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I am a Gulf War Vet. During the war, I was smoking a carton of cigarettes per week and a half carton per week after returning to the states. My wife didn’t like the smell of cigarettes, so I started searching for an alternative. I bounced around and tried a cessation program, hypnosis, the gums, the patches, a prescription that gave me crazy dreams, and thank all that is good…I found vapes.

Shortly after I started vaping, I was much happier with how I smelt and felt. Then along came the initial flavor ban which made it difficult to obtain my favorite juice flavors. I smoked cigarettes again for a while. I missed flavors so tried clove cigarettes. I started using a vape mod, but it became too cumbersome for everyday use.

I used the NJOY ACE Device for about nine months and found it to be an easy-to-use, low-cost, decent cigarette replacement in a world with only two flavors. I also smoked the Juul for about six months around this time as well as Smoking Vapors E-Cigarettes.

Njoy Ace Alternatives

In coming up with good alternatives for the NJOY ACE, I left off disposable vapes and refillable vape pod kits as they are different beasts altogether. They work differently and come at many price points according to features and sizes. I looked for products of similar utility and cost.

People vaping the Njoy Ace are often new vapers that wanted a simple to use tobacco or menthol cigarette flavor. For this comparison, I chose Juul and Smoking Vapor E-Cigs as alternatives. They are all similarly used, have an easily detachable disposable cart or pod, and are relatively inexpensive. Plus, I have extensively used all three.

Vape Costs

There are two components to look at when you are concerned about cost for a system. The first is the initial setup cost for the kit, charger, and consumable vape pieces (pods, tanks, eJuice, coils). The second, more importantly, is the cost to continue to use the vape system.

NJoy Ace

Kits: $9.99 (pods not included)
Refill Pods: $9.99 for a 2-pack ($4.99 per pod)

Smoking Vapor eCigs

Kits: The battery is $14.99 and the charging cable is $4.99, so the entire setup is under $20.

Refill Cartridges: $12.50 for five carts ($2.50 per cartridge)

Note: When I switched off the NJOY ACE it was to Smoking Vapors’ e-Cigs and Cartridges. The setup and cost were very similar: a rechargeable battery but screw-on cartridges instead of the NJOY’s drop-in magnetic pods.

Shop Smoking Vapor eCigs


Kits: $9.99 (pods not included)
Refill Pods: $9.99 for a 2-pack ($4.99 per pod)

Available Vape Flavors

While some vapers prefer tobacco or menthol flavors to mimic a combustible cigarette experience, most adult vapers prefer to use flavored vapes according to multiple studies. Here are the flavor options available to you with different brands:

NJoy Ace pods come in two flavors: Classic Tobacco and Menthol. The flavors are perfect replacements for cigarette tobacco and cigarette-tasting menthol. If you are new to vaping and enjoy the flavors of combustible cigarettes you will enjoy the NJOY.

Smoking Vapor E-Cigs come in five flavors. Two great tobacco flavors: Red Tobacco and Classic Tobacco. The classic tobacco is more flavorful than the classic tobacco NJOY uses. Smoking Vapors also has Red Tobacco which is top-shelf flavored tobacco. It has remained the best seller for years at Mi-Pod. Smoking Vapors Premium Menthol is smooth with just the right throat hit and an intense mint/menthol flavor that will satisfy even long-time menthol smokers. Smoking Vapors also has great Blueberry and Vanilla flavors that are simply excellent tasting. Additionally, Smoking Vapor has an E-Cigar available in Gold Tobacco and a grape blend. People buy these E-Cigars by the case.

Juul Pods come in two flavors: tobacco and menthol. Neither are exceptional tasting, but both are very strong and provide an intense nicotine hit and throat hit.

Nicotine Strength Options

The NJoy Ace comes in two nic strengths: 24mg & 50mg

Smoking Vapor eCigs come in four different nicotine strengths: 0MG, 12MG, 18MG, and 24MG.

Juul pods come in two nic strengths: 3% and 5% Nic Strength. The 5% strength was too much nicotine even for me being a seasoned vaper. These get you spinning on nicotine fast.

Best NJOY Ace Vape Alternative

The Smoking Vapor eCig vape system is my favorite option among the three brands that I've extensively used. Why Smoking Vapor?

  • Better tasting vape juice
  • Better tasting tobacco flavors
  • More flavor selections
  • Several battery colors to choose from
  • Several Nic strengths available
  • Looks like a cigarette, smokes the most like a cigarette of the three.
  • After initial battery purchase the cost of cartridges is lower so this is the most cost-effective alternative

In the end, after conducting my own research, I chose the Smoking Vapor E-Cig system over the Juul or NJOY systems and was very happy with that decision for years. Later, I discovered disposable vapes and the Mi-Pod Pro which are what I vape now.

Other Nice Vape Alternatives

While we specifically discussed NJoy, Juul and Smoking Vapor brands in the previous comparison breakdown, there are still many other vape setups that you can choose. Below are a couple of other fine options.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are vaping devices in which everything is contained inside the device (battery, vape juice, coil, cotton, etc.). You just pick up a charged disposable and hit it.

The juice that comes with a disposable is prefilled for convenience and you can get a wide variety of flavors and e-Juice capacities. Most disposable manufacturers list their “Puff Count” which is an estimation of how many puffs you should get from that device. 

If owning a vape that provides an incredible amount of convenience and is travel-friendly, a disposable vape might be the best option for you. If you are currently using a tobacco flavored vape pod, you can find the best tobacco disposable vapes on the market today in our previous blog article. 


I am going to recommend doing exactly what I did because it worked out wonderfully for me. Move off NJOY to Smoking Vapors’ E-Cigs. I made the switch, and it opened a whole new vaping world to me. I have never regretted the change to SV e-Cigs for a second.

Since I was no longer “fresh off the cigarette boat” I wanted battery colors, all the flavors, and various nicotine strengths. I appreciated that SV had four different nicotine strengths: 0MG, 12MG, 18MG, and 24MG for smokers trying to taper off vaping, or deciding they need a stronger puff.

I especially enjoyed that I could switch between flavors as easily as twisting off one cartridge and popping on another one. I vaped these for four happy years. I was even vaping a Smoking Vapor e-Cig one in my wedding photo.

When Smoking Vapor became Mi-Pod I tried their Mi-Pod Pro Device with several of their juice flavors and never looked back to pods or carts again. I now own five Mi-Pod Pros, an Athenaz, a Mi-Pod 2.0, and about 20 disposables.

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