Vaal E5000 Vape Review

The Vaal E5000 comes in a small multi-colored cardboard box. On the side of the box is a security scratcher to verify that the device you bought is authentic and not a clone. Also on the side of the box are the Manufactured Date and Expiration Date. The Vaal Vapor branding is accompanied by the vape juice flavor that comes prefilled in the Vaal E5000 device.

The device itself is 3” x 2” x ¾” thick. Square in shape with rounded corners so it is easy to hold and easy to palm. On top is a plastic chimney-shaped oval mouthpiece. On the bottom of the device are air holes and a slot for recharging the disposable using a Type-C charging cable.

It is not a sub-ohm disposable like their Vaal Max vape because the coil resistance is over 1 ohm (1.2 ohms vs. 0.7 ohms of the Vaal Max). Otherwise, it has many of the same next-generation components as the Vaal Max such as the WideWick™ coil Technology.

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Vaal E5000 Specifications

  • E-Liquid Contents: 12ml
  • Puff Count: +5000
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm Mesh-Coil (WideWick™ Technology)
    • WideWick™ Technology features a comprehensive e-liquid intake and e-liquid lock-in mechanism for a purer taste and a more pleasant nicotine experience. 
  • Battery: 650mAh
    • Rechargeable: with USB-C (not Included)
  • MTL: Ideal for Device to Lung Hits

What Does that Mean for Vapers?

The device looks like cheap plastic, wrapped in colorful vinyl. Even though the parts and pieces are cheap plastic the device seems sturdy by design. It has some heft to it (due to the 12mls of E-Liquid inside and larger battery) and when thrown on the ground it has a solid “thunk” to it. It didn’t scratch or break after several “accidental droppings.” More juice means you will 5000 puffs before recycling the disposable. A stronger battery means a longer time between charging and more powerful flavors.

Regarding the airflow, the E5000 has a slightly smaller air hole than the Vaal Max so you are not able to easily take DTL puffs like you can with the Vaal Max. The mouthpiece hole and air holes on the bottom are all smaller on the E5000 and you can feel the airflow difference vaping them side-by-side. Much else about the E5000 is similar, with an amazing coil, and great juice flavors, the E5000 could be considered an MTL (Mouth to Lung) non-sub-ohm version of the Vaal Max.

Vaal E5000 Flavor Review

The Vaal E5000 line was created to pay homage to the great Vaal Vapor flavors. Compared to the Vaal Max (a great Sub-Ohm DTL Disposable that passes more air with less resistance) the E5000 comes with more vape juice, less airflow, more resistance, a single coil instead of a dual coil, and a larger battery. These differences clamp down on the airflow and provide a stronger more flavorful puff. If you re-read my flavor review of the Vaal Max disposables just add the words (with less airflow and more intense flavor) and you have nailed the biggest differences between vaping from the two devices.

Aloe Grape Vaal E5000

A bold and sweet mix of aloe and unsweetened grapes. It had a slight grape-flavored- electrolyte-water taste, I found it sweet and tangy with ice on the exhale. I like the flavor and the Aloe Grape Vaal E5000 is a little more flavorful in the E5000 than in the Vaal Max.

Banana Ice Vaal E5000

I do enjoy this flavor. It is banana and ice as the name suggests (thanks for that Vaal). Compared to the Vaal Max Banana Ice, the E5000 is a little more flavorful, less cooling, tighter draw, and has more fruitiness flavor coming out of the Vaal E5000.

On the other hand, the Vaal Max sub-ohm vape just delivers such a fulfilling puff that I still like the Vaal Max more for all-day vaping. The sub-OHM puff is the easier draw for a DTL puff and has just the right amount of flavor so that it does not become sickeningly sweet with all-day vaping. If you hit the Vaal Max and thought, I wish there was more of this flavor, then get a Vaal E5000 in the same flavor. It was a lovely flavor.

Blue Razz Vaal E5000

This flavor is blueberry and raspberry with some ice on the exhale. I like the Blue Razz Vaal E5000 better than others I have tried. The flavor on the inhale and exhale is fine. I did get some weird chemical nonfruit taste in-between sessions. There was nothing weird after a few puffs, but if I vape it for a while the aftertaste in-between vaping it is not pleasant.

Blueberry Ice Vaal E5000

Blueberries and ice, just like the name suggests. On the inhale blueberries, on the exhale blueberries and ice, and in between puffs it keeps its flavor profile. The Blueberry Ice Vaal E5000 is a good all-day vape.

Cotton Candy Vaal E5000

As the name would suggest, the Vaal E5000 Cotton Candy is a sweet, candied flavor with a medium amount of ice on the exhale. It was difficult to taste anything else at first except overwhelming candied sweetness.

After a few puffs, the flavor seemed to calm down enough to taste the ice and some subtle flavors on the exhale. There is a decent amount of ice in there, you just can’t taste it at first due to the overwhelming sweetness of the primary puffs. After a while, I was able to taste something akin to red cotton candy from a gas station. The flavors are mostly there, it is extremely sweet and icy.

Energy Drink Vaal E5000

The smell and subsequent taste out of the box reminded me of perfume. After several vapes, I started to get an energy/cola taste. It may calm down with continued vaping, but with this flavor strength and taste combination, it was not one of my personal favorites.

Lush Ice Vaal E5000

Lush Ice is not usually one of my “go-to” flavors but I did enjoy the Vaal E5000 Lush Ice flavor. On the inhale I taste watermelon and berries (maybe strawberry and blackberry?). On the exhale I get a strong icy finish that does compliment the flavor and leaves an icy hit on the back of my throat. The in-between puffs flavor stays melon and ice, it is nice!

Lush Raspberry Vaal E5000

I enjoyed this flavor even more than the Lush Ice. It is also watermelon and berries (raspberry in this case) flavor with a strong icy finish. In this case, the berry flavor is in the front, followed by the ice and watermelon flavors. Since I enjoy a good berry flavor, I was all about the Lush Raspberry Vaal E5000 vape. It’s like backward lush ice with the berries upfront coming through stronger than the melon. I could vape this all day.

Mango Ice Vaal E5000

This is a great reproduction of a mango fruit flavor with an icy exhale. I really like both the flavor profiles of the Vaal Max and the E5000 Mango Ice vapes. It comes down to preference. If you love a hard DTL puff the Max is going to deliver, if you prefer a more flavorful MTL puff then the E5000 will make you happy. The flavor is a strong, sweet, and accurate Mango. The ice complements the fruity sweetness perfectly.

Mint Vaal E5000

The Mint flavored Vaal E5000 was excellent! I prefer a nice mint to menthol, and this is a great mint vape. If you enjoy mint gum or spearmint gum, then you will also enjoy this flavor. For an idea of how this Mint compares to menthol flavors think about the difference between mint gum and the menthol usually found in cough drops.

The Vaal E5000 Mint vape is flavorful and provides a nice icy hit on the exhale. If you like to hotbox the device, you can get a powerful icy blast. Light vaping provides a nice all-day vape experience. This mint is not sweet (which I would have preferred). It has a good clean mint taste. Forget to brush your teeth this morning? Grab a Mint Vaal E5000 and no one will ever know.

Mixed Berries Vaal E5000

I taste a non-sweetened grape, sweet berries, and a medium amount of ice. The box shows a strawberry, but honestly, I could not discern it as a separate flavor apart from the berry flavors, so I will have to take their word that there is the strawberry flavoring in there too. Regardless the flavor is good, not too sweet, and has a more interesting flavor profile than an overly sweet mixed berry flavor. It tastes like a concord grape (less sweet grape) mixed with berries.

Orange Ice Vaal E5000

The Orange Ice flavored Vaal E5000 was so good I only remember how good it was because my bud grabbed it off my desk and has not put it down long enough to steal it back. The flavor reminded me of an orange soda where there was not quite enough syrup in the mix. That isn’t meant to be a dig, just accurate. Orange is insanely difficult to get right, and Vaal did a great job making this taste like orange.

I remembered that I liked Orange Ice and took note to buy one soon. For a deeper dive into this flavor, you’ll have to ask Dylan who can’t seem to put it down long enough for me to review.

Pina Colada Rum Vaal E5000

Yeah baby! This tastes like an actual Pina Colada (without the rum). I flashed right back to college parties and lots of rum. I taste a sweet pineapple, an accurate coconut, and a little mint that provides complimentary flavor for the pina colada and coolness on the exhale which pairs nicely with the pineapple/coconut. At first, I was off-put by the idea of the flavor, just because drink-related flavors so rarely nail the intended flavor profile. This is a virgin Pina Colada with ice. If you like that, you’ll like this.

Rainbow Sugar Vaal E5000

I grimaced when I thought about this flavor expecting overwhelming sweetness with a questionable flavor like other rainbow Sugars I have tasted. I was pleasantly surprised to find that (while very sweet) the overall flavor is nice on the inhale, ice on the exhale, and does not leave a bad taste in your mouth between puffs. The aftertaste is just the same flavor as the vape, only weaker.

Sometimes you get a nasty unexpected flavor after a vape session but there was none of that with this mix of grape, citrus, and berry flavor. This device was previously named after a candy product that talks about rainbows. The flavor does remind me a little of that candy product.

Strawberry Ice Cream Vaal E5000

This is one where the flavor is good, but I still prefer the Vaal Max Strawberry Ice Cream flavor more. Here is why: With the Vaal Max you get a mix of strawberries and cream coupled with the Sub-OHM draw which is a lovely experience. The Strawberry and very light Koolada coolness come through tasting like strawberry ice cream.

With the E5000 all the flavors come through more potently, but the cream in the mix overwhelms the strawberry flavor so the finish is more of the artificial cream taste (which is not that good). It is less of the strawberry, which ideally should be cutting through everything with sweetness and strawberries. For someone who really loves creaminess in a vape, you may prefer the E5000 Strawberry Ice Cream.

Strawberry Kiwi Vaal E5000

I really enjoy this flavor. Strawberry Kiwi is one of my “go-to” flavors regardless of manufacturer and the E5000 did not disappoint. It has a different flavor than Elf Bar or Draco’s Strawberry Kiwi, as the fruitiness comes through a little more clearly with the E5000. This is probably due to their WideWick coil technology.

It is a lovely flavor that I enjoy vaping, it may be a little too sweet and icy for some to use for all-day vaping, but for my greedy needs, I prefer the Vaal E5000 Strawberry Kiwi. It hits better than the Elf Bar (about the same draw as a Draco Strawberry Kiwi), so allows for a bigger more flavorful vape experience. I have three Elf Bar 5000 Strawberry Kiwis and will enjoy finishing them but will switch to this one after they are gone.


The Vaal E5000 is a rechargeable, pre-filled, 5000 puff disposable with amazing, flavorful juices that hit well and taste good on the inhale, exhale, and most taste great between puffs as well.

The device comes with enough juice to keep hitting it for a while (5000 puffs). The battery size versus the amount of e-liquid suggests you will be recharging this device a few times before you will use up all your juice. The USB-C charger means it will take less time to charge when the battery is depleted. It does not come with the charging cable, but I had 20 already laying around and imagine you do too.

All in all, I didn’t expect that much from these devices, but they won me over. I think they look cool, are easy to palm, and taste great. I am starting to think of these E5000s as a decent Elf Bar alternative when my favorite Elf Bar flavors are out of stock. This device hits a little better, is less expensive, and supplies amazing flavors.

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