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Grape vape flavors were not as prevalent when most vapers were using vape mods and high VG e Juice years ago. However, when the vape industry shifted to disposable vapes and nic salt vape liquids, many manufacturers have released outstanding grape vapes. Whether you like an easy-to-use grape disposable vape, or a cost-effective grape nic salt and refillable vape pod combination, we’ve got you covered. Our vape experts have tested some of the finest grape nic salts and grape disposables available on the market today.

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Best Grape Nic Salt Flavors

Grape lovers that use refillable vape pod devices are often on the hunt for authentic grape fruit vape flavors as well as candied grape flavors. We’ve reviewed straight grape flavors as well as grape fruit duo mixes. Most nicotine salt vape juices are available in a high strength of 50mg and low nicotine strength between 20mg – 35mg nicotine strengths. Find some of the top grape vapes according to our vape experts below.

Grape Mi-Salt

The Grape Mi-Salt vape juice provides a rush of authentic purple grape vape flavoring in every puff of your vape device. The Mi-Salt line uniquely comes in 20mg and 40mg options, which makes it an ideal nic salt vape juice to use if you are interested in lowering your nicotine consumption. The Grape Mi-Salt eJuice is sold in a 30ml bottle and has a mild hint of other fruit flavorings to balance out the strong grape flavor.

Iced Grape Strawberry Cloud Nurdz Salts

The Iced Grape Strawberry Cloud Nurdz Salt provides the popular candied grape and strawberry flavor base in the original Cloud Nurdz flavor. This “iced” version adds a hint of cool mint flavor that perfectly pairs with the supremely sweet grape and strawberry base. Cloud Nurdz nic salts are available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths and are designed specifically for low powered vape pod devices.

Crush Grape VaporLax Salt

The VaporLax Crush Grape nic salt eJuice provides a sweet purple grape flavor that adds mild citrus flavoring to help balance out the flavor blend. This top-selling VaporLax flavor is a must try for vapers that enjoy a juicy Concord Grape flavor. All VaporLax Salts come in 30ml bottles and are available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.

Grape Apple Cloud Nurdz Salts

The Grape Apple Cloud Nurdz Salt is a sweetened purple grape vape flavor mixed with a sour green apple taste. This fruity nic salt vape comes in 25mg and 50mg nic strengths for vapers that enjoy using refillable vape pod kits. The Grape Apple is always a great choice with Cloud Nurdz because they pride themselves on their fruit vape flavoring.

Top Grape Vapes

While some vapers prefer the pairing of refillable vape devices with their favorite e-Juice, others prefer a grape disposable vape device. This vape option is prefilled and ready to go right out of the box.

Draco Red Grape Disposable Vape

The Red Grape Draco by VaporLax is a sleek, long-lasting disposable vape that mixes a sweet strawberry with an authentic purple grape vape flavor. There is 16ml of strawberry grape flavoring in each device. All Draco disposable vapes contain a 50mg nicotine strength e-Juice that uses tobacco free nicotine.

Sirius Crush Grape

The Sirius Crush Grape is a purple grape flavor that has loads of flavor and has a refreshing kick on exhale. This top-selling disposable vape has a large 10mL capacity and has a neat adjustable airflow option on the bottom of the device that allows vapers to control each hit.

Sakura Grape Elf Bar BC5000

The Sakura Grape Elf Bar BC5000 is a top rechargeable disposable vape device that has a sweet grape base with minor notes of other fruit flavorings. The Sakura Grape Elf Bar is a 50mg disposable that is a rechargeable disposable that allows users to get up to 5,000 puffs in a single device.

Iced Grape Bomb Art-X

The Iced Grape Bomb Art-X is a mix of icy mint and candied grape flavorings. The sweet and icy flavors perfectly complement each other in every puff of this vape. The Art-X is filled with 9.3ml of nic salt vape juice and is among one of the longer lasting disposables available.


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