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When I first opened the plastic tube container the Vaal Max came in, I was intrigued by how little it looked like every other disposable on the market. The artwork on the disposable is cool looking, reminds me of the graffiti you might see in a large cityscape. I had become accustomed to palming whatever brightly colored pink or baby blue light up disposable I was vaping. Hit is important, flavor is important, and I must say now that I have a Vaal Max, looks are important too! I like the look of this disposable that does not come in nursery room colors or that lights up like a clown’s cigar when hit.

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The Vaal Max comes in a plastic shipping tube. Pull off the shrink wrap, pop the top and out comes the vape. Once you take the vape out there is a plug on top and a sticker on the bottom to be removed. It came fully charged and I was able to start puffing right out of the tube.

The Vaal Max is rechargeable and has a slot for a USB-C quick charger (not included). The air intake hole is on the bottom. I figured out I could get a blast of flavor by holding my finger over the hole, then releasing it as I puffed, it provided a bigger more potent hit.

Looking over all the flavors they have something for everybody. There is a good tobacco, a good mint, fruit flavors (some iced), and several tasty combo favors like Gummy Candy and Cotton Candy.

Vaal Max Specifications

Sub-Ohm Vape: Direct-Lung (DL) vape experience that feels like a vape mod. More flavor than you’ll ever get with other disposable vapes on the market.

• Dual Mesh Coil: Innovative built-in mesh coil sub-ohm delivery system
• Battery Capacity: 850mAh
• Coil resistance: 0.7ohm (dual-mesh) coil that provides unparalleled flavor
• WideWick™: Revolutionary e-Liquid intake and lock-in mechanisms
• E-Liquid: 8ml
• Nicotine Level: 17mg (1.7%)
• Charging: USB-C quick charge (not included)
• DL: Ideal for Direct Lung Hits

Collection Overview

After ripping each flavor, I can say that the Vaal Max flavor pallet is better than most collections I have tried. Most e-liquid manufacturers have a few great flavors, a few okay flavors and a few that smell gross to me.

Vaal Max nailed their flavor profiles at every turn. Want a vape that tastes like an actual pineapple? They have one. A peach that tastes like peaches, they have one. Want a good tobacco, mint, or berry flavor? Their flavors taste like their names suggest they will. I really appreciated not being surprised by poorly chosen or inaccurately named flavor combinations.

I had to change my expectations with Vaal Max flavors because they taste like the flavors they are named after. Before I might have thought (I don’t like Pineapple), but what I didn’t like was artificial tasting pineapple. I had never tasted a juice that tasted exactly like it was supposed to. I discovered I DO like pineapple, grape, apple, and mint. I had just never tasted these flavors accurately re-created without the artificial aftertaste.

Vaal Flavor List

ALOE GRAPE: A bold and sweet mix of aloe and delicious grapes. It had a slight electrolyte grape flavored water taste, a little like medicine, but in a good way. It is a strong authentic grape flavor. The Aloe Grape Vaal Max is available exclusively through Mi-Pod.

BANANA ICE: I really like a good tasting banana flavor but have been unable to find one that tastes like bananas. They usually smell and taste like artificial banana extract. This banana tastes like bananas with a slight icy undertone. The banana half of the equation is perfect, the ice just accentuates the true banana flavor. I had found a good tasting banana in Orgnx juice. I use my Mi-Pod 2 to make the PG/VG hit hard enough for a flavorful hit. With the Vaal Max I can just vape and vape that yummy banana flavor all day. The banana is accurate but not overwhelming, perfect for vaping all day long.

BLUEBERRY ICE: Sweet blueberries with a hint of mint. I liked this flavor on the hit. There is a small non-blueberry aftertaste that took some getting used to, but once I started vaping it, I tasted just sweet blueberry again. The flavor is exactly what you would expect for a blueberry ice vape. The Blueberry Ice Vaal Max is sweeter and better tasting than most other Blueberry Ice flavors I have tried. After you hit and take your next breath it still tastes a little refreshing, and only a slight non-blueberry after taste to get used to.

COTTON CANDY: I couldn’t put my finger on the flavor at first, but they have taken a sweet vape juice you would expect in a cotton candy flavor and added a few additional flavors to it that gives it a more complex hit than just sweet, candied berries. One of my coworkers suggested it tastes like you mixed the blue and red cotton candy together that you would buy in a convenience store.
I taste the cotton candy in that it was sweet and fruity, but there was something else underneath. At first, I thought it might include a pinch of custard or tobacco flavor with a hint of mint on the side. This doesn’t taste like cotton candy to me as much as an exotic dessert. The Cotton Candy Vaal Max is sweet and sugary but includes additional flavors under the main sweet flavor that gives it some interesting puffs.

DOUBLE APPLE: I could taste both sweet red delicious apples and sour granny smith apples for the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. It starts off a little sour apple then ends in apple sweetness. I can taste both apples and it is a pleasant experience. How did they do that? I expected a very sour apple and was pleasantly surprised how Appley it tasted. Not too sweet, not too sour. Great taste and no weird aftertaste. Apple has never been one of my “go to” flavors, but I would happily vape the Double Apple Vaal Max all day.

GUMMY CANDY: Sweet and fruity with a slight minty aftertaste. I think I can taste peach, coconut, and guava. Not a candy flavored “gummy.” It tastes fruitier with a touch of mint to me. It has some of the coconut flavored gummy taste mixed into a fruit medley. I can understand it being called gummy, would have preferred the name “Coconut Gummy” so I would not have been surprised by that first hit. I usually think of the more popular flavors when it comes to gummies. If I take the name out of the equation, the Gummy Candy Vaal Max is just a nice fruity coconut flavor that tastes pretty good and is a good special occasion vape.

ICE SKITTLES: Tastes like grape skittles with a touch of pineapple undertone on the exhale. Ice Skittles has a sweet candied grape flavor profile that has no bad aftertaste. You will get a bit of ice on the exhale but not enough to take away the strong sweet grape flavor of this vape. The Ice Skittles Vaal Max is one I could vape all day.

MINT: An authentic tasting mint flavor. I had gotten so used to menthol flavors that I had forgotten what a mint vape tasted like. This is crisp and minty. I can hit this all day. I prefer fruit and good tobacco flavors, but this mint is awesome! If you are an adult vaper that enjoys minty vapes, you will love the Vaal Max Mint.

MIXED BERRIES: Tastes like berries and pineapple to me. Sweet, flavorful, and tasty. There is also a hint of creamy vanilla that compliments the berries and adds some depth to the taste. This is a fruit mix with an undertone of pineapple and cream. The pineapple flavor sticks around after you hit it as an aftertaste. 

LUSH ICE: Juicy sweet watermelons accompanied by the taste of mint. I liked it as much as all their other great fruit flavors. It is the exception to have an entire line of juices that tastes exactly like what it is supposed to. Even rarer is that they are all named what they taste like. I thought I wasn't going to like the Lush Ice Vaal because I just didn’t like other brand’s versions of Lush Ice. This totally could be an all-day vape or whenever you are jonesing for a good watermelon minty puff. Not too intense and not too sweet. I will be buying this one as well which feels weird because Lush Ice was not even on my radar, now I have to rethink that.

MANGO ICE: Creamy mangoes and mixed mints come to mind when I hit this one. It tastes just like ripe mangos with a slightly icy finish. Nice fruit flavor that tastes like what it is supposed to. I wasn’t aware that I liked mango. Based on past mango flavored vapes, I would have said I didn’t like mango vape juice. They always have a chemical aftertaste or the Mango flavor itself is not accurate. Again, Vaal Max has nailed this profile so well, and based on the taste of the Mango Ice Vaal Max, I am now a mango-vaping fool. I could vape this all day. I am buying one now.

PEACH MANGO: You can taste both the peach and mango as clear as day and nothing else. Peach Mango has never been one of my “go to” flavors, but Vaal Max Peach Mango rocks. If you want real fruit taste and know which fruit flavors you like, these fruit flavors will totally do it for you. “The Peaches taste like Peaches, and the Mangos taste like Mangos.” There is zero aftertaste with this vape. It tastes like peachy mango. This is an all day vape for anyone that loves peaches and mangoes.

PINEAPPLE ICE: This vape tastes like pineapple! This vape tastes just like a mix of ripe pineapples and a hint of ice, providing you with an intense but refreshing fruit flavor. At first, I hit it without reading the flavor and thought, oh my God, I recognize this flavor, it’s pineapple! It tastes just like pineapple, not a weird chemical pineapple, and no weird aftertaste. I have never outright thought of pineapple as one of my “go to” flavors, but this is taking the fruitiness to a whole new level. The minty aftertaste compliments the pineapple well, not overwhelming it, but enhancing the pineapple taste. I would totally vape the Pineapple Vaal Max full-time.

STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: I started with the Strawberry Ice Cream flavor. I liked it a lot! Vaal Max Strawberry Ice Cream reminds me of a creamier version of my favorite flavor VaporLax Strawberry Cream Salts, but in a disposable Vaal Max. It hit intensely, providing a flavorful device to lung (DL) hit. I liked it enough that this is the flavor I hot boxed all weekend to try to see if I could make the Vaal Max run out of juice. I failed to empty it completely but ran the battery down three times. It took just under a half hour to recharge it completely. I have recharged it three times now and thought I must be close to emptying it. Looking inside at the tank there was still about a 1/3 of a tank of juice left. It just keeps on ripping! Buying one of these too.

STRAWBERRY KIWI: On my first rip I tasted Strawberries with subtle hints of kiwi. It reminded me of their Strawberry Ice Cream flavor, but they substituted the rich cream with a lighter accurate kiwi flavor. I liked this vape from first hit to last. Great taste, not overly sweet so this will be a good all day vape. No weird aftertaste, just constant amazing flavor. It reminds me of the Draco Strawberry Kiwi, but in a Sub-Ohm vape.

TOBACCO: A bold, rich, classic cigar tobacco flavor followed by mild floral notes. This thing hits like a cigar. Reminds me of walking around a Las Vegas Casino. Very strong gold tobacco flavor that reminds me much more of cigar flavored tobacco than a cigarette flavored tobacco. In the Middle East, I smoked BDs (little tobacco bombs). This tobacco nails that strong cigar tobacco flavor like no other vape I have ever tried (other than the Smoking Vapor Cigars which rule).


The Vaal Max is a rechargeable, pre-filled disposable with amazing flavored vape juice that hits like a vape mod. I'm not sure whether it is the dual-mesh coil, WideWick wicking technology, or their vape juices that provide all the flavor. It could be a combination of all three.

Vaal Max has crafted the feel of an "old school" mod and served it up in a disposable vape. I like the way it hits and tastes. Some of the flavors were one-of-a-kind tasty rips that are unique enough that I will be buying several in my favorite flavors. All flavors tasted like what they were supposed to taste like, even though some of those flavors are not traditionally my favorites. They tasted like what the name suggested. I appreciated that.

I liked that it’s rechargeable, so when the battery ran low, I was able to recharge it with its USB-C quick charge in about a half an hour (charging cable was not included). Since I have a dozen USB-C chargers laying around, I would honestly rather they save the cost of including one and pass that savings onto customers.

With 8ml of 17mg (1.7%) e-Liquid you will have hours of vaping pleasure to look forward to with this disposable. I vaped one Vaal Max an entire weekend to make it run out of charge to test recharging it. It took days of constant purposeful ripping to make it run low. It would normally take me 7-10 days to empty a disposable this size, with recharging it lasted me 14 days. I believe it is because the hits were bigger and better so I didn’t have to vape as frequently as I would with another device. It doesn’t hold more juice or have a bigger battery than most other vapes, but something about the way it is built means you will still get your money’s worth.

Vape business owners that are interested in purchasing the Vaal Max at wholesale prices, should register with Mi-Pod Wholesale, the exclusive distributor of the Vaal Max vape.

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