Pre-Heat Slim Battery


Pre-Heat Slim Battery

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Color: Stainless Steel
Finally a battery designed for concentrates, distillates and thick oils. Master chefs know that the right heat is necessary to cook exquisite meals and pronounce the right flavor. Don’t overcook your delicate oils. Works with most PreFilled Cartridges.

How to Use

Pre-Heat Slim Quickstart Guide

How to Use a cartridge battery
1. Take your pre-filled cartridge and rotate counter clockwise.
2.Press button 5 times to turn on/off
3. Press button 3 times to cycle through voltage temperature settings (LOW, WHITE; MEDIUM, BLUE; HIGH, RED)
4. Press button 2 times to activate ‘preheat function’ which will run for 8 seconds to warm the oil.
5. Press and hold button to vape
6. Inhale  

What's Included


Slim Cartridge Battery with Variable Wattage
Pre-Heat Slim Battery Kit Includes: 1x Silver - Stainless Steel Battery and 1x White Micro USB Charger. 


Variable Wattage Slim Cartridge Battery
Pre-Heat Slim Battery Kit Includes: 1x Matte Black Battery and 1x White Micro USB Charger. 


Dimensions: 87mm x 11.2mm 
510 Thread: Works with any 510 threaded cartridge
Warming Feature: Warm the liquid and prime the coil
Pass-Through Charger 
Battery: 380 mAh  
LED Indicator & Battery Levels
Variable Wattage Cartridge Battery Levels


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