Classic Tobacco Cartridges 50pk

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Classic Tobacco Cartridges 50pk

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The Classic is back. This mild American tobacco blend contains just the right amount of rich tobacco flavor with a touch of bitterness to bring you back to the days when smoking was cool, fun and enjoyable. We believe it is time that we took back the satisfaction and pride with an e-cig vapor revolution. SV Classic is a smooth vapor blend that will satisfy your desire to smoke and allow you to indulge where and when you see fit. Freedom is back.

SV Cartridge Quickstart Guide

1. Take one of your SV Cartridges out of the box and screw it onto the SV Cig Battery. 
2.  Make sure its securely on the battery, but not over tightened. 
3. The Bottom LED light will illuminate when inhaling. When its dead the LED Indicator will flash white. 

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