Blue Pebbles Mi-Pod

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Blue Pebbles Mi-Pod

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The Blue Pebbles Mi-Pod creates a bridge between senses with a two-layered design, featuring a pebbled texture laid over a luminous refractive material. Polychromatic designs provide a mind-bending experience, watch as the prismatic patterns change in various angles of light. Inspired by a universal love for color.

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Filling Instructions

  1. Remove the Silicone 'Open Tab'
  2. Fill with E-Liquid through the side filling port
  3. Give the Pod time to wick to prevent dry hits
  4. Align pins on the Pod to Connectors inside device

What's Included

Each Blue Pebbles Kit Includes:
1x Blue Pebbles Device
2x Yellow Mi-Pod PRO Pods
1x Mi-Pod Lanyard
1x Purple Micro USB Charger
2x Lanyard Connectors
1x Airflow Adjustment Card
1x Warranty Card
1x Mi-Pod User Manual
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Device Specifications

Dimensions: 51mm x 13.5mm x60mm
Output Voltage 3.0-4.2V
Maximum Current: 15A
Cartridge Resistance 1.3 ohm
Battery: Built- in 950mAh Square High-Drain Lithium Battery
Mi-Pod User Manual
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LED Indicator & Battery Levels

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