6 E-Cig Battery Safety Tips Every Vaper Should Know

Every vape owner should be aware of a few basic practices and rules when it comes to handling e-cigs to ensure that they’re caring for their vape properly and keeping themselves safe. The batteries used to power e-cigs are very different from those that you might encounter on a daily basis inside your wireless mouse or remote control. E-cig batteries need to be much more powerful to fuel your vape—and, with a more powerful battery, comes a greater responsibility.

Use this beginner’s guide to caring for your e-cig battery to make sure that you’re using your device correctly, helping it to last longer and taking the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.

1. Follow Manufacturer's Instructions

It’s pretty common for people to purchase a new item and simply toss the manufacturer’s instructions to the side, especially with a product you’ve used before. Even if you’ve been smoking vapes for a while, any time you purchase a new e-cig, even if you’re buying from the same company, you should review the included instructions. Here, you’ll find any important safety information you need to know in regards to how to charge and use your vape.

Over time, companies change their products and may implement new design features or parts, so even if you’re purchasing from a company you’re familiar with, check the instructions first.

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2. Only Use the Recommended Batteries

You might think every battery is essentially the same—they’re all designed to power electronic devices, right? Actually, each individual type of battery has been created for a different purpose, voltage and device. When it comes to e-cig batteries, some were invented for lower or higher voltages and temperatures, meaning that you need to be aware of what type of e-cig battery your vape needs and always, always use the same kind.

3. Always Stay Close When Charging Batteries

We know it’s easy to throw your e-cig on the charger and walk away while you wait for it, but it can be very dangerous to leave an e-cig battery charging without anyone nearby. Check the product’s instructions, before using the device for the first time, to see the recommended length of time to charge. Although most e-cig batteries are designed to turn off once the battery is fully charged, this doesn’t always happen. Take the extra precaution by staying close to your vape.

4. Use the Correct E-cig Battery Charger

Never use any type of e-cig battery charger other than the cord that was provided with your device. We know it can be easy to misplace chargers, so, if you lose yours, be sure to order the same charger directly from the vape company.

Don’t attempt to use a different type of charger or even create your own—it can cause a dangerous situation, as the battery is designed to respond to a specific type of charger. Using any type of charger other than the one specific to your e-cig can also damage the battery, forcing you to invest in a whole new device rather than just a new charger.

5. Avoid Exposing Vapes to Extreme Temperatures

Much like your cell phone, your e-cig is prone to overheating, especially if you leave it out in direct sunlight in the middle of the summer. Exposing your vape to extremely high temperatures will mess with the battery’s lifespan and could become potentially dangerous. If your e-cig is subjected to very low temperatures, it’s unlikely that the battery will do anything dangerous, but it probably will affect the battery’s health.

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6. Charge E-Cig Battery on a Hard, Flat Surface

As long as users are following the proper protocol when vaping, there should not be any issues with devices. However, on an occasion, these devices can potentially catch fire, much like any other devices using a high-powered battery. To avoid this becoming an issue, it’s important to charge your e-cig on a hard, flat surface.

Even if you want your vape close by, don’t charge it when sitting on the couch or lying in bed. It’s too easy for your e-cig to get lost in the furniture and potentially overheat. Try to designate a spot on your kitchen counter for e-cig charging and do it during a time when you plan to be nearby to keep an eye on your vape.

Practice E-Cig Battery Safety

For the best experience with your vapes, follow these important safety rules and always double-check your instructions for additional tips on caring for your device. Smoking Vapor’s product line includes a built-in 20350 e-cig battery and offers replacement batteries, as well as the proper eCig battery chargers to make sure you’re safely using our products and maintaining the longest possible battery life.

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