New Lost Mary MT15000 Flavors

There is no question that performance boosted disposable vapes are the hottest product with adult vapers currently. They have the great flavors of their predecessors, even higher puff counts, and at least two modes to increase vapor production and deliver denser flavors. The Geek Bar Pulse was a breakthrough vape in this regard, and the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Collection has served as a powerful response.

The Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo was launched with a great collection of flavor options. In classic Lost Mary fashion, the intricately balanced nic salt formulas had the nicotine strength to deliver a satisfying vape and were crafted specifically for the palates of American adult vapers.

Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo 

Following up on initial offerings were the unique Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Thermal Edition flavors. Quite a mouthful but well worth it for adult vapers. Here is our complete Lost Mary 15000 Turbo Review. Every bit of information available on this disposable device is available here.

The performance and longevity of the MT15000 Turbo also top-notch, but if 15,000 puffs and two power modes is not enough for your taste, there is also the three mode Lost Mary MO20000 Pro Collection.


Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Specifications

  • Puff Count ~15,000 (Smooth Mode)/10,000 (Turbo Mode)
  • Capacity: 16ml
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • Draw Activated
  • Battery: 600mAh USB-C Rechargeable Battery
  • Nicotine Strength: 5 percent
  • Dual Modes
  • Smooth Mode (11-watts)
  • Turbo Mode (22-watts)
  • Smart Display: E-Liquid, Battery, and Mode
  • 100mm x 40mm x 21mm versus 94.4mm
  • Weight: 70g

Vaping the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

Our primary review of the Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo covers everything. But a quick recap on the device is still necessary. This a USB Type-C rechargeable disposable vape with a Smart Screen. 


It is a dual mode device, featuring Smooth (11-watts) and Turbo Mode (22-watts). The dual mode coils makes this possible and the flavors work great in both settings. The form factor is not unlike the smaller Lost Mary MO5000 and larger Lost Mary MO20000 Pro. 

The draw is designed for flavor density and vapor production, not overly restrictive. The airflow control allows a pretty taut and restricted hit when closed and is almost restricted direct-lung when wide open. Which corresponds with the availability of an elevated turbo mode setting. 

With these amazing features, the flavors most adult vapers prefer and great value, it is easy to see why the tobacco lobby worked so hard to get products like this banned to create a monopoly. Check out our feature for more information: Big Lies of Big Tobacco.

The Smart LED is legible in sunlight and has the necessary information. Graphics are apparently mandatory now but it is not gaudy. It is quite comfortable performing as a long-lasting and standard performing disposable for adults but has the horsepower to challenge the other boosted vapes in its class like the Geek Bar Pulse. 

New MT15000 Turbo Flavors

The introduction of new Lost Mary flavors is a testament to the brand's commitment to meeting the evolving tastes and preferences of adult vapers. In an ever-expanding market where vapers are continually seeking variety and sophistication in their vaping experiences, Lost Mary has responded by crafting unique and exquisite flavor profiles.

These flavors provide a luxurious and enjoyable vaping experience. They are formulated to take advantage of the two power mode settings and build upon the fruit inspired flavors that adult vapers prefer.

Blue Razz Dragon Fruit Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

Blue raspberry is the ultimate throwback flavor. Nostalgia in a vape, it is tangy and simply indescribably blue razz. It is found in every disposable vape worth its salt but many of the variations do taste quite similar. Lost Mary opens up some space by merging their excellent Blue Razz, which is more the flavorful enough to stand on its own, with a tropical dragonfruit essence. The results are excellent, the basic blue raspberry character is unblemished and actually enhanced a bit with the mildly sweet and surprisingly authentic notes of ripe dragon fruit. 

Grape Apple Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

Concord grape with a cool blast make for a great, albeit sweet, vaping experience. The unmistakable purple flavor of grapes is merged here with the sour and sweet notes of confectionary inspired green apples. Ideal for both power modes, this grapple flavor wrestles for the title of best grape vape with the purity of its bold fruit flavors. 

Grapefruit Berries Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

Ruby red grapefruit juice is a super beverage and made a great inspirational flavor profile for the Grapefruit Berries Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo. The tart and sweet berry medley added into this beverage vape flavor are an outstanding edition. If you are looking for a punchy fruit-fusion vape with tart and sweet flavors entwined, the Grapefruit Berries is a great choice. 

Peach+ Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

Peaches and cream vapes were popular in high-VG vapes and Lost Mary applies that flavor combination to nic salt disposables. Smooth cream and vanilla flavors engulf a sweet and ripe peach flavor. There are enough tart fruit notes to keep this from being an overly cloying affair. With juicy notes throughout, this carefully balanced flavor is an outstanding dessert vape.

Rocket Popsicle Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo

The name suggests this is the ultimate in nostalgia flavors. But it does not actually feature the original rocket popsicle flavors of blue razz, cherry and lime. Instead, the Rocket Popsicle Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo is dripping with the flavors of cherry, raspberry, and orange ice. Unlike the original, this original combination never melts in the July sun like its red, white and blue counterpart. With a juicy orange flavor backstopping a sweet red raspberry and cherry flavor, it makes sense why they would not include two blue razz flavors when the first one is so good and this iced treat inspired vape is so tasty. 

Our Verdict

It is easy to see why vape flavor bans increase cigarette sales after sampling these amazing products. While disposable vapes rely on popular artificial fruit flavors, the type found in every consumable from kombucha to hard seltzer, it is very hard for faux-bacco flavors to compete. Especially when they cost so much more per ml. 

Adult vapers of all ages prefer flavors like those offered by Lost Mary for a reason. These are delicious and assertive flavor fusions that really combine complimentary notes. There is not a bum in the bunch. 



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