

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Cube Zero Disposable Vape Device

The Cube Zero is simply the zero nicotine version of the popular Cube Disposable Vape. It comes prefilled with the same amount of vape juice (11mL) as the original Cube Vapes line, and is available in the same flavors. The Cube Zero also has a gray exterior that differentiates it from the original Cube line that has a black design. There are 20 available flavors in the popular Cube line. Each flavor is available in a nicotine free option, as well as a 50mg (5%) nicotine strength option.

The Cube provides over 3,000 puffs in a single device which gets most vapers at least one full week of regular use. The Cube Zero is a sturdy, long-lasting disposable vape that provides a great option for vapers that want to eliminate their nicotine consumption.

Cube Zero Vape Flavors

The Cube Zero is available in a wide variety of flavors to satisfy adult vapers. Most of the Cube Zero options are fruit-based flavors, however there are a couple options like Coffee, Frostbite, and Turkish Tobacco that offer coffee, mint and tobacco flavors. The Coffee is a staff favorite that provides an incredible option for vapers that don’t enjoy sweet vapes. Here is a list of the top choices in the Cube Zero line after extensive sampling by our expert vape staff.

Coffee Cube Zero

As previously mentioned, the Coffee Cube vape was one of the top flavors tested by our expert vape staff. This unique disposable flavor combines a bold coffee with hints of sweet flavoring. The Cube Zero is filled with 11ml of nic-free coffee vape juice that lasts most vapers a full week of use.

Frostbite Cube Zero

The Frostbite flavor by Cube is a sweet and icy spearmint flavor that tastes like your favorite mint gum. This disposable vape is a great go-to vape for vapers that enjoy minty vapes or for vapers that like spearmint gum. Frostbite is available in both 50mg (5%) and nicotine free options.

Mango Colada Cube Zero

The Mango Colada Cube Vape is a fruity flavor that mixes mango, pineapple and coconut flavors into one top-selling disposable flavor. This tropical vape will remind you of relaxing on the beach in every puff.

Strawnana Cube Zero

The Strawnana Cube Vape is another great nicotine-free option from the Cube Zero line. This flavor mixes a ripe banana with a sweet strawberry and will remind you of your favorite strawberry banana smoothie. A must try vape for vapers that enjoy fruit flavors and are looking for a quality 0% nicotine vape.


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