Mi-One Brands' Affiliate Program

Mi-Pod is a leading vape manufacturer, distributor and retailer that sells high quality vape products at competitive prices. We offer competitive commissions and pride ourselves on site conversion rates. Due to the excellent sales team at Mi-Pod, there is a significant brand presence worldwide.

Competitive Commission Rates

Mi-Pod’s affiliate commission rates are on-par or better than most vape affiliate programs. Due to the nature of the vape industry, commission rates tend to be higher for affiliate partners.

Dedicated Affiliate Marketing Support

Our affiliate marketing team can answer any questions, or facilitate any special requests that your website needs in order to succeed. Our dedicated affiliate marketing team can be reached at: affiliates@mipod.com.

Custom Banner Ads and Promotions

Our team of designers can create custom banner ads or landing pages so your campaign can succeed. We also offer special promotions, creatives and content that are site-specific upon request.