Vanilla Cartridges 50pk

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Vanilla Cartridges 50pk

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Happy Birthday to you! This SV Vanilla mix is like eating a Birthday Cake. Pure vanilla extract gives you a creamy flavor explosion that will make your mouth happy. Vapes great with your morning coffee, as an after dinner treat or all by itself. Oh, and like all SV products, it is ZERO calories! So indulge! Available in 4 nicotine levels. Each box comes with 5 flavor-sealed cartridges for your SV electronic cigarette.

How to Use

SV Cartridge Quickstart Guide
1. Take one of your SV Cartridges out of the box and screw it onto the SV Cig Battery. 
2.  Make sure its securely on the battery, but not over tightened. 
3. The Bottom LED light will illuminate when inhaling. When its dead the LED Indicator will flash white. 

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