Best Peach Nic Salt Vape Juices

Peach vape flavors often provide a sweet and tart peach flavoring that mimics a juicy Georgia peach. There is a wide variety of peach vape juice flavors that you can find in nic salt e-Liquids, high-VG e-Juice or disposable vapes. For vapers looking for a peach disposable vape flavor, Mi-Pod also offers a wide variety of disposable eCig devices that are prefilled and easy to use. Below we will analyze our vape experts’ top choices for the best peach nic salt flavors to pair with your favorite refillable vape pod device.

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Peach Nicotine Salt Vape Flavors

While most vape juice companies that manufacture nic salt lines with nicotine strengths of 30mg and 50mg, we’ve found peach vape flavors with higher and lower nicotine strengths to satisfy all vapers that utilize nic salt juices. Every manufacturer has their own take on what a peach vape should taste like, so just because one may not be your favorite, it is helpful to try others if you are a fan of this tasty fruit.

Peach Ice VaporLax Salts

This Peach Ice nicotine salt vape juice by VaporLax provides a tart and sweet peach flavoring that is complemented by the icy mint flavor on exhale. This top-selling peach flavor is available in either 25mg or 50mg nicotine strengths which makes the 25mg a great option for disposable vape users interested in lowering their eJuice nicotine strength.

Juice Head Salts Guava Peach

The Juice Head Guava Peach nic salt vape flavor offers customers a unique vape juice that has a fresh peach blended with a sweet guava nectar flavor. This specific vape blend is hard to find with other vape brands, which makes it a “must try” for vapers that enjoy guava and peach vapes. All Juice Head salts are sold in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths and are meant for use with refillable vape pod devices.

Pod Juice Peach Ice

Top-selling vape juice brand, Pod Juice, says it all in their name. This nic salt vape juice line is designed specifically for vape pod devices. The Peach Ice Pod Juice flavor has a fresh Georgia peach taste on inhale, followed by a strong mint on exhale. The Pod Juice Peach Ice vape juice is available in 35mg or 55mg nicotine strengths which tends to be on the higher side.

Juice Head Salts Peach Pear

Once again, Juice Head Salts is on this list of top peach flavors with an exotic take on peach vape juice. The swirl of Peach and Pear flavors in the Juice Head Salts Peach Pear eJuice is a unique blend not found anywhere else. The peach base is a bit overpowering in this one, which makes it more of a peach flavor than a pear vape flavor. This nic salt juice is available in 25mg or 50mg nicotine strengths.

Cloud Nurdz Salts Peach Blue Raspberry

Cloud Nurdz is a top-selling vape juice manufacturer that produces top notch fruit nic salt flavors. The Peach Blue Raspberry Cloud Nurdz Salt flavor combines a ripe peach with a candied blue raspberry. This ultra sweet vape flavor is perfect for refillable vape pod devices and is sold in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths. The new Cloud Nurdz Iced Salts line includes the same great fruit flavor as the original line and adds a dash of icy mint flavoring.

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